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Chapter 1109: Man Stolen

“What!” Yan Xuehen’s brows shot up when she heard what Yun Jianyue said.

She exclaimed toward Zu An, “You’re still not satisfied with Chuyan You’re still seducing women outside”

Yu Yanluo’s eyes widened.

She couldn't help but feel that this woman was suggesting something else.

But she was also shocked.

The Devil Sect’s disciple was their saintess.

It was rumored that she had to maintain a virgin body.

Zu An had even managed to fool around with such a woman What was even more shocking was that Yun Jianyue, the Devil Sect master, didn’t seem to object to it at all!

Is there something wrong with this world

Yun Jianyue looked calmly at Zu An, watching the scene like a drama that had nothing to do with her.

Zu An felt his scalp turn numb.

He obviously knew that she was waiting for him to state his own opinion.

If he didn’t admit to it, Qiu Honglei might be hurt if news of this matter reached her ears.

As such, he braced himself and said, “Honglei and I have gone through life and death together several times; we are each other’s joy.

Chuyan has known for a while, and she’s even mentioned taking her in.”

Yan Xuehen was so angry she laughed, retorting, “Do you mean you actually want to have both of them”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

Yu Yanluo thought to herself, What do you mean, ‘both’ From what I know, this brat is definitely not just limiting himself to those two.

“You deserve praise for your courage; you didn’t let down Honglei’s affection for you.” Yun Jianyue nodded in praise.

Then, she gave Yan Xuehen a look of disdain and said, “What do you mean both That disciple of yours suffered a huge catastrophe, and under the emperor’s pressure, she already divorced him.

The two of them have nothing to do with each other anymore.

Of course, if our relationship improved, I wouldn’t mind letting Honglei agree to her becoming a concubine.”

“A concubine Are you dreaming!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed in utter fury.

“Chuyan has already completed the ritual kneeling with him to become the main wife; she has spoken to me about the divorce too.

That was only something both of them agreed on to protect the Chu clan, and not a true divorce!”

She didn’t like Zu An, and she didn’t want her disciple to be bound by her feelings either.

But the fact that she didn’t like it was one thing; the man being stolen by someone else was another.

If it were anyone else, she might not have gotten upset.

She might even take advantage of the situation for her own benefit.

But Yun Jianyue was different.

The White Jade Sect and Devil Sect opposed each other.

The two sects and the two sect masters had already fought each other for so many years.

She could lose to anyone but Yun Jianyue.

Her disciple was going to become a concubine, while Yun Jianyue’s disciple was going to become the main wife Even someone like her who was usually emotionless felt incredibly annoyed.

Zu An’s expression was strange. Why are these two now acknowledging their disciples’ relationships

Yun Jianyue clicked her tongue and remarked, “Who would’ve thought that the White Jade Sect the people have admired for so long was a sect that stole men! What an eye-opener.”

“What did you say!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

Her expression turned cold and her aura instantly surged.

The room that had previously been quite warm because of the heating instantly began to freeze.

Yun Jianyue also summoned her Wheel of the Crescent Moon.

She remarked with a smile, “What, now that I’ve exposed you, you’re planning to silence me”

Yan Xuehen’s expression gradually faded.

She calmly said, “Yun Jianyue, angering me is not a smart decision.

You are still wounded.

If we fight to the death, you will definitely not be my match.”

Yun Jianyue didn’t refute her and instead said, “Indeed, I can’t defeat you in my current state.

But what if I work together with my precious disciple son-in-law”

“Disciple son-in-law” Zu An exclaimed, speechless.

What kind of a mess of a title was that

Yan Xuehen was stunned and couldn't help but give Zu An a look.

She had to admit that even though he couldn’t compare to her, he was strong enough to interfere in her battle against Yun Jianyue.

Yun Jianyue continued, “Furthermore, with Madam Yu’s help… This is the Yu clan, after all.

You cut off any aura from leaking out earlier, which was why the manor’s guards didn’t react.

But if we fight, will you be able to still fool them If the Yu clan’s experts rush in, you might even die here.”

Now that Yu Yanluo had become involved, she said impatiently, “Your personal grudge has nothing to do with me.

Do not drag me into this.”

Even though she didn’t like Yan Xuehen, she didn’t have a good opinion of Yun Jianyue either.

The woman’s ambiguous smiles, and how she treated Zu An as if he were unquestionably her disciple son-in-law, made her a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, she rationalized it as being because she didn’t want to be related to the Devil Sect in any way.

Yun Jianyue seemed to have seen through her thoughts.

She said with a giggle, “It’s to be expected that you won’t help me, but once we do start fighting, will you choose to not help Zu An”

Yu Yanluo was stunned.

Indeed, she couldn't just watch without doing anything at that point.

Yun Jianyue said, “Don’t worry; I’m not as domineering as these White Jade Sect people.

As a favor for your loyalty to little Ah Zu here, I’ll permit Honglei to allow you into the harem too.”

Yu Yanluo’s face suddenly reddened.

She protested, “What kind of nonsense are you saying…”

Zu An felt a huge headache.

Yun Jianyue was from the Devil Sect, so she didn’t feel many misgivings in anything she did.

She just wanted to see the entire world in chaos.

Yan Xuehen also reacted just then.

“Why do I feel as if you sound like some great madam Are you the one helping your junior choose his partners, or are you choosing your own sisters”

The entire room became quiet after Yan Xuehen spoke those words.

Yu Yanluo gave Yun Jianyue a suspicious look.

Zu An was completely stupefied.

Yan Xuehen was from the orthodox sects, so why was her retaliation so fierce Her words really were vicious!

Sure enough, a bit of annoyance flickered through Yun Jianyue’s eyes.

But she reacted quickly too, suppressing her rage and saying with a smile, “So what if that’s the case For our Holy Sect, what we care about the most is strength and talent.

We’re extremely satisfied with Ah Zu, so I’m treating him as one of our own.

Rather than pleasing another man, Ah Zu would be a better choice.

“Miss stone cold heart, why don’t you come and become one of these sisters too Master and disciple playing together would be quite fun, you know There’s no way we would allow an ordinary person into the Zu clan, but even though you’re a bit old, you still have some looks and barely qualify.

As a favor for our friendship, I’ll just let you in as a concubine.”

Forget about Yu Yanluo, even Zu An was stupefied.

He thought to himself, Big sis, are you being serious right now

Yan Xuehen was already so angry her entire body was shaking.

She exclaimed, “You’re a Devil Sect succubus after all! You can even say something like that so naturally!” She couldn't hold herself back anymore.

Her flying sword left its scabbard and rushed toward Yun Jianyue.

Yun Jianyue laughed and continued, “What, you want to be the eldest sister in the harem Sorry, but that won’t do.” Even though she was smiling, however, she didn’t show any carelessness.

Her Wheel of the Crescent Moon rushed out.

The flying sword and crescent wheel clashed more than ten times, sword ki flying in all directions.

The room couldn’t endure the clash between two grandmasters; it began to break apart and collapse.

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed.

It was difficult for her to evade at the moment because Yan Xuehen had previously sealed her acupoints.

A figure rushed toward Yu Yanluo to protect her.

Ordinary pillars and debris were one thing; the shockwaves of a battle between grandmasters weren’t so easy to defend against.

Blood immediately splashed across Zu An’s back.

He groaned, blood spilling out from the corner of his lips too.

Yu Yanluo stared at the man in front of her in a stupor.

She felt brokenhearted when she saw the blood coming out from his mouth.

She quickly took out a handkerchief to wipe away the blood.

Suddenly, Yun Jianyue called out, “Alright, stop.

I don’t want to fight anymore.”

As a grandmaster, she naturally sensed the things that had just taken place.

The two of them were fighting to the death, while they were helping another woman steal that man Such a feeling really wasn’t great.

When Yan Xuehen saw the Yu clan’s experts approaching from a distance, she clearly didn’t plan to continue fighting anymore either.

She only gave Zu An a deep look and said, “It was you that night after all.”

Yun Jianyue raised her eyebrows.

Her desire for gossip burned fiercely within her.

That night

Don’t tell me this stone cold woman also has a thing with this damn brat


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