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Chapter 1228: Bluefield Country's Leader

The shopkeeper replied, “That is because we have already passed the season for harvesting Blue Earthflowers.

They are an ingredient needed for dyes, pill refinement, and many kinds of medicine.

The different tribes all have a great need for it, and have already purchased most of it in the past.

The supply of these Blue Earthflowers is not great to begin with, which is why it is so hard to find any of them right now.”

Yun Jianyue suddenly asked, “I heard that your country’s leader is a famous beauty; is that really true”

The other group members were a bit startled.

They knew she was taking the chance to get some information.

After all, they knew too little about Bluefield Country right now.

Even Yu Yanluo didn’t know much, as she spent most of her time outside of the fiend race territories and her information was limited.

The shopkeeper’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard her ask about the country’s leader.

He replied, “How could it be false Our country’s leader is well known as the most beautiful woman in all of Bluefield Country.”

“Is it because she’s the leader that everyone fawns over her” Yun Jianyue replied with a smile, deliberately provoking him a bit to try and get more information.

“Of course not.

It is not only our country’s people who say so.

There are so many from other tribes who visit this place, and all of them praise and admire her beauty,” the shopkeeper said.

He continued, “Furthermore, the reason why she became our country's leader is that her bloodline is the purest.

Among the Fox race, the purer their bloodline, the more beautiful they are.

“You should know that the previous country leader's beauty even tempted the Fiend Emperor.

But because of the Fox race’s traditions, our country's leader cannot marry outsiders.

As such, there was no chance of such a romance happening.

As for the current leader, her beauty is even more extraordinary than her mother’s.”

Zu An asked somewhat curiously, “Then who’s the father of the current country leader”

The purer the bloodline, the more formidable… but how do you preserve that purity

It’s not something like incest, is it

The shopkeeper shook his head and replied, “That, I do not know.”

Yun Jianyue found it strange and asked, “You don’t even know who your leader's husband was”

The shopkeeper said calmly, “What is strange about that Our Fox race reveres women.

That man was no more than a male pet the clan leader took into her harem; how could he be considered a husband A boy toy like him is not worthy of our attention at all.”

Zu An’s expression was strange. Aren’t you male too You make it sound as if this is just how the world is or something.

Yun Jianyue laughed and said, “After hearing what you just said, I’m actually starting to like this place.”

The shopkeeper took the chance to offer, “Why don’t you ladies stay in Bluefield Country With your appearances, you could take in many men.

You could basically choose whomever you wanted.”

Even though the women all had masks on, their figures were incredible, and the parts that weren’t veiled were perfect.

Anyone who wasn’t blind would know that they were exceptional beauties.

He moved over and asked, “What do you two think of me Please consider more than just my looks.

I might be a bit ugly, but I am gentle, and the entire merchant group would become the dowry, enough for you to enjoy anything you want from glory to wealth.

You could take in other handsome men too…”

Zu An’s brows shot up.

In the end, he couldn't help but push the merchant aside, then drag the others with him out of the merchant group.

Yun Jianyue convulsed with laughter and remarked, “Damn kid, don’t tell me you’re jealous”

Yan Xuehen’s face also turned a bit red.

For some reason, she was actually pretty happy when she saw him act like that.

Yu Yanluo said with a smile, “The Fox race’s way of life is indeed quite peculiar.

It’s natural that we can’t immediately adjust to it.”

They all shared similar thoughts.

Recalling the fat daoist’s divinations earlier, they couldn't help but feel a strong sense that they had been caught up in something strange and sinister.

Yun Jianyue suggested, “In my opinion, rather than being led by the nose like this, why don’t we just steal that batch of goods That would solve everything.”

Yan Xuehen gave her an annoyed look and retorted, “You only know how to fight and kill, as expected of the Devil Sect demoness.” With her nature, she obviously couldn't accept something like that.

Yun Jianyue said coldly, “This world is one where the strong prey on the weak.

You, someone who was raised in a pampered environment, really sound a bit oblivious and naive right now.”

Seeing that the two were about to fight again, Zu An was about to stop them when a group of cavalry suddenly rushed over.

The surprising thing about them was that every single rider was female.

They had fluffy ears and were gently shaking their tails.

All of them were fox women.

Fox women were all flirtatious and charming.

When such a group of young beauties moved together, it really was a refreshing sight.

However, the most eye-catching individual was the one in the lead.

Unlike the others, she rode on a large, tall white deer.

Her features really were stunning; her skin was fair like the purest jade.

There was a rosy tint on her face.

Her hair was styled in a golden knot.

Her eyes were luminous and enchanting, and her fingers slender and seductive.

The woman’s red silk dress was bright and beautiful, and her hairpin was adorned with a pretty, radiant blue-green pearl.

Zu An’s group was greatly shocked.

Even a random cavalry troop leader was this beautiful Then just how beautiful was that so-called Bluefield Country’s number one beauty

The biggest surprise, however, was that the mounted troop’s people stopped before them.

The one in the lead leaped gracefully off her mount.

The jade pendant around her waist swayed gently, making beautiful sounds that seemed able to move the heart.

The exceptional beauty nodded slightly toward the group.

Then, she walked up to Yu Yanluo and said, “Queen Medusa, since you came all the way here, how could you not let me show you a proper reception as the local lord”

Yu Yanluo revealed a look of surprise and began, “You are…”

The exceptional beauty said with a faint smile, “I forgot to introduce myself.

I am Tushan Yu.”

Tushan was Bluefield Country’s imperial surname.

Meanwhile, the name of the country’s lord was also Tushan Yu.

No one suspected her identity, as it wasn’t likely for anyone else in Bluefield Country to have such looks.

But what left Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen surprised was that they had long since assumed that the lord of this country was the most seductive of fox spirits, a devastatingly beautiful woman.

However, the one standing before them seemed to be a youthful and lively young lady!

Even though she was ridiculously beautiful, there wasn’t a hint of seduction coming from her.

On the contrary, she seemed extremely pure, more like a girl next door.

She even had a kind of innocent air that made others unable to help but feel a bit of pity and tenderness toward her.

Zu An acted surprisingly calm about the situation, because Tushan Yu’s presence gave him a bit of deja vu.

She gave him the same impression he got from Daji.

However, it was hard to say whether she really was underripe, or if she had already reached Daji’s level in charm techniques.

“Snake race’s Yu Yanluo,” Yu Yanluo said, showing Tushan Yu a smile.

She didn’t ask about how the other woman had recognized her.

This was the Fox race’s territory, after all.

“I have long heard of big sister’s incredible reputation.

Now that we have finally met, you are even prettier than the rumors,” Tushan Yu said, a flicker of amazement flashing through her eyes.

“You flatter me too much.

In my opinion, you are the one whose beauty is dazzling…” Yu Yanluo courteously returned the compliments.

Many people hurried over when they heard the news.

When they saw both beautiful women going back and forth that way, they almost drooled.

They all thought to themselves, This trip wasn’t made in vain!

“It is too noisy here.

Perhaps big sister would like to come with me to the palace for a breather” Tushan Yu offered.

“You have come all the way here to Bluefield Country, so please give me the opportunity to act as a proper host.”

Seeing that the conversation had already developed that way, Yu Yanluo couldn't really refuse either.

She replied, “Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Tushan Yu gave the others a look and asked, “Are all of them big sister’s friends They should come too.

Big sister’s friends are all outstanding, as expected.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue still remembered what the fat daoist had said clearly, and now, this country’s leader had suddenly appeared out of thin air. Is what he said really about to come true because of her

That was why they all paid close attention to how this woman looked at Zu An.

However, she only swept her gaze over him before looking away, as if she were only looking at some object.

On the contrary, her attention was completely focused on the two of them; it was unclear whether it was because of their presence, or because she was investigating their cultivation.

The two women recalled what the shopkeeper had said before.

This Bluefield Country was one where women were worshiped; thus, Tushan Yu’s reaction was completely expected.

After all, in human society, whenever court nobles gathered, no one paid much attention to the concubines and servants.

Both Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen smiled inwardly when they thought of that. Serves this brat right.


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