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Chapter 1273: A Large Hand From the Darkness

No one had expected the platform beneath them to suddenly disappear.

This place had robbed them of their ability to fly, and since they had been caught off guard, they fell straight down.

When they all noticed the surging pond of blood beneath them, their expressions changed. Wasn’t the pond previously clear and gentle Why did it become like this

Even though they didn’t understand what exactly the blood pond was, it emitted a terrifying killing intent that made their souls tremble.

They knew falling into the pool of blood was definitely not a sensible option.

Zu An couldn't be bothered to worry about other, less pressing matters anymore.

He summoned the Wind Fire Wheels and barely steadied himself.

However, the flames on the wheels flickered, as if they might be extinguished at any time.

Furthermore, their flight speed and mobility were far weaker than usual; they had clearly been greatly suppressed by the laws of this place.

The fact that they could still allow for flight was already amazing.

He grabbed Yu Yanluo, who was the closest to him, and yelled, “Hold onto me tight!”

Yu Yanluo knew that the situation was dire, so she leaped directly toward Zu An’s waist and began clinging onto him like a koala, so his hands would be freed up to save others.

Thus, Zu An quickly used the Wind Fire Wheel to rush at the other two women.

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were falling too.

Yun Jianyue was still able to use some methods to slow her descent, but Yan Xuehen’s injuries were too serious and she couldn't stop herself from plummeting.

Yun Jianyue tried to save her, but as soon as she grabbed Yan Xuehen, the difference in acceleration made both of them fall.

Yan Xuehen’s head went blank.

She would never have expected her arch-nemesis to save her! When she snapped out of her initial shock, she tried to shake Yun Jianyue off and throw her to one side, yet Yun Jianyue grabbed onto her hand firmly, not giving her a chance.

She panicked and protested, “Do you want to die too”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“You’ll be the one who dies if you let go.

You’re only allowed to die because of me, and not in such an easy way as this.” Yan Xuehen wanted to say something else, but Yun Jianyue cut her off and said, “Stop struggling already.

That fella will save us.” She struggled to control the air streams around them to slow their descent, buying as much time as possible.

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She reflexively raised her head and saw Zu An rushing over while riding the Wind Fire Wheels.

At that instant, she was left in a daze.

It was as if Zu An’s entire body were shining.

A second later, Zu An arrived next to the two of them, wrapping an arm around each of their waists.

Then, he flew over to the side of the room.

When they sensed the firm and steady strength coming from those arms, even though the two women knew that he was saving them, they still couldn't help but feel alarmed.

Yan Xuehen raised her head to look at Zu An from the side.

When she remembered their relationship, her expression became more and more conflicted.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue was sizing up Zu An from a different angle.

She thought to herself that back in the sect, female disciples always secretly discussed which guys were handsome, and yet she had found them all nothing special.

But this kid Zu An was a bit handsome, hm While she was feeling a bit worked up, however, she suddenly noticed Yan Xuehen’s star-struck expression.

She quickly snapped out of her daze. What kind of nonsense am I thinking

“Save me!” someone cried in alarm,not far away.

When Zu An’s group turned to look, they saw that Kong Nanjing was clutching Princess Suolun’s thigh.

Princess Suolun couldn't shake her off at all, and both of them fell toward the pool of blood.

Kong Nanjing saw that Zu An could still fly and immediately begged for mercy.

Her face was covered in handprints, red and swollen; they were clearly a product of Yun Jianyue’s artistry.

Meanwhile, Princess Suolun’s usual calm had been replaced with anxiety.

She looked at Zu An with hopeful eyes.

After some hesitation, Zu An summoned the Primal Skysilk and wrapped it around Princess Suolun’s hand.

Then, with a tug, he pulled her over to his side.

Naturally, Kong Nanjing escaped danger too.

Yun Jianyue remarked in annoyance, “You’re even going to save that kind of woman” The one she was talking about was, of course, Kong Nanjing.

She still remembered how the woman had behaved.

Zu An said, “I’ve had some interactions with her clansmen.

I can’t just watch her die without doing anything.”

Seeing that Zu An hadn’t done so out of lust, the other women all smiled inside.

The group landed on a stone protrusion to one side, temporarily freed from the danger of drowning in the blood pool.

Princess Suolun trembled as she exclaimed, “Thank you, young master!” Meanwhile, Kong Nanjing was still scared witless, unable to even speak a single word.

Zu An merely nodded before his attention returned to the blood pool.

Jin Shi and Qiao Heng both had wings.

Even though they couldn't fly the way they usually could, borrowing the air streams to glide was still manageable.

They both landed atop a statue on the wall and steadied themselves.

They gave Kong Nanjing a look of disdain.

They were all from winged races, and yet these two had found a way.

However, that woman had completely lost her mind from fear, only trying to cling onto someone else and dragging them down too.

The bear brothers were rather crude, but they weren’t stupid.

They knew they couldn't fly after losing their balance, so they struck at each other’s weapons with a tacit understanding, borrowing the recoil force to propel themselves toward the walls on either side.

They grabbed some of the wall decorations to stop their fall.

Duan Tiande jumped across the shadows and hid by a beam.

Meanwhile, Ma Huang appeared nearby.

The others weren’t so lucky.

Starting with Prince Yin Sha, they all dropped into the blood pond.

Then, Prince Yin Sha’s true form appeared.

He tried to swim ashore, but a tremendous pain ravaged his body.

When he looked down, he saw that all of his flesh seemed to be melting like a candle!

Bitter screams filled the place as the other fiend race experts quickly turned into white bones.

Prince Yin Sha’s cultivation was a bit higher than theirs, so he managed to last for a bit, but it only meant more suffering.

Miserable cries rose and fell.

Soon afterward, he didn’t even have the strength to scream anymore.

He looked at Princess Suolun in despair, his eyes filled with pleading.

Princess Suolun bit down on her lip, almost hard enough to draw blood.

She knew what he was trying to say.

Thus, she eventually raised her finger.

A streak of purple light shot out, piercing directly through Prince Yin Sha’s head.

Prince Yin Sha died on the spot, but in the end, a smile of relief appeared on his face.

Princess Suolun’s entire body trembled slightly, and her expression was pale.

Even though she had never liked him, Yin Sha had still looked after her the entire time.

Who would feel nothing when they saw such a person die so miserably

The entire palace fell silent again.

Prince Yin Sha’s flesh was completely eroded, his corpse turning into a giant set of bones.

The survivors were alarmed.

They had seen so many bones along the way; had they been created here, then swept out They looked toward the center of the blood pond.

The Three Three Flower was still floating on the water, but some faint blood-red veins had visibly appeared on the petals.

“What eternal flower This is a freaking life-stealing trap!” Princess Changning exclaimed in horror.

The others all had similar thoughts.

They had been drawn in by this eternal flower, yet in the end, it had swallowed all of them up.

They all wanted to leave as soon as possible, but a vicious sea of blood was surging beneath them.

If they made contact with the blood, even if they didn’t die immediately, they would be seriously injured.

They couldn't fly either, so none of them could leave.

Their gazes turned to Zu An.

All of them remembered the Wind Fire Wheels he had been riding.

He was the only one present who could fly.

Duan Tiande chuckled and said, “Forget it; this humble one’s life is still the most important.

You guys can have all of the treasures here.

This one won’t keep you company anymore.”

He could move through the shadows, so the situation wasn’t too difficult for him to deal with.

Thus, he leaped through them several times after speaking.

Just when he was about to leave the hall, however, a large, shaggy hand suddenly reached out in front of him.

Duan Tiande was horrified.

He quickly tried to hide in the shadows again, but the shaggy hand seemed to be able to ignore all tricks.

It entered the shadows and pulled him back out.

“Ugh… Ah…” Duan Tiande choked, his neck in the grip of that hand.

He was floating in midair, and his face was swollen purple.

He tried to pull the hand off of him while kicking frantically.

Unfortunately, the hand didn’t budge, showing no signs of loosening up at all.


Suddenly, with a crack, the hand twisted.

Duan Tiande’s head drooped, and his entire body turned limp like a wet noodle.

He didn’t move again.

The survivors all felt a chill.

Duan Tiande’s cultivation was one of the best among their group, and his shadow-leaping skill was incredible.

He had been in a practically unstoppable position; how had his life been taken so easily, like crushing a baby chick


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