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Chapter 1262: He Has to Save Them

‘Shi Ling had been floating in the air and looking down on everyone as if they were ants.

When he heard that, however, he staggered and almost dropped out of the sky.

The fiend race cultivators nearby were all stupefied.

The men all had ambiguous and mysterious smiles, while the womens faces were entirely red as they snorted inwardly with disdain.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyues jaw dropped.

A moment later, she said, “As expected of him!”

Yan Xuehen blushed.

This guy always pays attention to the weirdest things.

Yu Yanluo instead looked at the two of them with surprise.

According to the rumors she had gathered about them, these two werent the sort to be so agreeable, right If anyone else dared to make such jokes around them, even if they didnt lose their life, theyd be half dead afterward, right Even though they were closer now, why hadnt they gotten angry in the slightest

‘Shi Ling snapped out of his daze just then.

His expression was ice-cold as he said, “This game is over.

You exaggerate your own abilities, actually daring to take the life of the Lion races prince! If you slit your own throat and apologize, I can still consider leaving your corpse intact.

Otherwise…” He didnt finish his sentence, but the threat was implied.

Zu An sighed and replied, “You brothers arent all that skilled in fighting, but your skill with your mouths is in the same class.”

Princess Suolun, Qiao Heng, and the others had strange expressions.

This man actually dared to speak that way to the Western Lion However, they realized that this was how he had treated Shi Ling too, so fighting right back was indeed his style.

Still, even though this mysterious person was formidable, compared to the Western Lion who had already become famous a long time ago, he was still quite a bit off.

Even though Shi Ling was outstanding, he was still too young.

He hadnt cultivated for long enough.

His older brother didnt have that weakness, however.

After all, Shi Ling might have fallen down a cliff and experienced a praiseworthy miracle, but his older brother had experienced similar miracles year after year.

People among the fiend races all called him blessed by the world.

For someone like that, grandmaster rank was merely a matter of time.

Even the earth immortal rank was something he had a huge hope of breaking through into.

The others obviously didnt think that Zu Ans chances were that good.

However, the strength he had displayed previously wasnt weak either.

All of them watched carefully, wishing to take thechance to see some of the Western Lions methods, hoping for Zu An to force out as many of his trump cards as possible.

That way, the different clans would have more preparations against the Western Lion.

The expression‘Shi Ling had turned cold.

He said, “You have successfully angered me.

Fine, I will grant you death.”

You have successfully trolled Shi Qian for 444 444 444…

Afterward, he raised his finger, and a streak of golden light emerged from it.

The others could sense the destructiveness of that light even from far away.

All of them were horrified.

It was merely a strand of the Western Lions will, and yet such a simple attack already contained so much power!

Then, if we faced him in person, wouldnt that make us completely insignificant

“This is the Heavens Origin Finger!” Princess Suolun exclaimed.

Her status was special, so she naturally knew more than the others.

She quickly discerned that it was an extreme technique the Western Lion had discovered in his youth.

His finger technique had killed untold numbers of powerful cultivators.

Its power was extremely shocking.

TheShi Ling in the air grasped Zu Ans timing extremely well, attacking both him and the women behind him in a straight line with the attack.

That way, if Zu An dodged, the women would have to face it instead.

On the other hand, if he took it head-on, the Heavens Origin Finger was something even the other four great experts wouldnt want to face, so what would this guy be able to do

However, Zu An unexpectedly didnt evade, and only slowly raised his hand.

The center of his palm became somewhat hazy, even distorting the air around it.

Then, the golden light was sucked directly into his palm.

Princess Suolun and Qiao Heng almost screamed out in alarm.

This guy had received a lethal blow bare-handedly! Forget about his hand, even his entire arm might disappear, right

However, shockingly, the golden light vanished without a trace as if it had never appeared.

‘Shi Ling looked as if he were facing a great enemy.

He quickly evaded to one side, but a streak of blood still appeared on his face.

He suddenly turned around to look at Zu An and shouted, “What is the name of that move of yours!”

Just then, the finger attack Zu An had retaliated with was something Shi Qian had seen before, as it was the same move that had defeated his younger brothers Mad Lions Hegemon Fist, so he wasnt that surprised.

However, the fact that Zu An bare-handedly received his Heavens Origin Finger that left him indescribably shocked.

At that instant, he had even begun to wonder if there was something wrong with the world.

Thus, he had become somewhat absent-minded and had nearly been hit as a result.

In the distance, the corners of Yan Xuehens lips curled upward.

Back when she had been trying to kill Zu An, a powerful attractive force had appeared around him, absorbing a large portion of her attacks strength.

Otherwise, how could Zu An have possibly withstood the attacks of a grandmaster for so long If he could even receive her attacks, what was the big deal with the attacks of a trifling fiend race junior

Zu An obviously wouldnt expose the Heaven Devouring Sutra.

He replied with a smirk, “Do you want to know Why dont you try begging me”

‘Shi Ling choked.

How could this person be so shameless!

You have successfully trolled Shi Qian for 499 499 499…

His expression turned cold.

His entire body shone with dazzling golden light, so terrifyingly radiant that it couldnt be looked at directly.

The aura felt as if it heralded world-ending judgment.

All of the fiend race experts faces turned pale.

They were all the very best among their clans.

Many of them had even felt that they werent too far beneath the five great experts and would have a decent chance against them.

Now, however, they were fully convinced.

They couldn\'t even compare to a fragment of the Western Lions soul… The difference was just too great.

The fatty Wu Liangs hands quickly formed different seals, as if he were calculating something.

A smile gradually appeared on his face as he remarked, “This guy is probably going to stumble really hard this time.”

Just then,Shi Ling moved.

His Heavens Origin Finger had been neutralized by the strange vortex in Zu Ans hand.

Using the same attack again would really be unwise.

Instead, he charged straight at Zu An like a meteor falling from the sky.

When he raised his hand, seven sets of seven lion projections shot out, creating forty-nine in total.

Mad Lions Hegemon Fist! It was the skill the Lion Race was known for, and it was incredibly fierce and unrivaled! The nine lions Shi Ling produced had already made the onlookers sigh in amazement, and yet now, forty-nine of them had appeared at once! They were already growing numb.

The ground itself sank under the pressure of the wind created by the fist projections.

Trees snapped one after another, and even the largest boulders were crushed into powder.

Yun Jianyue frowned.

She waved her hand, and a mysterious ki field appeared around the group, protecting the two women beside her.

Even though Yu Yanluos Medusas Eye could make even grandmasters feel apprehension, she didnt excel in physical durability and might not be able to withstand the attack.

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehens injuries were too serious.

However, Yu Yanluo showed her a smile and said, “Big sister Yun is still injured, so please let me.”

Afterward, a brilliant painting scroll wrapped around them.

At that instant, the ladies seemed to exist in a special space that was isolated from the world they had just been in.

Yun Jianyues eyes lit up.

She remarked, “This World Painting seems to carry a bit of the academy libationers style.

So you were that mysterious artist disciple.”

Yan Xuehen gave Yu Yanluo another look.

She had already discovered that fact back then when they fought against each other.

Yu Yanluo was a bit surprised.

She replied, “Big Sister Yun really is knowledgeable.

Youre right, but I hope big sis can help me keep this secret.”

Yun Jianyue put her arm around Yu Yanluos shoulder and replied, “Dont worry; youre already calling me big sister, so how can I not agree to something like that”

Meanwhile, outside,Shi Ling was alarmed.

He wondered, who were these two women Why were their methods so mysterious and profound However, he was too busy to think about those questions in detail.

He had to subdue this man first.

The forty-nine lions roared deafeningly, and even the world itself seemed to change color.

However, one after another, rings of blue ripples appeared behind Zu An.

Then, streaks of sword ki condensed from the void flew out from within.

At first, the golden lions continued to roar as they withstood the blue sword ki, but they soon couldn\'t hold on anymore.

They were completely crushed and penetrated by the sword ki, and were left nailed to death in midair.

They werent from the Western Lion himself, so how could they possibly be able to withstand Zu Ans Blue Luan Sword Formation

All of the fiend race experts were dazzled when they saw the splendid scene before them.

This guy had actually been able to defeat even the Western Lion! Even if it was just a strand of Shi Qians will, they had already fully experienced how terrifying he was.

Princess Changning began breathing more quickly.

This man is even stronger than I thought! I definitely cant miss this chance.

Princess Suoluns eyes were also sparkling as she thought, This attack really is handsome… At the same time, however, she was startled.

Why did this style seem a bit familiar She seemed to have heard of it before somewhere.

‘Shi Ling evaded in midair.

He knew he was definitely not a match for this opponent in his current state.

Even though he was unwilling, he decisively chose to run.

Zu An obviously wouldnt let him go just like that.

He was just about to give chase, but thenShi Ling used his ki to pick up the Lion race subordinates.

He then threw some of them at Yu Yanluo and the other ladies, some at Princess Suolun, and some at Qiao Heng.

Previously, Shi Qian had been watching indifferently in his younger brothers body.

Forget about Yu Yanluo and those other girls, Princess Suolun had given Zu An several reminders, and Qiao Heng had repeatedly tried to save Zu An, so they definitely had some kind of relationship.

If he attacked them, Zu An would definitely save them.

The subordinates bodies exploded viciously, turning into streaks of bloody mist that contained tremendous power.

“Blood Explosion Technique!” The expressions of all the fiend race cultivators changed.

This was an extremely vicious technique.

The power of the explosion was extremely terrifying on its own, but even if one could withstand the explosion, as long as even a bit of blood got on ones body, one would begin to rot and eventually turn into a pool of blood.

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