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Chapter 1226: Relationship Destined By Fate

The party turned around and saw a fat daoist standing in front of them.

He was dressed in an apricot yellow robe.

His face was chubby, and because he was smiling, his eyes were barely slits.

Together with his big beer belly and the unidentifiable grease around his collar and sleeves, he really didn’t give them the impression that he was some impressive daoist.

However, he had a banner with the words ‘Quasi-Immortal Wu’ written on it in his hands.

Yun Jianyue gently nudged Yan Xuehen with her elbow, remarking, “Your faction even has disciples among the fiend races”

There were many daoist sects, but the similarity they shared was that they all pursued the dao to immortality, to transcend the self.

White Jade Sect was precisely one of the biggest daoist sects.

Yan Xuehen replied, “As long as you have a heart that seeks the dao, you can cultivate anywhere.

What’s so surprising about there being disciples among the Fiend Races”

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle.

He asked, “Then will our misfortune turn to blessing if we ask you to carry out a divination for us Can you turn our peril into safety” He hadn’t expected the scammers from this world to go for the same things as the ones in his previous world.

“That is not so; that is not so,” the fat daoist said, shaking his head.

“I will carry out a divination to determine your luck, and then I will follow the divinatory signs to provide a corresponding method to dispel it.

If you all do as you are instructed, only then can misfortune turn to blessing.”

All of them were exceptional individuals.

They obviously wouldn’t be fooled by such small schemes.

Zu An tossed over a piece of silver.

He said, “We’ll pass on the divination, but I have a question for you.

Are there any merchant groups in the city And which store has the most abundant supply of goods”

A swindler like this guy definitely had the most effective information.

They weren’t familiar with Bluefield Country, but that wouldn’t be true for someone like this.

The chubby daoist’s eyes widened; naturally, however, even if he tried his best to open them, they still didn’t open that widely.

They were round and small like the eyes of a rat.

He asked, “You guys are actually from out there You actually want to rob a merchant group! This poor daoist will not do anything that goes against the rules!” He turned and ran for his life afterward.

Zu An’s group was completely speechless. Is there something wrong with this person’s head

Zu An grabbed the daoist’s pigtails and dragged him back.

He remarked, “You took my money but didn’t answer my question, and yet you want to leave just like that”

At first, the fat daoist had a serious and stern expression, but when he heard that, he immediately smiled.

He replied, “What is this young master saying Judging from how suave you look and how stunning your female companions are, there is no way you could be that bad sort.

The biggest merchant group in this Bluefield City is called the Fox Merchant Group.

You will see it if you just travel another li from here.”

Zu An nodded.

He was just about to leave when the chubby daoist called him back, saying, “Young master, please wait.”

“Is there anything else” Zu An asked.

He was on guard as he looked at the daoist, wondering what kind of trick this fella was going to play now.

The chubby daoist stroked his mustache and said, “I, Wu Liang, am a cosmos master.

Helping others seek luck and avoid calamity is our mission.

I will help you using a divination.”

Zu An’s forehead darkened as he replied, “I don’t need it.”

Yu Yanluo secretly asked Yan Xuehen, “What’s a cosmos master” She had never heard of such a thing before, but the name sounded pretty impressive.

Since Yan Xuehen was from one of the daoist sects, she probably knew.

Yan Xuehen’s expression was a bit strange as she replied, “It’s just some name fortune-tellers use to make themselves sound more impressive.”

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

Yun Jianyue also cursed and said, “Your daoist sects really are just frauds.”

Just then, the fat daoist said, “No, this is a matter of personal integrity.

I took your money, so if I do not help you resolve your fate, the heavens will instead bring down punishment on me.”

He didn’t wait for Zu An to reply, and instantly began to make strange hand signs while mumbling some inaudible incantation.

Then, he looked as if he had suddenly seen the light.

He said, “The young master might encounter a romantic affair tonight.”

When the daoist spoke those words, the three women all looked toward Zu An.

At that moment, coincidentally, all three of them suddenly concluded that the divination was actually rather accurate.

When he sensed their killing intent, Zu An ‘properly’ paid his respects to the fat daoist’s female ancestors.

He said, “Hmph, you were talking about how we were headed for some bloody calamity, so why are you now saying that I’m going to experience some romance Did you forget what kind of nonsense you were saying or something”

“Really I said that before” The fat daoist reacted quickly and tactfully saved the situation.

“The two actually do not conflict with each other.

When a woman’s cherry is popped, will there not be blood”

The looks in the women’s eyes became even more unkind.

Yu Yanluo began to think to herself, Zu An and I already have a physical relationship, so this shouldn’t be referring to us.

Then could it be Yan Xuehen or Yun Jianyue

But even though Zu An was incredibly charming in her eyes, and she thought he was the best man in the world, one of those two was the Devil Sect Master, while the other was one of the leaders of the righteous faction.

It really was hard to imagine anything happening between them and Zu An.

Yun Jianyue had similar thoughts.

Yu Yanluo and Zu An had probably slept together countless times, but there was no way it could be about herself either.

Then could it be Yan Xuehen Still, she quickly rejected that thought.

How could that stone cold woman possibly have any interactions with a man It was probably one of the fox girls in the city. This kid is such a skirt-chaser; that kind of thing really does have a chance of happening.

Yan Xuehen looked calm on the surface, but inwardly, she was horrified.

Yu Yanluo was the first option to be rejected, and she didn’t believe that fierce Yun Jianyue would be very likely either.

She thought, Then is this divination talking about me

Others might not know, but she knew that her relationship with Zu An as of late really had been crazy, to say the least.

Even though they weren’t lovers, there had been times when the two had been even more intimate than real lovers.

They were practically only missing that final step.

If that kind of thing really did happen, even she wouldn’t be too surprised.

I’m done for! I’m done for! I absolutely can’t meet with him alone today, or else something bad might happen!

Sensing the strange atmosphere between the three women, Zu An gave the fat daoist an unkind look.

He said, “But you said that it was a bloody calamity.

Can you really randomly interpret something like that as a calamity”

The fat daoist explained in a composed manner, “That is not so; that is not so.

There are two kinds of romantic affairs.

One is luck with the ladies; one is calamity with the ladies.

What you will experience tonight is precisely a romantic calamity, so of course it is a bloody calamity.”

Zu An was speechless. This damn fatty is talking gibberish with a straight face.

He actually managed to bring all this together

He wanted to say something else, but the daoist shook his head and said, “The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.

That is all I have to say.

Young master, do your best!”

Yu Yanluo suddenly asked, “Then could you perform a divination for me too”

She was starting to have second thoughts about what the daoist had said, because she was worried that Zu An might really be in some kind of danger.

She wanted to give it a try and see whether he really had some genuine talent, or he was just blurting out nonsense.

“What does the madam want me to divine” the fat daoist asked with a huge smile on his face.

He didn’t seem shocked by her beauty like other men, and it was clear that he wasn’t faking it either.

He was interested in something else.

Yu Yanluo thought for a bit before replying, “Heir!”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen’s expressions became a bit unnatural. Are you freaking flirting right in front of us

The fat daoist replied with a smile, “Madam, can you spread your palms and let me take a look”

Yu Yanluo placed her arms in front of herself.

However, the fat daoist didn’t touch her and instead looked at them from a distance.

There were cultivators everywhere in this world; their sight was much better than normal.

He didn’t have to worry about being unable to see clearly.

A while later, he said in confusion, “This makes no sense… Madam’s waist is thin and your hips are big; your body is basically perfect for childbearing.

Why do you only have a single descendant And furthermore, a daughter”

The others didn’t think anything of it, but Yu Yanluo was shocked.

The Medusa Bloodline was special, and they could indeed only give birth to a single descendant.

Furthermore, that child could only be female.

When Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue saw her reaction, both of them were surprised.

They were quite knowledgeable themselves. Don’t tell me this daoist really has some skills

Still, it might also have been because he knew Yu Yanluo’s identity ahead of time.

As such, Yun Jianyue asked with a smile, “Daoist, can you do it for us too”

The fat daoist replied with a big smile, “I would usually charge extra for these situations, but seeing as we have some affinity with each other, I will do it for free as a gift.”

Yun Jianyue jabbed Yan Xuehen’s elbow, making her show the daoist her hands.

Yan Xuehen was about to act out when she heard the fat daoist cry out in amazement, saying, “Wow, how interesting! This lady was originally destined to live out life alone, but a relationship ordained by fate seems to have come about recently, one that forcefully changed your destiny.

However, it is destined to become fraught with layers of dangers.

It will be difficult for it to come to fruition.

At the same time, you might end up harming the one closest to you…”


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