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Chapter 1127: Who Would You Choose

Zu An was alarmed.

Only then did he remember that Jian Taiding had been Yan Xuehen’s junior brother, an important figure in the White Jade Sect.

Their relationship was obviously special.

He quickly yawned and said, “There have been too many things that happened recently, so I was worried that it might have affected our relationship.”

“You are nervous” Yan Xuehen asked suspiciously.

The physiological changes in Jian Yanyou didn’t escape her perception.

Zu An thought, Women really are sharp.

Any man who marries her won’t be able to do anything secretly. He reacted quickly and said, “I publicly challenged the court, and Xu Yu even took out the Imperial Edict.

That means his majesty already planned to deal with our two clans beforehand.

How could I not be nervous”

Yan Xuehen nodded, clearly acknowledging his explanation.

But she didn’t comment on it at all.

It was obvious that she wanted to maintain White Jade Sect’s current situation and didn’t want to get involved in the court’s conflict.

The two continued forward.

Because of what had just happened, Yan Xuehen just felt that it was a bit strange having the duke walking behind her.

As such, she waited for him to walk past before catching up to him again.

The two walked into the prison side by side.

However, Zu An felt somewhat confused.

They had been enemies whenever they met before, and yet now, they were actually able to walk so close to each other.

I wonder if this stone cold woman would want to rip me to shreds out of embarrassment if she found out who I was…

Soon afterward, the two of them arrived at the room where Yu Yanluo had been locked up.

Zu An suddenly realized they’d be done for if Yu Yanluo acted strangely and Yan Xuehen caught that slip-up, however.

There’s no way she cultivated to grandmaster level just for decoration, right

But he had learned his lesson previously, and deliberately controlled his heart rate so that Yan Xuehen wouldn’t notice anything.

When Yu Yanluo saw the two of them, she looked shocked for a moment.

It was clear that she would never have expected the two to arrive together.

But she reacted quickly and bowed toward the two of them, saying, “Sect Master Yan, Yanyou, I did not expect the two of you to see me in such a sorry state today.”

Yan Xuehen was somewhat shocked, replying, “Madam Yu’s prowess in self-restraint leaves even me in admiration.

You are in such a dire situation, and yet you do not seem to be alarmed in the slightest.”

“Life and death are ruled by fate,” Yu Yanluo said with a smile.

“Furthermore, I believe that there are people who will prove my innocence.”

Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“Madam, I do not advise you to have high hopes for the emperor.

Zhao Han liked you before, but he is a ruthless ruler.

He has clearly schemed against you this time, so your hopes for him to return your innocence will most likely lead to disappointment.”

Yu Yanluo chuckled.

She didn’t say anything.

She wasn’t talking about the emperor, but rather…

She subconsciously looked at Zu An.

A hint of a gentle expression appeared in her eyes.

How sharp was a grandmaster’s perception Yan Xuehen was confused.

According to her sources, the two should only have been husband and wife in name! Why did it seem as if the two of them actually shared some feelings And just now, Jian Yanyou had almost acted impulsively for this woman.

But unfortunately, those thoughts could only remain suspicions.

She just assumed too many things had happened recently, resulting in both sides ending up getting closer.

After all, it was difficult to imagine someone being able to become exactly like another person in this world.

Not even a grandmaster like her was able to notice any flaws.

She wasn’t interested in their affairs at all, as long as it didn’t involve Zu An. Hmph, Yu Yanluo and that brat Zu An’s relationship seemed to be pretty good.

I even felt a bit of pity for my disciple.

Chuyan is a very single-minded person.

She has not had the time to manage that brat during her time in the White Jade Sect, and yet now, this kid is flirting with all of these women He does not have the integrity of a man at all!

I will have to tell Chuyan everything that happened once I return.

This brat, Zu An, has been following Yu Yanluo’s every beck and call, and she even fell in love with him!

Letting your cultivation path be affected because of someone like this is not worth it.

Yan Xuehen always grew furious whenever she saw that man and his mischievous behavior.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 55 55 55…

Meanwhile, Zu An couldn't help but look at the frozen goddess.

She looked so high and noble on the outside, but she was actually angry This woman didn’t seem to be as calm and indifferent as she looked; instead, she held quite the grudge.

If Yan Xuehen were to know that she had been seen through by the man next to her, she might just kill him to silence him forever on the spot.

She collected her thoughts and looked at Yu Yanluo, saying, “I only came today to verify one matter.”

Zu An coughed and added, “I was only able to come here because of Sect Master Yan’s help…”

He then gave Yu Yanluo a rough recap of everything that had happened.

The main reason for that was because he didn’t want Yu Yanluo to offend Yan Xuehen without knowing anything.

They really couldn't afford to have a grandmaster added to their list of opponents.

Yu Yanluo gestured to indicate that she understood, then  showed Yan Xuehen a kind smile.

She said, “Please feel free to ask me anything you wish, Sect Master Yan.”

Yan Xuehen didn’t ask Zu An to leave and asked, “After our last meeting, I inspected my junior brother’s remains.

He indeed died because of the Parasite clan.

I initially thought it had nothing to do with you, but then I heard that you were the Medusa.

Could it be that you were already colluding secretly with Uncle Ming secretly to begin with, scheming with the fiend races” Her voice became increasingly cold toward the end, and her eyes began to shine with a clear light.

Zu An was stunned, thinking, Is this another eye technique

Yu Yanluo shook her head and said, “I did not know that Uncle Ming was actually just a parasite impostor, so how could I have colluded with him Over the years, I have not done anything to harm the human race.

If the sect master does not trust me, please feel free to look into it.”

“There is no need,” Yan Xuehen said, and her eyes returned to normal.

Then, she gave Zu An a look and said, “I have already finished.

If you have anything else to ask, hurry up.”

Zu An was shocked, but he said, “I have some personal things to say to my wife.

Could the sect master give us some privacy”

Yan Xuehen was speechless. I didn’t even ask you to leave when I asked about ‘that’ before, but now you’re the one turning your back on me instead But even though she wasn’t too happy about it, seeing how they were husband and wife, she didn’t actually want to listen to such things either.

“Then I’ll be going first,” she said coldly before walking outside.

Zu An quickly reminded her, “Sect master, you cannot eavesdrop now!”

The senses of a grandmaster were too frightening.

Even if she went outside, she could still easily hear their conversation.

Yan Xuehen staggered and almost fell over.

Her chest rose and fell deeply several times, and she said while glowering, “Do you take me for someone that shameless!”

When did Jian Yanyou become so similar to that Zu An Ahh, so annoying!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 365 365 365…

When Zu An saw the Rage points, he thought to himself, What White Jade Sect’s ‘free of all emotions’ doctrine This woman is all cool and indifferent normally, but she’s actually pretty fiery inside!

When she left, he quickly sent a ki transmission, telling Yu Yanluo about what had happened in the Yu clan, including how he had already saved Maid Xing and other such things.

Even though Yan Xuehen most likely wouldn’t eavesdrop, he couldn't take the risk.

“It seems the emperor was determined to deal with our two clans after all.” Yu Yanluo’s expression was cold as she spoke.

The plan to capture her and attack the clan at the same time indicated that the other side had clearly been scheming against them for a long time already.

She told Zu An, “Thank you for everything you have done.

Otherwise, we might really have been finished this time.”

“How can I do nothing while all this is happening” Zu An replied.

He continued, “The question now is, now that Xu Yu has the Imperial Edict, and I can’t use the Jian or Yu clan’s power to save you, what do I do”

Yu Yanluo blushed when she heard that.

She replied, “I will definitely be guarded heavily here.

Help me save Maid Xing and the others first, or they might be exposed as time goes on.”

“Okay,” Zu An agreed.

However, he fell silent.

“What is wrong” Yu Yanluo asked curiously when she saw how Zu An seemed to be preoccupied with many thoughts.

Zu An said, “I have a question to ask you.

I heard Xiao Yao mention…”

He told her about Pei Mianman’s mother and how she had died from a Medusa’s poison.

Then, he carefully looked at Yu Yanluo and asked, “Does this matter have anything to do with you”

Yu Yanluo didn’t reply directly.

Instead, she looked at him with a similarly strange expression and asked, “If I told you I was related, who… would you choose to help”


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