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Chapter 1182: The Frozen Mountain Melts

Yun Jianyue, Yu Yanluo, and Yan Xuehen were all stupefied.

When he saw their expressions, Zu An explained, “I’m actually at least half a doctor.

I can use my ki to detoxify a patient.

There’s no need to do that…”

A fierce pain came from his waist before he even finished speaking.

It turned out Yu Yanluo was pinching him really hard, blushing furiously in embarrassment.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 111 111 111…

Only then did Zu An realize that he had ended up causing a huge disaster.

He quickly explained, “That situation was different! Your life force was fading so we had to do that, but that’s not true for Sect Master Yan.

That’s why we don’t need to do that…”

Yu Yanluo felt a bit more at ease when she heard that. Why didn’t this rascal say that sooner I ended up making a fool of myself again…

Yan Xuehen visibly relaxed after hearing Zu An’s explanation, saying, “Then… Then I will have to trouble you.”

She still had an instinctive desire to survive, so of course she didn’t want to die.

At the same time, she gave Zu An a look.

She didn’t expect to have misunderstood him.

So he was actually that kind of gentleman!

Yun Jianyue smacked Zu An on the head in annoyance, remarking, “Dumb kid, why didn’t you seize such a good opportunity” Despite that, for some reason, she felt a hint of happiness.

“Hurry and save her then.

If you wait any longer, she might just kick the bucket,” she added.

Now that she felt more relaxed, her mischievous side resurfaced.

Yu Yanluo also got up and said, “The situation here has already improved a lot, and there shouldn’t be any more danger.

We’ll look around and watch the surroundings in the meantime.”

Yun Jianyue didn’t refuse.

After all, it wasn’t good for a doctor to be disrupted during treatment.

Even though she had fought against Yan Xuehen her entire life, she didn’t want to take advantage of her in this kind of situation.

When the other two left, Yan Xuehen asked weakly, “Can you move me a bit”

Zu An had been carrying her the entire time, his body full of masculine strength.

She had always avoided contact with anyone, so she really wasn’t used to being so close to a man, let alone this man who was extremely special to her.

Zu An naturally didn’t say anything and placed her in a seated position in front of him.

Then, he pressed his palms against hers.

But because Yan Xuehen was too weak, she couldn't even remain upright.

She subconsciously began to fall.

Zu An quickly wrapped his fingers around hers.

The action seemed a bit too intimate, almost as if he were violating her a bit.

Traces of an unnatural blush appeared on Yan Xuehen’s face.

A verse suddenly appeared in her mind: Hands clasped together are a life spent together. She jumped in fright as soon as that thought appeared, and subconsciously wanted to pull her palms back.

Zu An said with a serious expression, “Focus.

I’m going to start treating your wounds.”

When she saw the clear look in his eyes, Yan Xuehen realized he was only doing so to keep her still, and didn’t have any disrespectful thoughts.

She was one of the most powerful individuals in the world, so she quickly calmed herself down, letting go of her emotions.

After calming down, she felt that her previous state was somewhat laughable.

Compared to the great dao of the universe, what did the feelings between a man and woman matter Let alone the fact that the other person was already her disciple’s man, which meant nothing would ever come of it.

A sword of wisdom appeared between her brows.

It severed the thread of emotion that had been indistinct to begin with, and she quickly relaxed.

A pure white, divine radiance began to shine around her, as if the great dao itself were praising her.

She felt elation as two waves of warmth entered her through her palms, and soon wanted to figure out what was going on with Zu An’s skill.

How could there be such an incredible technique in this world Not only did it grant him incredible regenerative prowess, it even allowed him to treat others’ critical conditions.

“This energy seems to be the purest intent from the very creation of the world…” Yan Xuehen  murmured, incredibly shocked.

Wasn’t this man only at the ninth rank And yet, he could produce such pure ki Even she could only occasionally grasp a small wisp of this kind of energy! She could feel his ki moving within her.

She was amazed at the profoundness of the technique, because not even she could see through it.

Why do I feel a bit hot she thought.

As a cultivator of the Unshaken Daoist Manual, she was most familiar with its Ice Heart Sutra.

Between that and the Snowflake Sword, she really did resemble the phrase ‘ice flesh and jade bones’.

Her body temperature was somewhat cooler than a normal person’s, and even on a blistering summer day, she still wouldn’t feel any heat.

However, she just assumed her injuries were too severe and that she couldn't maintain her usual cultivation realm.

As such, she didn’t pay too much attention to it.

A while later, she discovered that her heart had begun beating very quickly.

The two warm streams had spread out into several finer ones that filled her entire body, nourishing her meridians and helping her remove the poison.

Wherever they went, the sensation that followed was numbing, and yet somehow silky.

It was a strange but pleasant feeling.

She had thought that because she was so heavily injured, the treatment would be extremely painful too.

And yet, it actually felt quite nice and relaxing.

Because she was so relaxed, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the man whose fingers were wrapped around hers.

Zu An’s eyes were completely shut; he seemed to be focusing on controlling the endless stream of ki to nourish her meridians and internal organs.

His face looked as if it were sculpted out of marble.

His usual frivolousness was nowhere to be seen, instead completely replaced with a sense of steadiness.

Who would have thought that this brat would be pretty handsome when he’s serious…

When she saw the fine sweat covering his forehead, Yan Xuehen thought to herself that it was all because of her that he had ended up that way.

She suddenly felt an urge to help him wipe away his sweat.

But then, she realized she couldn't move her hands.

She could only watch as the fine sweat gathered bit by bit, forming into bigger droplets that slid down his face.

As they slid down his skin, they gave off a bizarrely charming luster.

Yan Xuehen’s fair neck moved forward slightly.

The reaction made her jump in fright. What is going on with me She quickly closed her eyes, not daring to look at him again.

At the same time, she was incredibly confused.

Hadn’t she severed the strand of emotion with the sword of wisdom Why was she still like this

Countless streams of heat suddenly surged through her body, feeling like a stream of electric shocks.

They weren’t caused by the ki Zu An was transmitting through her body, but rather a natural reaction of her body.

Her face turned entirely red. What is happening! She tried to calm herself down and suppress the strange feeling.

Zu An noticed the movements of the ki within Yan Xuehen and quickly said, “Don’t reject it.

Completely relax your body and mind, or else all of this will have been for nothing!”

Yan Xuehen bit her lip, but she still listened in the end.

She felt as if even her ice-cold body seemed to be melting.

The only thing she could do was to clench her teeth and endure.

At first, it was as if a snowy mountain had experienced the first ray of sunlight.

The shallow layer of snow covering the mountain began to melt into water.

As the sun gradually rose higher and higher, the snow’s surface melted bit by bit and gradually turned into countless streams.

Then, when the blazing sun was right overhead, the streams gathered together, creating a great river that led to the sea!

Yan Xuehen finally couldn't hold it in anymore, releasing a moan from her throat.

At that instant, it was as if a phoenix had cried out in her mind.

The strand of emotion that had been severed produced countless fine threads that then tangled together, forming an inextricably linked web that flickered with countless great dao symbols.

She opened her eyes and saw that Zu An had also opened his eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment.

Her face was completely red as she yelled, “What exactly did you do to me!”

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “I was treating you, of course.

I didn’t do anything else.”

“Then why do I have this strange feeling if you didn’t do anything!” Yan Xuehen retorted.

Naturally, she wasn’t so easily fooled.

“I really didn’t.

I don’t know why either, but whenever I treat others, it makes them a bit restless…” Zu An replied, sweating buckets.

He had actually forgotten about that and only realized what had happened when Yan Xuehen released a sweet-sounding moan.

Seeing that she still didn’t believe him, he quickly said, “You can go and ask Yu Yanluo.

I treated her injuries before too, and her reactions were even more extreme than yours…”

Of course, those words weren’t entirely true.

He had discovered that even though Yan Xuehen was usually cold as ice, once she erupted, her reactions even seemed to exceed Yu Yanluo’s.

Yan Xuehen couldn’t hold back her frustration and humiliation.

She cried, “How am I supposed to ask such an embarrassing question!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 134 134 134…


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