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Chapter 1234: The Dragon’s Nine Sons

The expressions of those present all changed greatly.

“Who would have thought We actually got to watch something so interesting today,” Yun Jianyue remarked.

She was obviously taking delight in this disaster.

Either way, it was just an internal struggle between the fiend races, so she was happy to watch something amusing.

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “Bluefield Country did receive us enthusiastically yesterday, so it would be better to stay and see what happens.”

Yu Yanluo nodded and said, “Indeed.

She even gave us the Blue Earthflowers.

This is a favor we need to repay somehow.”

Zu An sighed in relief, thinking, This is fine.

Otherwise, I might end up drawing suspicion if I say any more. 

At the same time, he was curious about just who would act so domineeringly, to come straight to a country’s palace like that.

Even if the leader really wanted to meet that person, there was no way they could just come out like that, right Otherwise, what dignity would they have left

Sure enough, an attendant quickly came out to stop them.

She said, “My country’s leader is currently sick and resting.

It is not convenient for her to receive guests today.

Please return, your distinguished self.”

Everyone present was an expert.

They were paying attention to the situation, so they could hear everything that was happening.

“This king has traveled here from afar; how can I just leave because you tell me to Hurry and have your country leader come out.

I have plenty of medicines with me; I can cure any ailment she has,” the loud and carefree voice called out again.

“Who is that, to be acting so arrogantly” Yun Jianyue wondered in delight.

Her Holy Sect was full of similar people.

Yan Xuehen looked somewhat upset as she remarked, “This kind of arrogant attitude makes me recall the Golden Crow Crown Prince from earlier.”

Yu Yanluo said with a sigh, “The fiend races all tend to behave more ostentatiously than humans.” Even though she had half of a fiend race clan’s blood within her, she wasn’t too used to life on their side of the world.

“I must ask your distinguished self to quickly leave.

We do not welcome uninvited guests!” the attendant replied.

Bluefield Country’s leader was greatly admired by her people.

They were all upset by this person’s offensive behavior.

“How brazen! You dare to speak to this king like this!” the voice exclaimed.

Then, sounds of fighting broke out, and the air filled with groans and bitter cries.

Some Fox race guards were sent flying.

Then, a figure walked in, striding across empty air.

He was dressed in purple robes, and his appearance was rather unique.

On his head were two protrusions; it was unclear whether they were dragon horns or deer antlers.

His mouth was quite large, with a noticeable underbite.

Yan Xuehen frowned slightly and mused, “Do the fiend races really have this many experts”

This fellow was shockingly at the master rank! Those at the master rank were quite rare among the human race.

All of them were elders of their respective regions.

And yet, on this trip alone, they seemed to run into master rank cultivators at every turn.

Yu Yanluo said, “He carries the ocean races’ aura, and from a king race no less.” She was also part of a fiend race bloodline, and they were able to sense such things within each other to a certain degree.

“Ocean race” Zu An repeated in surprise.

He had seen quite a few fiend race bloodlines already, but this seemed to be his first meeting with the ocean races.

He had seen an ancient mermaid empress in the secret dungeon, but that was nothing more than a set of remains.

“Your distinguished self has trespassed into the palace and injured our people.

Isn’t this a bit too overbearing!” an ice-cold voice exclaimed.

Tushan Yu had heard the disturbance and rushed outside.

Yan Xuehen voiced her surprise.

“She really isn’t in the best condition.

She seems a bit wan and sallow.”

“You think To me, she seems a bit more tender and pretty compared to yesterday.

I’m even starting to feel a bit of… something,” Yun Jianyue said, looking at her carefully.

It was clearly just a single night since they had last met, so why had this fresh and pure young lady suddenly seemed to gain a hint of maturity

Zu An couldn't help but look at her too.

Their eyes just happened to meet.

Tushan Yu unnaturally shifted her gaze away, her expression complicated.

However, a flash of coldness appeared on her face when she looked at the large-mouthed man.

“Ha ha ha! Bluefield Country Lord has a well-earned reputation, as expected! Your beauty is exceptional; this trip from afar was worth it,” the big-mouthed man said, as his eyes widened the moment he saw Tushan Yu.

He was completely unwilling to shift his gaze away.

Tushan Yu felt incredible disgust.

Compared to this guy, Zu An really was an upright gentleman.

However, she already knew who he was based on her subordinates’ report.

She said coldly, “Chi Wen, strictly speaking, I am of the same rank as your father.

Are your actions not rather impudent”

“Chi Wen” Zu An felt like this name was a bit familiar for some reason.

Yu Yanluo explained, “Chi Wen is the Dragon King’s ninth son.”

“The Dragon King has nine sons; all nine are different,” Yan Xuehen added.

She had heard about those rumors.

Yun Jianyue said with a smile, “Of course they’re different.

It’s rumored that the Dragon King was an extremely lustful individual who mated with women from all kinds of different races.

That’s why the children he fathered are all different.”

Yu Yanluo also explained, “Chi Wen is the child of the Dragon King and a mermaid.

Furthermore, the Dragon King doesn’t only have nine sons, but only nine women have respectable powers backing them, and thus proper status.

That’s why the children of ordinary women aren’t all that famous.”

“The mermaids…” Zu An murmured in surprise.

He seemed to have some affinity with mermaids. 

Chi Wen’s expression grew serious.

He retorted, “Tushan Yu, you really think rather highly of yourself, no Putting it nicely, you’re the queen of Bluefield Country, but if we’re being honest, everyone knows that you merely use your looks to serve another.

Do you think that by relying on Hu Qianxiao, by becoming his woman, you have the right to speak to me like this Others might fear Hu Qianxiao, but our Dragon race does not.

Wasn’t the Tiger race’s princess ultimately seized as a concubine by my father”

“Hu Qianxiao” the others asked, looking toward Yu Yanluo.

Yu Yanluo replied, “Hu Qianxiao is the Tiger race’s king, one of the most powerful clans among the fiend races.

It’s on a scale the Snake race can’t compare to at all.

Their strength is even comparable to the King Court itself, but they’re internally divided.

The Lion and Tiger race struggle fiercely against each other, neither willing to yield to the other.

I suspect the Fiend Emperor himself has probably spared no effort getting involved in that check and balance.”

Zu An had a strange expression.

A battle between lions and tigers existed even in this world…

“What’s that about the Tiger race princess being seized to become the Dragon King’s concubine” Yun Jianyue asked.

She cared more about that point.

Yu Yanluo explained, “The Dragon King’s seventh son Bi An is the child of the Dragon King and a tiger.

Apart from him, the first son Qiu Niu is the son of the Dragon King and a cow, the second son Ya Zi was from a wolf, the third son Chao Feng was from a bird, the fourth son Pu Lao was from a frog, the fifth son Suan Ni was from a lion, the sixth son Ba Xia was from a turtle, the eighth son Fu Xi was from the Azure Dragon…”

The others’ eyes were wide open as they listened to her introduction.

Yun Jianyue patted Zu An and remarked, “I thought you were already quite something before, but compared to this Dragon King, you’re like an innocent little white flower!”

Yan Xuehen’s face turned a bit red.

She clearly shared that opinion.

Zu An was stupefied. This Dragon King really wasn’t that picky; he even went along with toads and turtles… However, his attention quickly returned to the person named Hu Qianxiao. Don’t tell me he’s the one who sent Tushan Yu

Tushan Yu’s face turned red; it was unclear whether it was out of anger or embarrassment.

She snapped, “Chi Wen, cease your slander!”

Chi Wen propped up his chin and remarked, “Not bad, not bad.

You’re so pretty even when you get angry.

You have the right to become this prince’s woman.

This prince has decided on you today! By the time Hu Qianxiao finds out, I wonder how old our children will be, ha ha ha!”

He instantly rushed toward Tushan Yu after laughing arrogantly, his hand reaching toward her face.


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