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Chapter 1067: Revenge for Their Husband

Zu An was completely dumbfounded.

The two of them had practiced so much to earn the trust of the Duke Manor, and yet now, Yu Yanluo had just told them that he was a fake! What meaning did their previous efforts have left

“What” Liu Ji and Chu Ji were both shocked.

They turned pale when they looked at Zu An.

No matter how they looked at that person, wasn’t he the duke

Yu Yanluo sighed and said, “The two of you came from my manor, so I will not lie to you.

He is indeed not the duke, because the real duke was schemed against by Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming…” She then gave them a rough summary of everything that had happened.

When the two women were convinced she wasn’t joking around, they couldn't help but start sobbing, “Duke…”

After the two of them grieved for a bit, they wiped away their tears and looked at Zu An.

They said in astonishment, “But he really is too similar to the duke…”

“The two of you know my skills in the arts.

I drew the duke’s appearance for him, then used a secret method to hide his real face.

That is why he looks just like the duke.

However, these methods are temporary.

They will lose their effects as time goes on,” Yu Yanluo explained in a way that was easier for them to understand than the truth.

“Madam could have hidden this from us.

What do you want us sisters to do by telling us the truth now” Liu Ji asked as she wiped away her tears.

Neither of the concubines were stupid.

They had already realized that they had definitely been called over for a reason.

“About that…” Yu Yanluo trailed off.

A4 waist Chu Ji said gently, “Madam does not need to have any misgivings.

Both of us came from your respected self’s manor, so we are naturally loyal to you.”

“I suppose it is fine.” Yu Yanluo sighed and said, “I just received news that Jian Taiding has assigned Zhang Ji to investigate.

Even though I managed to make him look like the duke on the surface, there is no way to fool one’s partner in bed.”

“Ah…” The two girls cried out in alarm.

They had never expected the conversation to be something like that.

Even though they were already married, now that they knew Zu An wasn’t the real duke, talking about such things in front of another man was a bit embarrassing.

36D bust Liu Ji bit her red lips.

She secretly gave Zu An a look and said, “Madam, we can teach him some of the duke’s particular characteristics in bed, but that can only take him so far.

Zhang Ji has always been rather sharp, so we might not be able to fool her.”

They naturally understood that Yu Yanluo and the duke hadn’t had that kind of relationship.

That was why the responsibility to teach him obviously fell on them.

Zu An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry either.

How was such a thing something that could just be taught It was a pity that Daji’s fox charm only worked on men with lower cultivation than her.

Otherwise, if she could fool Zhang Ji, or even Jian Taiding, everything would be easily solved.

Yu Yanluo nodded and said, “Indeed.

If you two only teach him through words, Zhang Ji will definitely see through it.

That is why I hope you two can personally instruct him.”

Liu Ji and Chu Ji were both speechless.

Zu An was stunned.

He had just been listening from the side, curious as to what kind of incredible plan she had.

In the end, he had heard such absolutely shocking news. Who was the one who kept warning me that I couldn't touch Jian Yanyou’s wives, because that would be letting him down

He had almost been forced to make a vow because of that.

Yu Yanluo had even chosen to stay in the manor with him precisely because she had worried that he would cause trouble in the harem.

And yet now, she was actually the first one to suggest something like that

Liu Ji and Chu Ji exchanged a look.

Their faces were already completely red as they stuttered, “How… How can this be alright…”

Yu Yanluo’s expression was completely normal.

She calmly said, “This was something I could have fooled you two into doing.

The two of you would have been tricked, and yet happily done what I asked of you.

But after thinking about it, I did not want to do something like that and instead told you the truth.

After all, you two have lived together with the duke all these years.

Even though you are only concubines in name, you are his real wives.

You two have the right to know the truth.

“Our original plan was to use the duke’s identity to make our way in, but we did not expect even Uncle Ming to have colluded with Jian Taiding.

Furthermore, the officials in the Martial Affairs Manor have practically all been swapped out, so we no longer have the advantage.

The original plan will not work, so we can only take risks out of desperation and ask the two of you to do something like this…

“The choice is yours.

If you two are unwilling, I will not force it upon you.

However, since you know this secret, I will have to ask the two of you to please not leave.

Do not worry; I will not silence you.

This is just to prevent secrets from leaking out.

We will let the two of you go after this matter passes.”

Chu Ji bit down on her red lip and said, “We obviously know what kind of moral character you have, madam.

If the madam wanted us to help with something, we would do it without batting an eyelid.

But this matter is too… too…” She wasn’t able to find the words she was looking for even after a long time, but her entirely red face and bashful expression explained everything.

Yu Yanluo sighed helplessly and replied, “It is fine, this matter is a bit personal.

How about this The two of you can return.

I will send someone to keep an eye on you.

However, the two of you cannot have contact with anyone outside.” A hint of worry appeared between her brows.

She was a bit puzzled as to what to do.

A4 waist Chu Ji had already stood up, but 36D bust Liu Ji didn’t move.

There was a bit of hesitation on her face, but in the end, she said, “Madam, I am willing to help.”

Yu Yanluo was shocked.

She exclaimed, “Really” She hadn’t had much hope that the plan would work out, because the request really was a bit outrageous.

“If the duke really was harmed by them, even though I am merely a woman, I still want to help him get revenge.” Liu Ji was a bit embarrassed and awkward at first, but her expression became firmer and firmer as she continued, “Actually, even if we did not help this time, we could still imagine our final fate.

We would most likely be forced to continue residing in the Duke Manor, until the second master… Ahem, until Jian Taiding became the new duke.

When have we ever had any freedom

“As women, we are actually quite sensitive to such things.

Even though Jian Taiding has hidden it well, I can still sense the desire hidden deep within his eyes.

That is why I know we would most likely be forcefully seized by him.

Then, we would most likely become canaries trapped deep within his courtyard.

What chance would there be left to rebel”

Chu Ji’s eyes turned red when she heard all of that.

She had also thought about those things recently.

She couldn't help but feel broken-hearted when she thought about her dismal fate.

A resolute expression appeared on Liu Ji’s face.

She exclaimed, “Since I cannot remain faithful to the duke anyway, rather than devoting myself to the one who killed my husband, I would rather use my body to help the duke get revenge!”

“Sister Liu is right.

If we can get revenge on the duke, how can I still cling onto something like this!” Chu Ji’s originally weak expression was replaced with resolve.

Yu Yanluo looked conflicted.

She looked at the two of them for a long time, but eventually said, “Yanyou was really blessed to have such loyal women at his side.

I am sure that he will be grateful even in the afterlife.”

The two concubines could no longer hold back.

They wept while hugging each other.

Yu Yanluo also felt a bit broken-hearted from the mood.

She walked over and took them into her arms, gently patting their shoulders in consolation.

The concubines finally calmed down a while later.

Yu Yanluo turned to look at Zu An and said, “I will leave him to the two of you, then.”

Chu Ji’s face turned red; she was clearly the shyer one of the two.

She looked away and couldn't look straight at Zu An.

Liu Ji was clearly the one with the stronger nature, however.

She voiced her agreement, saying, “I will definitely do my best to teach him to become… just like the duke.”

Zu An said weakly, “I don’t think anyone has asked me if I’m willing…”

Yu Yanluo’s brows shot up.

She shot back, “What, you mean to say you are unwilling”

“It’s not that I’m not willing,” Zu An replied somewhat uncomfortably.

“It’s mainly because everything has changed way too quickly.

I still haven’t properly taken everything in yet.”

Yu Yanluo harrumphed and retorted, “Even we are willing; what is a grown man like you being all embarrassed for These are outstanding women who are willing to step forward and get revenge for their husband; are you not bringing disgrace to their sincerity”

Then, she pushed the two girls into his arms and said, “You should head to the inner room.

I will stand guard outside, and no let anyone disturb you all.

Make sure you focus and do not think any strange thoughts.”

Zu An was speechless. How can you tell someone doing this kind of thing to not have any strange thoughts


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