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Chapter 1298: To Dress as a Man

Even though Xu Yu seemed to be asking Sang Hong on the surface, he wasnt really asking for the other mans opinion at all; rather, he was taking the chance to consult Zhuxie Chixin.

Sang Hong frowned.

In a moment of desperation, he had used the pretext of an Embroidered Envoy mission to cover for Zu Ans sudden disappearance.

Either way, Xiao Jianren and Zu An had a good relationship and wouldnt expose him.

He hadnt expected Xu Yu to ask Zhuxie Chixin directly.

After his initial alarm, however, he quickly calmed down.

Zhuxie Chixin was his majestys trusted aide, so he would definitely speak in favor of Zu An.

Unexpectedly, however, Zhuxie Chixin voiced his surprise.

“There was something like that I have not received any reports from the Embroidered Envoy in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Of course, it might be because the situation is so urgent that he has not been able to report anything yet.”

Sang Hong widened his eyes.

He had thought that even if Zhuxie Chixin said something, he would have chosen a neutral position.

Who would have thought that he would actually reply that way

Zhuxie Chixin was the Chief Commander of the Embroidered Envoy, the publicly acknowledged number one.

He had absolute control over the Embroidered Envoy.

If someone like him said that perhaps his subordinates hadnt issued a report yet, would anyone believe that

Sure enough, a commotion broke out among King Qis faction when they heard that.

The officials all got worked up, demanding that the court condemn Zu An for his crimes.

At the same time, some of them even accused Sang Hong of misconduct.

After serving the court as an independent figure for so many years, Sang Hong had made quite a few enemies.

How could they let go of such a good chance

Bi Linglong glanced at the emperor in disbelief.

Without the emperors incitement, there was no way someone like Zhuxie Chixin would dare to say something like that.

Zu An had done so much for the crown prince.

Others might not know about that, but how could his majesty not And yet, now the emperor was working with King Qis faction to condemn Zu An.

Then, in the future, wouldnt that make all those who were loyal to the royal family feel bitterly disappointed

Sang Hongs ears were ringing.

When he heard that the emperor had agreed to hold this interrogation, he had already gotten a bad feeling.

Still, he hadnt expected the emperor and King Qi to actually work together in this matter! At this point, not even a daoist immortals descent could save Zu An!

Just then, the Central Secretariat Assistant Director Pei Lian stepped forward.

He said, “Fifth brother, as the City Lord of Cloudcenter City, you should know best about the things that have happened here.

Why not tell us what exactly happened”

The fifth brother he spoke of was, of course, Pei Shao.

The two of them were both the sons of Waterfront Duke, Chief Attendant Pei Zheng.

The Pei clans Waterfront Dukes line was publicly known to be a core supporter of King Qis faction.

Pei You had a hopeful expression in his eyes when he saw his grandfather, Imperial Secretariat Director Pei Ming, hoping he would say some things to help Zu An.

After all, their group was also close to the crown princes side.

However, his grandfather didnt show any signs of speaking up.

Considering his understanding of his grandfather, that meant he planned to just watch from the side as a bystander.

Meanwhile, Gao Ying also looked at the Guard General Liu Yao expectantly.

However, he knew that during the Brightmoon City trip, his maternal uncle had been embarrassed quite badly because of Zu An, so he had never been too fond of Zu An.

Even though Zu An had saved Gao Ying in the dungeon, he was nothing more than an outsider who was living off of their charity and his words carried no weight.

Sure enough, Liu Yao also seemed to just be present to watch something interesting happen.

Pei Shao coughed lightly and said, “Ahem, according to what this humble official knows, Sir Xu kept Yu Yanluo in custody; the security was incredibly strict, with guards acting covertly and overtly.

However, she ended up being broken out, so we all suspect that the one who saved her must have known the inner layout and workings of the prison.

That means it must have been someone on the inside, and their position had to be rather high.

Otherwise, they would not have been able to know the details so clearly.”

Even though he hadnt answered the question directly, the implications were extremely clear.

“Indeed,” Xu Yu said, wanting to strike while the iron was hot.

“When that witch Yu Yanluo was first captured, Zu An tried to save her.

He did not even hesitate to openly declare that he would go against the court.

That is something many Cloudcenter officials can attest to.”

Those same officials all spoke up in agreement.

Xu Yu continued, “If we then consider Yu Yanluos rescue and Zu Ans disappearance, and how Sir Sang has fabricated all kinds of lies to protect him, I believe it is easy to see what has really been going on.”

Sang Hong protested angrily, “Then are you saying that I have conspired with Sir Zu, and colluded with the fiend races in betraying the country”

Xu Yu shook his head and replied, “That may not be.

I believe that Sir Sang probably did what you did for the sake of cherishing talent, and that was why you covered for Zu An.

However, you could never have expected him to have done something so disgraceful.”

Xu Yu knew that Sang Hongs relationship with the other officials wasnt good.

However, he was well known for his dedication and loyalty toward his majesty.

No one would believe Xu Yu if he tried to attack him in that aspect too.

Sang Hongs face darkened.

He knew that the situation was already irredeemable.

The only thing he could do was to try his best to stall for time.

He was about to say something when the emperor spoke.

“This emperor recalls that there were some other Embroidered Envoys who went as well, no Have them come out and speak.”

Zhuxie Chixin obviously knew who had been sent.

Xiao Jianren quickly stepped forward and said, “Reporting to your majesty.

From what this humble official has seen during this journey, Sir Zu conducts himself honestly and magnanimously.

He upholds justice for the common people.

Someone like that definitely would not collude with the fiend races and betray this country.”

Sang Hong gave him a look of surprise.

The Embroidered Envoys were usually reclusive and feared by the people.

He hadnt expected this person to actually speak out for Zu An at such a crucial juncture.

That kind of action could very well ruin all of his future prospects!

On the courts side, Bi Linglong was surprised.

She was about to say something when Zhuxie Chixin interrupted Xiao Jianren.

“What his majesty wishes to know is whether Zu An rescued Yu Yanluo, or where Zu An was when Yu Yanluo was rescued, if you saw him.

Remember to respond with the important points.”

Bi Linglongs beautiful brows drew together into a frown.

She couldn\'t hold herself back anymore, calling out, “Does the Chief Commander not feel that your words arouse a bit of suspicion”

The others looked at her in shock.

After all, she was someone who had always paid great attention to her bearing, someone who was publicly known to carry the grace of being the countrys future mother.

She did not show her own position on many matters, but she had many subordinates who could speak up in her place to let her reach her objective.

And yet today, she had spoken out personally, so it seemed Zu An was indeed quite important to her.

Still, none of them were too suspicious of anything.

Even though there had been a scandal between her and Zu An before, that matter had already been dealt with.

Who would dare to bring it up again They would just be seeking their own embarrassment.

The most likely reason for her to be protecting Zu An like this was that she treated him as her own trusted aide already.

Meanwhile, King Qis officials all enjoyed her predicament.

Zhuxie Chixin, that central force of the emperors forces, was now in conflict with the crown princess.

How would they cooperate in the future

Only King Qi, who was in the seat of honor, frowned.

It made perfect sense for him to act against Zu An, but why was the emperor also targeting him Zu An was someone on the emperors side who had been sent to Cloudcenter Commandery; afterward, the plans he had arranged for many years ended up being ruined!

Are those two working together to deceive me King Qi thought in horror.

He could no longer remain as calm anymore.

Xiao Jianren replied just then, “I do not know who rescued Yu Yanluo.

At that time, Sir Zu was resting in isolation in his room.

His poor condition was something that everyone in Cloudcenter Commandery should know about.”

Xu Yu asked, “You said that he was cultivating alone in his room, but did you confirm that yourself”

Xiao Jianren hesitated.

As an Embroidered Envoy, however, he didnt dare to utter any lies in front of the emperor and the Chief Commander.

He said, “I did not.”

Sang Hong said gravely, “Since he was cultivating in seclusion, it is natural that he could not be disturbed by any outsiders.

How can that be used as proof”

The courtiers clearly voiced their displeasure, feeling that this evidently made Zu An more suspicious.

After everything that had happened, Xu Yu already had victory in his grasp.

He said, “Sir Sang, even though you have showered us with all these flowery words, you have still not explained where Zu An has gone.

If he is innocent, why has he not appeared yet even though such a major event has happened Could it be that he is unaware of how great of a matter betraying our country and defecting to the fiend races might be Or… Perhaps he is in the fiend race territory, and he cannot return at all!”

“Who said he wouldnt be able to return” a clear and melodious voice rang out.

A figure appeared by the entrance.

The expressions of those who were in the room changed.

That strange mask, those clothes filled with fierceness...

More importantly, the fact that it was decorated with golden borders…

“Golden Token Ele-!” Xiao Jianren and the others exclaimed, overjoyed.

However, their voices came to a screeching stop halfway through their sentence.

Xiao Jianren unwittingly rubbed his eyes.

Unfortunately, because he spent all his time reading in the archives, his sight was poor to begin with.

No matter how he rubbed them, his vision still didnt get much clearer.

He asked Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth next to him with a ki transmission, “Can you two see his face clearly Why do I feel as if it is a bit strange”

“It is a bit strange.

Maybe its because its already been too long.

Why do I feel as if boss has gotten skinnier It might be because he has had too many things to deal with recently,” Dai Seventh replied.

“Really Why do I feel as if boss chest is a bit sturdier than usual” Chen Eighth remarked, feeling a bit confused.

Sang Hong was also shocked.

Golden Token Eleven had always observed from the shadows.

Now that he had stepped forward, it was clearly to speak in Zu Ans favor.

But why did it feel as if Golden Token Eleven was a bit different this time

Those from the court had strange expressions.

Bi Linglong looked at the person before her carefully.

She had been saved by Golden Token Eleven before, and her heart had even fluttered then.

It was just that later on, she had ended up meeting Zu An.

But why was it that when she saw him again, she felt he was a bit unfamiliar

Zhuxie Chixin was also stunned.

He obviously knew who Golden Token Eleven was.

Just what in the world was going on He instinctively glanced toward the emperor, but the emperors brows were also slightly furrowed.

On Cloudcenter Citys side, however, Pei Shaos expression suddenly changed.

The feelling he got was just too familiar! He immediately sent a ki transmission.

“Manman, what kind of nonsense is this!”

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