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Chapter 1193: Valiant Body

The Fiend Emperor’s move was called the Golden Wing Godblade, a weapon of slaughter refined from his two wings.

It was much simpler and purer than sword ki or arm blades, since the move was made from his own wings.

Its power was also far more terrifying.

Whether it was monstrous beasts or fiend races, they were usually a bit stronger than humans of the same level.

That was because their bodies were much tougher, and their bloodlines carried all sorts of innate abilities.

Zu An naturally sensed the terrifying power of the blade, and quickly dodged to the side.

However, it seemed to have already locked onto him.

It had initially hacked straight down, but when he evaded, it changed directions and hacked at him horizontally.

It seemed to have some sentience of its own, and its change in direction didn’t seem abrupt or sluggish either.

Zu An flew quickly, but the long golden blade also hacked down quickly.

It always followed close behind him.

Wherever the blade went, forget about trees, entire mountain peaks were sliced straight through.

The spectators were in complete shock.

The power of that blade was actually so terrifying!

Only Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen continued to look indifferent.

Such a thing was something they could easily achieve.

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo’s hands were clenched tightly.

She was incredibly worried.

She knew that the two women were both among the world’s strongest, so she couldn't help but ask for their opinion.

“Do you think something will happen to Ah Zu If this continues, he will be hit by the blade sooner or later!”

No matter how strong Zu An’s body was, the terrifying blade would still chop him in half, right Furthermore, the blade carried powerful killing intent, likely capable of instantly crushing one’s inner organs into a mess and making all of one’s blood evaporate.

There wouldn’t be any chance for one to even recover.

Yan Xuehen replied, “Do not worry.

Even though Zu An appears to be in a sorry state, he is actually using the mountains to weaken the power of the Golden Wing Godblade.”

Yun Jianyue nodded and added, “Right.

That burst of energy is being whittled down.

Keep watching.

I’m sure the kid will start his retaliation soon.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince floated in midair.

Seeing that he hadn't been able to hit his opponent the entire time, he taunted with an impatient sneer, “Do you only know how to run”

Zu An felt it was about time too.

He laughed loudly and asked, “Do you think a forty-meter-long blade is that awesome I’ll show you what it means to exploit a weakness using the power of physics!”

Then, he struck outward with a sparkling finger, striking the long golden blade.

It was the Shining Finger!

A hint of mockery flickered through the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyes. Is this guy a moron He’s going to use a finger to stop my Golden Wing Godblade

Killing intent flashed through his eyes.

He controlled the blade radiance, taking the chance to bring it down with all of his strength.

He planned to start with the finger, then slowly dice up this annoying bastard.

However, the finger seemed to contain some kind of magic power.

Even though it had emerged later, it managed to strike a certain point on the side of the golden blade.

Countless cracks quickly spread across the awe-inspiringly long blade; it completely broke down, turning into specks of golden light.

Those who were watching felt as if their eyes would pop out of their sockets! They had thought that Zu An was going to be cut in half.

Who would have thought that the situation would immediately be reversed

Even Yu Yanluo, who had a lot of confidence in Zu An, was incredibly shocked.

She quickly looked at the two grandmasters and asked, “How did he do that”

Yun Jianyue’s eyes shone brilliantly as she answered, “The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s Golden Wing Godblade hasn’t reached perfection yet.

It’s still far from his father’s level, and the technique has flaws.

But not even a grandmaster could find that flaw in such a short time, I reckon.

That brat really is quite amazing.”

Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“He was even able to preserve his life under my full force assault.

What is so special about being able to see through this flaw” Despite saying that, she was actually full of shock too. That shouldn’t be something Zu An should be able to do with his current cultivation realm, right

But they couldn’t have known that even though Zu An hadn’t cultivated for a long time, he had constantly wandered between the brink of life and death.

Not only had he faced all sorts of grandmasters, he had faced existences that were even more frightening.

Even though he had ended up suffering most of the time, it had turned out like the Chinese proverb ‘long illness makes the patient into a good doctor’.

His combat sense had already reached a completely different level.

He had learned the Flame Blade by himself, so he was quite familiar with the weakness of such massively long blades.

Cultivation and combat experience, combined with his knowledge of physics from his previous world, had allowed him to successfully pinpoint the single weak point of the long blade and break it apart in a single move.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression was rather unpleasant.

Not only had he wanted to win, he had wanted to win in dazzling fashion.

That was why he had launched such a grandiose attack.

But now, he had discovered that the ant he had previously been looking down on actually did have some skill.

“Hmph, even if you have some skill, you’re nothing more than a fragile human!” he yelled.

He decided to use his powerful fiend race body to completely overwhelm his opponent, vanishing as soon as he spoke.

It was the Golden Crow Radiant Flow!

Zu An was a bit startled.

He quickly used Grandgale to shift several dozen zhang to the side.

However, some gashes were still left in his clothes by his opponent’s claws.

“Hm” The Golden Crow Crown Prince was a bit confused.

Normally speaking, even though his attack might not have been able to seriously injure the enemy, this human should have been bleeding profusely, right Why had it only cut through his clothes

He didn’t bother thinking too much about it.

He didn’t want to give Zu An any chance to catch his breath.

He turned into countless figures, attacking Zu An from all sorts of different directions.

Only by tearing his opponent into a bloody paste would he be able to fully vent his resentment.

He had already become inconceivably fast.

There were many people who couldn't even see his afterimages, and were only able to occasionally see a golden flow of light.

They were all shocked.

“As expected of the next Fiend Emperor! This level of talent is just too incredible!” Elders White and Blue were shaking all over, perhaps due to excitement or fear.

Little White quickly asked, “Grandpa, will that young master Zu An be able to hold on”

She had been starting to develop a good impression toward this human from their interactions along the way.

He was handsome, and he spoke nicely too.

Most importantly, the way he had clasped that sword between his fingers was too cool.

In contrast, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was overbearing and much more annoying.

Zu An was also the clan leader's male pet, so at that point, he was considered one of their Snake race people.

She subconsciously wanted to stand on Zu An’s side.

“It will be difficult.” Elder White sighed while shaking his head.

Little White pouted, clearly unhappy with the answer.

But she thought about how her grandfather’s previous judgment had been completely wrong, so she didn’t trust him that much anymore either.

As such, she secretly made her way over to Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen’s side to secretly listen in on their analysis.

Even the clan leader seemed to ask them for their opinion…

These two women are so pretty.

Do they have a powerful background

Yun Jianyue was also quite amazed.

She remarked, “The Golden Crow Radiant Flow’s reputation isn’t in vain, as expected.

If the Fiend Emperor used this technique to attack us, even our chances of survival would be slim.”

Yan Xuehen nodded with a grave expression, replying, “Indeed.

If we really have to face the Fiend Emperor, we might have to seize the initiative to even have a chance at survival.”

Little White’s eyes widened.

She looked at the two women as if they were mentally challenged.

She had thought that the two might have some wise opinions regarding the battle, but what the heck were they saying Were they just boasting to each other

How terrifying of an existence is the Fiend Emperor He’s dominated the Fiend Race’s endless tribes for centuries, and can kill endless enemies with a single look! Only the human race’s emperor can probably be spoken of on the same level as him, right

Yet these two delicate and pretty women, whose ki isn’t even well distributed, are actually fantasizing about fighting the Fiend Emperor!

Are these two drunk!

She quickly decided to move a bit farther away from them, as if their stupidity might be infectious.

The situation on the battlefield changed a bit as Zu An used his Sunflower Phantasm to deal with the Golden Crow Radiant Flow.

As he continuously tangled around the golden light, his blue-clad figure turned into several afterimages.

“He can actually keep up with my movement technique!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed, utterly shocked.

Yun Jianyue also voiced her surprise.

“His movement technique seems a bit similar to the Sunflower Sect that disappeared from the martial world a while back.

I heard its final inheritor was hidden in the Imperial Palace.

But that’s strange… I heard that anyone who cultivated that technique would need to castrate themselves.

Don’t tell me…”

Yan Xuehen’s face turned red.

She replied, “Of course he has not.

What are you even thinking” The two of them had been so close when he was treating her.

She had clearly felt his body’s changes then.

“I might believe Yu Yanluo if she said that, but it’s not as if you’ve experienced it before.” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

She also felt that such a suspicion was ridiculous, though.

She continued, “But if I look at it carefully, even though this movement technique is a bit similar to the Sunflower Sect’s, it’s much more profound.

There are great mysteries hidden within it, but Zu An still isn’t skilled enough to bring out all its power.”

Now that they were discussing cultivation matters again, Yan Xuehen gradually regained the air of a grandmaster.

She said, “Indeed.

When I faced him before, his movement technique was quite miraculous.

Even I was fooled by his clones several times.

I wonder which profound senior taught him that incredible technique”

Just then, waves of muffled noise rippled from the mountain peak.

It was as if a heavy mallet were slamming into war drums.

Only a few people could see that those noises were produced from fists pummeling flesh, however.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince had wanted to subdue Zu An with his stronger body.

Unexpectedly, however, not only was Zu An not scared at all, he didn’t even dodge, fighting while exchanging blow for blow.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered.

“You’re trying to compete with my fiend races in physical toughness Let’s see just how many of my attacks you can take!”

The two battered each other’s bodies again and again.

Soon, a bloody mist began to dissipate outward.

After the two traded blows for an hour, the badly battered Golden Crow Crown Prince began to gradually realize that something wasn’t right. Why isn’t this brat’s aura becoming weaker at all He seems to be becoming steadier and steadier instead!


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