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Chapter 1129: You Owe Me

Zu An asked seriously, “What kinds of benefits does the lady want As long as I can do it, I won’t shirk responsibility.”

“Tsk, you don’t even have a shred of sincerity.” Tang Tian’er harrumphed.

“Forget it; I haven’t thought of what I want, so I’ll tell you in the future when I think of something.

You’d better not go back on your word!”

Zu An frowned.

Such conditions that weren’t clearly established were the most troublesome.

Who knew what she would ask for later But seeing that she had agreed, he still sighed in relief and said, “Thank you, Miss Tang.”

“You’re asking me for help because of another girl! Just the thought makes me annoyed…” Tang Tian’er pursed her lips and spoke as if she were angry.

She said, “Treat my injuries first.

We’ll consider this interest.”

“Injuries” Zu An asked, surprised.

“The lady is injured”

Seeing his nervous reaction, Tang Tian’er finally felt a bit better.

She replied, “I’m not.

But that ki of yours feels pretty good, so I’m just treating it as a massage.”

Only then did Zu An remember that she had had a strange reaction when he treated her the first time.

Back then, he had used a fake drug to threaten her, and yet she hadn’t seemed to care much about it.

She had instead asked for that treatment as a reward instead.

He had been a bit confused at first, but later on, when he treated Yu Yanluo, her reaction had been similar to Tang Tian’er’s.

That made Zu An realize that Tang Tian’er’s reaction wasn’t an exception.

Since when did my ki have that kind of function he thought.

But the time he had last spent with Mi Li had been too short.

He hadn’t had time to ask her whether the Primordial Origin Sutra had that function or not.

“Since you’re not injured, I’ll give you a massage.

You can treat it as my thanks,” Zu An said, not thinking too much of it.

He thought to himself that there were simps from his past world who had gone much further to be with pretty girls.

Tang Tian’er became vigilant, replying, “I already said this was just interest! You’d better not think this is enough to pay me back already.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Zu An replied.

He couldn't help but laugh when he saw her miserly appearance.

The girl was still pretty cute sometimes.

He moved behind Tang Tian’er, then placed his hands on her shoulders.

Then, he began to gently massage her.

Her shoulders were slender and soft, and her collarbone looked exquisite and pretty from that angle. As expected of someone who could even make a bunch of experienced perverts from the Hub of Freedom go crazy for her.

“Ah, go softer; you’re hurting me,” Tang Tian’er said as her body went taut.

“Okay,” Zu An replied.

Only then did he realize that as his cultivation had risen, he was still too strong even though he had intentionally held back.

But wasn’t Tang Tian’er’s body a bit too weak For better or for worse, she was also a cultivator.

Zu An reined in his strength a bit more, and only then did Tang Tian’er nod in satisfaction.

She closed her eyes, and her entire body gradually softened.

A while later, Tang Tian’er looked backward at Zu An, commenting, “Huh Why don’t I feel that feeling from before Are you not trying hard enough”

Zu An was speechless.

He had wanted to see just where the problem lay, which was why he hadn’t used his ki.

Now, it seemed that it wasn’t mere physical contact that had created that feeling; it was ki after all.

He was surprised.

This time, he didn’t use the Primordial Origin Sutra and instead used his Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, infusing a bit of true ki into her body.

“Mmm…” Tang Tian’er released a sweet moan.

A blissful smile appeared on her face.

She closed her eyes in satisfaction, saying, “That’s it.”

Zu An was confused.

He had thought that it was the Primordial Origin Sutra, but now, it seemed as if the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra had a similar effect He wasn’t convinced and switched to the Heaven Devouring Stura.

He didn’t suck away her cultivation, but still used the technique’s ki.

Tang Tian’er inadvertently twisted her body around.

Zu An asked, “What’s wrong You don’t feel anything anymore”

“No…” Tang Tian’er replied, blushing.

One of her calves moved up a bit as she continued, “It’s just that the feeling is a bit different from before; it’s a different feeling of happiness.

“How do I say this It’s like… I like watermelons, but I also like grapes.

Even though they’re different, I still like them.”

Zu An was speechless. What the hell is going on These entirely different types of ki can achieve similar results

Then does that mean it’s me Is it because of the transcendent aptitude

The gorgeous principal previously told me that my blood essence was an extraordinary elixir for the people of this world, that it was like the flesh of Xuanzang from Journey to the West.

Sure, it can treat injuries, but this kind of thing has never happened before, right

Don’t tell me this only happens after reaching a certain level of cultivation

All kinds of possibilities appeared in his head.

Unfortunately, there was no way for him to confirm any of those thoughts.

It would have to wait until Mi Li recovered and could explain everything to him.

But his moment of distraction came at a cost for Tang Tian’er.

Because he hadn’t focused on controlling himself, several types of ki entered her body at the same time.

At that instant, she felt as if she had been battered again and again.

The feeling was already way more intense than she could endure, but she couldn't bring herself to stop him either.

Just like that, her entire body jerked back and forth repeatedly.

She had been sitting in a dignified posture at first, but her legs began to cross and intersect.

She changed her sitting posture many times in a row.

Her personal maid Little Chan was about to bring in some refreshments, but she heard some embarrassing moans from outside the door.

She jumped in alarm; her first reaction was that the young miss was being abused.

She was just about to come to Tang Tian’er’s rescue when she heard her master say, “Please… A bit slower…” She immediately stopped, her expression becoming extremely strange.

The young miss seems to be willing…

Heavens! There have been so many people who have tried to approach the young miss because of her status over the years, but even though she faced them all with a smile, she has always ruthlessly rejected them.

Little Chan had viewed the young miss as her idol, someone who had the men of this world within the palm of her hand.

But what in the world was happening now She thought back to that guy named Zu An.

She had snuck some looks at him back then and thought he was pretty handsome and confident.

No wonder the young miss liked him.

But wasn’t the young miss changing her mind a bit too quickly That man had almost been within her grasp, and yet she didn’t seem to cherish that relationship at all.

As someone who worked at the Zhenyuan Merchant Group with people from all sorts of backgrounds, and someone who had experience in the Hub of Freedom, Little Chan obviously knew what kind of natural disposition men had.

She just felt that the young miss’ decision was a bit too sloppy.

But in the end, Tang Tian’er was her master.

Since she had made the decision, what could a maid like her do

Little Chan was a bit curious at first and wanted to peep in.

However, she knew the young miss’ nature.

If her master were pissed off badly, Tang Tian’er might just marry her off to some scary bandit.

Thus, she could only quietly back off.

She blushed when she heard certain sounds on and off, muttering.

“They’re making so much noise; is the young miss not embarrassed”

For fear of the young miss’ reputation being tarnished, Little Chan quickly went out and made sure none of the servants could approach the place.

Her movements didn’t escape Zu An’s detection.

He was quite curious.

Why was the maid acting all secretively Because of that moment of distraction, however, he unknowingly used a bit more force.

“Ah!” Tang Tian’er cried out in alarm.

Then, her entire body trembled.

She quickly pushed Zu An away, then her legs curled up on the chair, her arms wrapping around her knees.

She seemed as if she were enduring a lot of pain.

Zu An jumped in fright.

He exclaimed, “What’s wrong Did I hurt you”

“N… No.

You can go back for now.

I’ll take care of what I promised you.” Tang Tian’er buried her head in her knees.

Her beautiful hair was scattered everywhere.

“Are you really okay” Zu An asked, still in doubt.

“I already told you I’m fine! Just go already.” Tang Tian’er seemed to be sobbing a bit.

Zu An thought to himself, The thoughts of a young lady really are fickle. They had been fine just a moment before, and yet now they were already falling out with each other.

He said as he left, “Then you should get some proper rest.”

Tang Tian’er sighed in relief when she heard him leave.

She raised her head and held her cheeks in her palms.

Her face was boiling hot.

She mumbled to himself, “Tang Tian’er, Tang Tian’er, have you gone mad How could you let him…”

Meanwhile, Zu An left the Zhenyuan Merchant Group.

Now that he had dealt with the matter of Maid Xing, the only thing left was the matter of saving Yu Yanluo.

Suddenly, however, someone he had never expected to see blocked his way.


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