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Chapter 1158: Exposed

Zu An was speechless.

If the children alone were already so tough to deal with, just how terrifying was the real deal His first thought was, Is this like the difference between an alien queen and normal aliens

How had they ended up killing the children of such a terrifying monster It seemed they really were unlucky today…

Kong Qing said, his voice trembling, “We cannot stay here.

It has probably sensed what happened and will rush over.” He didn’t dare to delay.

He cupped his hands, then ran toward the cave entrance.

After Venom Child and the dark elf’s experiences, there were no more strange bugs left nearby.

Furthermore, as long as they didn’t run into the terrifying mother creature, Kong Qing was confident he could deal with the regular bugs anyway.

Even though the bugs were strong, that was mainly because their long bodies moved through the dirt.

They relied on the power of the earth to draw out their full strength.

As long as he could guard against their sudden attacks, dealing with them wouldn’t be as difficult as it had seemed at first.

Paper Bride also gave Zu An an apologetic smile and quickly followed behind Kong Qing.

After the two left fearfully, Yu Yanluo said gently, “Ah Zu, you should hurry and go back too.

You shouldn’t get involved in this matter.”

There were still many Yu clan disciples and people from her race in the mine.

Her clan’s doctrine had always been that they wouldn’t abandon or give up on anyone.

Even though she was scared, she wouldn’t cower in such a situation.

But Zu An was different; he wasn’t from the Yu clan.

She didn’t want to drag him down with her.

Zu An couldn't help but laugh.

He gently held her arm and said, “Our relationship is already like this; why are you still acting so polite How can I leave you alone in this kind of situation Besides, I was the one who sent Maid Xing and the others here, so I have a responsibility to ensure their safety.”

Yu Yanluo knew that he was saying those things for her sake.

Even though she was moved, she said worriedly, “But it’s too dangerous right now… If we run into that mother worm, we might end up losing our lives here.”

“Don’t worry.

This cave is so large.

It won’t be that easy to run into it as long as we’re careful,” Zu An said, but he almost slapped himself in the mouth. Why the hell did I set up that flag I’ve watched so many characters die in all those TV shows; did I not learn a thing

Yu Yanluo hesitated, but in the end, she said, “Alright.

Then, let’s leave this place as quickly as possible.

Who knows if more of those things will rush over by following the two bugs’ auras.”

“One sec!” Zu An exclaimed before running over to the two bug corpses.

They were so strange, their bodies might have some kind of use as materials.

Yu Yanluo knew what he was thinking.

She frowned and remarked, “These two bugs are too large.

We can only bring some scales and see if we can gather some blood…” She looked for some bottles as she spoke.

Zu An said with a smile, “There’s no need to go through that trouble.

I want everything.” He used the Brilliant Glass Bead to suck up the two bug corpses afterward.

The Brilliant Glass Bead really was an amazing thing; the interior kept its contents in stasis, so he didn’t have to worry about rotting and other such problems.

Yu Yanluo exclaimed in shock, “A storage treasure How is yours that large”

It was completely beyond her understanding.

Normally speaking, spatial artifacts were extremely precious, and their space was limited too.

Having one or two cubic meters of space would already be incredible.

Just how much space would one need to store the two strange bugs that were at least twenty meters long

Zu An almost choked.

He could only say with a strange expression, “Your man has a lot of secrets.

You’ll find out as you get to know him better in the future.”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned red when Zu An referred to himself as her man.

She shot back, “You’re clearly just a little boy, and yet you’re trying to show off your maturity in front of me! Twenty years ago, you were still in swaddling clothes, drinking milk.”

“Right, I’ve always been curious.

Just how old are you” Zu An couldn't help but ask.

“I’m not telling you,” Yu Yanluo replied.

She raised her head, then turned around and walked away.

Inwardly, however, she was panicking, thinking, Ah… Why did I have to talk about age with him Will he find me too old…

Suddenly, however, Zu An grabbed her and pushed her down.

He reached out his hand and covered her mouth, even covering the luminescent pearl with his hands.

Yu Yanluo jumped in fright. Don’t tell me he wants to…

But they had just experienced a great battle of life and death.

The terrifying mother worm might rush over at any time, too.

Wouldn’t doing it on the spot be a bit too rushed… But I’ve heard that after some people experience life and death situations, they end up in a state of extreme stimulation.

They need a woman to vent their…

Her face turned red. What in the world am I thinking She knew that Zu An definitely wasn’t that kind of person.

There had to be a reason for his actions.

Sure enough, she immediately sensed something that made her blood run cold.

She heard an extremely strange noise, and thick black fog covered the entire cave.

That black fog was stronger than any of the fog they had encountered along the way.

Then, the ground suddenly bulged.

After that, a strange bug that was several times thicker than the ones they had seen previously emerged.

Its long mandibles almost made it seem like a massive dragon that could cleave anything in half.

Its scales weren’t multicolored, but rather pitch-black like ink.

Black fog surrounded its entire body, and it emanated a terrifying power.

Yu Yanluo’s eyes widened.

The pressure she felt from it was even greater than Yan Xuehen’s.

It wasn’t that the creature was far stronger than Yan Xuehen, per se, but rather that its massive size and monstrous appearance felt overwhelming.

A small part of the bug’s body emerged from the ground.

It moved around, then stopped near that pool of green blood.

Its mouth opened wide and its rows of saw-teeth moved around, flickering with a vicious glint.

Even though it didn’t have a head or a face, the two could sense its absolute fury permeating the very atmosphere.

You have successfully trolled the Scaled Deathworm for 444 444 444…

Zu An jumped in fright when he received the string of Rage points.

So this thing was called the Scaled Deathworm! The fact that he could receive its Rage points proved that it wasn’t a simple beast, but rather had intelligence.

From the looks of things, its intelligence wasn’t low either.

The Scaled Deathworm looked around but didn’t find its offspring’s corpses.

It had a confused ‘expression’, and began to look through the cave.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo didn’t even dare to breathe too hard.

Zu An used Mirror Mirage to completely hide his aura.

Meanwhile, as a clan leader, Yu Yanluo had her own methods.

She took out several talismans and stuck them onto her body, and her aura completely vanished.

The Scaled Deathworm moved around the cave.

Whenever its massive body slid across the ground, it was accompanied by scalp-numbingly loud grinding.

Its body only continued to emerge from the ground, almost as if it were endlessly long.

Should I use this chance to strike it with the Poisonous Prick Zu An thought briefly, but he quickly dismissed the idea.

The monster gave off pressure even greater than a grandmaster’s.

He probably wouldn’t even be able to approach its body.

The Scaled Deathworm didn’t notice anything, so it slowly left through a tunnel.

Its massive body seemed to fill the entire mine tunnel.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo both sighed in relief when they saw that they had escaped a calamity.

Suddenly, however, Yu Yanluo’s Medusa blood began to surge.

As it was a top-ranked beast lineage in its own right, and of one of the most intelligent fiend races at that, the pride of her bloodline reacted to the pressure of the Scaled Deathworm.

Yu Yanluo cried out ‘not good’ inwardly and quickly tried to quell her surging blood.

But it was already too late.

The Scaled Deathworm immediately returned, raising its head and looking around.

Then, Zu An felt an incredibly cold sensation, as if he had touched something ice-cold and sticky.

Herealized that the Scaled Deathworm was using its own method of searching the surroundings, the same way a grandmaster would scan their surroundings with their soul.

“Run!” he cried.

He knew that their current state could only fool a grandmaster’s ordinary senses.

If they knew there was someone there, finding that person wouldn’t be difficult at all.

That was true for humans, so how could they escape something with senses as sharp as the Scaled Deathworm’s!

He didn’t hesitate for even a moment, quickly grabbing Yu Yanluo and charging in the opposite direction.

However, he could hear a loud rumbling behind him.

The Scaled Deathworm was already chasing after them!


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