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Chapter 1322: Eyes in the Sky

“Ahhh!” The Golden Crow Crown Prince released a world-shaking scream.

After all, considering what had just happened, all of his blood had been focused down there.

That made it a serious injury, which could cripple him down there forever.

The one who had arrived was, of course, Zu An.

He had followed the guard into the palace, taking in the surrounding territory while inquiring about Snow’s whereabouts.

An ordinary guard obviously wouldn’t know the details of the inner palace, but he had mentioned something strange.

The crown prince had cleared out a secluded courtyard, and there weren’t any eunuchs or maids there; even the guards were stationed far away.

Zu An immediately connected the dots.

The crown prince wanted a secluded place to do something dishonest.

After all, Snow was the Elf race’s princess.

If what he planned to do to her became known to the entire world, the royal family would lose a lot of face.

They wouldn’t be able to explain things to the various clans.

Suddenly, though, Zu An had received a huge amount of Rage points from the Golden Crow Crown Prince, so he knew his target wasn’t too far away.

After all, the Rage system collected soul fluctuations, so he wouldn’t be able to collect Rage points at such a great distance.

As such, after finding out where the courtyard was, he had immediately knocked the guard out.

Whether or not it would end up affecting Heichi Ran, sparking an investigation into someone who could change faces, he couldn’t be bothered to worry about that.

He only wanted to save Snow as quickly as possible, and was unwilling to waste even a second.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince had driven away all of the guards and servants so he could do as he wanted, but that had just made things easier for Zu An.

Otherwise, if there were powerful cultivators everywhere, forcefully breaking through a defensive line would be difficult for him.

Fortunately, Zu An had arrived at the last moment.

When he saw the Golden Crow Crown prince about to take advantage of Snow, blood rushed to his head and filled him with rage.

He couldn't care less if this was some fiend race crown prince and struck decisively to kill.

Unfortunately, the crown prince had a strange feather that blocked his lethal attack.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was an outstanding individual in the fiend race’s younger generation, so it wouldn’t be easy for Zu An to win against him.

After the Poisonous Prick was deflected, Zu An couldn’t use it a second time; however, he still managed to send a fist flying toward the crown prince.

After destroying the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s lower body, Zu An’s right hand finally recovered.

He thrust the Poisonous Prick at the crown prince again, intending to end his life.

Just then, someone let out a furious roar.

“Scoundrel, you dare!”

Then, an overwhelming force surged toward Zu An, who retaliated with a palm.

The two forces clashed, resulting in a tremendous noise.

All of the chairs, tables, and flower vases nearby were blown to smithereens.

Zu An felt his inner energies surge chaotically.

He quickly recognized the attacker; he was the grandmaster protector who was always at the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s side.

At almost the same time, a pair of giant eyes slowly opened in the clouds above the imperial palace.

They resembled red phoenix eyes, but were longer and more narrow.

Red light flickered within their pupils.

Representatives of the different clans in the Fiend King Court stood up and looked to the horizon, crying out in horror.

“Who provoked the Fiend Emperor into acting himself”

“Don’t tell me the human emperor has come in person”

Just how many years had it been since they saw the Fiend Emperor himself act None of them had ever seen him angry.

The Fiend Emperor had already remained secluded in the palace for so long that some from the younger generation had already forgotten his terrifying presence.

At that instant, however, countless fiends were forced to kneel from the pressure.

They were left with a mix of terror and adoration, so moved that their entire bodies shook.

Inside the Snake race’s residence, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue suddenly stood up, their expressions grave.

“As expected, the Fiend Emperor’s reputation is well deserved.

Judging from the pressure, he isn’t inferior to Zhao Han at all,” Yun Jianyue said.

She had fought against Zhao Han before, so she naturally had the ability to make that judgment.

“Why did the Fiend Emperor suddenly make a move At their cultivation realm, such individuals usually remain in seclusion to delay their heaven and man deterioration for as long as possible,” Yan Xuehen said in confusion.

“Maybe a powerful enemy invaded…” Yun Jianyue began, but she shook her head halfway through her sentence.

Apart from Zhao Han, who in the current world could make the Fiend Emperor get involved personally She walked over to the window and looked toward the imperial palace, noticing the chaos in the area, and said, “Maybe something happened in the imperial palace.”

“Who in the world would be brave enough to cause trouble in the Fiend Imperial Palace” Yan Xuehen wondered, giving Yun Jianyue a look.

The Fiend Imperial Palace was the same as the human race’s imperial palace, not one bit inferior to a forbidden region.

Only someone as crazy as Yun Jianyue would dare to invade such a place.

Yu Yanluo walked over to the window, a hint of worry appearing between her brows.

She asked, “Do you two think… that it’s Ah Zu”

“No way.

That guy is pretty smart.

Why would he do something like… throw his life away…” Yun Jianyue replied.

She sounded quite confident at first, but in the end, even she wasn’t sure.

Yan Xuehen was alarmed.

That guy was so brazen, he even dared to bully her! It really was possible that he would do such a thing!

While the three women were worrying about him, Zu An held Snow in his arms as he ran for his life through the imperial palace.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s strength was almost on par with his.

There were two reasons why the crown prince had been injured so easily, though.

First was because Zu An knew what kind of skills he had, and his skills just happened to counter the crown prince’s.

Second was because Zu An had launched a surprise attack and had the initiative.

Now that the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s grandmaster protector had arrived, though, Zu An wouldn’t have a chance, and would only be risking death by persisting.

Furthermore, the Fiend Emperor’s terrifying pressure made all of his fine hairs stand on end.

Why would he ever make the idiotic choice of staying behind and fighting to the death As such, he had picked up Snow and fled.

The grandmaster intended to chase after him, but then he heard the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s miserable screams.

He quickly turned around, and when he saw the crown prince’s badly mangled lower body, he jumped in fright, thinking, The injuries were actually that serious He helped the crown prince seal up the bleeding while providing him with ki to stabilize his injuries.

“That seemed to be Heichi Ran just now…” the grandmaster remarked.

When he recalled what had happened, he recognized who it was.

After all, Heichi Ran was the crown prince’s trusted aide.

They had been playmates from a young age.

“Don’t tell me that bastard was the one who coveted Princess Snow’s beauty Don’t worry about me and catch him! I want to dice his corpse into ten thousand pieces!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince snarled, gritting his teeth.

His eyes were full of bitter resentment.

He knew what kind of poison Princess Snow was affected by.

If Heichi Ran brought her away, wouldn’t that end up benefiting him Let alone the fact that he himself had been injured so badly.

Forget about Heichi Ran, the entire Heichi clan could go to hell!

The elder frowned.

He thought to himself that even though Heichi Ran’s cultivation was quite good, inflicting such a serious injury on the Golden Crow Crown Prince in such a short time, and even calmly receiving a blow from him, should have been completely impossible.

There were many suspicious things about the situation.

However, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was furious, so he couldn't say too much.

As such, he handed the crown prince to the Golden Crow Guards who rushed over, while he himself began to chase after the two that fled.

“Let… Let me go,” Snow murmured.

As she leaned into his embrace, she could sense a familiar and intimate feeling coming from Zu An’s body.

However, she knew that this person seemed to be the crown prince’s trusted aide, so she just assumed it was due to that damn drug’s effects.

She was ashamed and panicked, worrying that if she waited any longer, she would lose her reason and let this man…

Suddenly, Zu An restored his original appearance and said, “Snow, it hasn’t even been that long.

You can’t even recognize me anymore”

When she saw that face she had yearned for day and night, Qiao Xueying was instantly stunned.

She murmured to herself, “Am I dreaming”

How could there be that much of a coincidence, though Her lover had just happened to save her in her greatest moment of peril.

It wasn’t like that even in the romance books Chu Chuyan loved to read! Worried that the drug might have made her mistake another man for Zu An, she gave him a pinch as she spoke.

Zu An cried out in alarm.

“What are you doing Are you attacking your own husband!”

“I’m checking to see if this is just a dream,” Qiao Xueying said with a blush.

This guy’s reaction was just as she remembered.

So it really was him!

“Then why didn’t you pinch yourself” Zu An complained. This girl’s fingernails are way too long! That area looks as if it’s about to bleed…

“Are you really scared of a bit of pain” Qiao Xueying replied while reaching out to embrace Zu An’s neck tightly, her voice delicate and sweet.

When she saw his bright eyes and his smile, she didn’t want to be separated from him anymore.

Zu An was about to reply when his entire body went rigid.

A terrifying, powerful, ice-cold divine sense swept over him.


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