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Chapter 1061: Defending Traditions of the Past

Zu An jumped in fright.

This was the first time he had felt so flustered while being surrounded by beauties.

He quickly moved backward and looked at Yu Yanluo, asking, “Madam, what is going on here”

Yu Yanluo gave him a look of dissatisfaction, replying, “How can you act like that People will immediately see that something is off if you do that.”

“But you have to at least tell me who they are, right” Zu An protested.

The women chased him again, simultaneously grabbing his arms.

They even had him rest his elbows on their chests.

Even though they didn’t have physical bodies, there was a faint fragrance of cosmetics coming from their bodies.

That alone was enough to make one’s mind go wild.

Yu Yanluo couldn't help but smile when she saw Zu An’s flustered state.

She explained, “They are Yanyou’s wives.

The one with the large chest who is pulling on your hand is Liu Ji.

The one with the long legs is Zhang Ji.

The one with the thin waist is Chu Ji.

Once you enter the Duke Manor, you will interact with them sooner or later.

You should get used to them, or else that kind of gap in your behavior might appear.”

Zu An could no longer remain calm when he heard her introduction.

He exclaimed, “You’re having your husband’s wives accompany another man”

Even though that was what he said, he had to admit it was an extremely attractive proposal.

The women really all had their own charms.

Furthermore, as young married women, they were all at their most charming ages, not to mention their appeal as the wives of a duke.

Why is my little guy not listening to me right now

Ah Zu, Ah Zu, how can you have such a nasty preference

Hmph, this preference is called defending the traditions of the past!

Yu Yanluo looked at him with a strange expression and remarked, “What are you thinking about right now I am only telling you to get used to their skinship.

It is not as if I am telling you to sleep with them.”

Zu An was speechless. Are you messing with me right now

You clearly suggested all sorts of things, and you even made these girls wear so little clothes.

But then… This is it

As if sensing his dissatisfaction, Yu Yanluo had a proud look as she said, “I do not care what else you do once you go into the duke manor, but you are not allowed to disturb Yanyou’s inner chamber.

He is my friend, after all; I cannot do something so dishonest to him.”

Zu An couldn't help but mumble, “The duke already died anyway, so they’d have to be pretty bored…”

“What did you say” Yu Yanluo’s pretty brows shot up.

Zu An coughed and added, “I meant that once this matter is over, we should let them leave the Duke Manor.

Those who should remarry should remarry.

There’s no need for them to stay there for the rest of their lives.”

Yu Yanluo was a bit surprised and said, “Your way of thinking is quite different from most men in this world.

You seem to be much more open-minded.”

Zu An sighed and replied, “It’s not that my thoughts are open-minded, but rather that this world as a whole is too backward in its thinking.”

He couldn't help but recall his previous world again.

He discovered that even though many of his thoughts were still affected by that world, he was already getting more and more used to this world.

He didn’t want to go back as badly compared to when he had first arrived.

Yu Yanluo couldn't understand what he was trying to say, but she didn’t bother trying either.

She said, “Get used to them for now.

The things they know are probably things Uncle Ming does not know.”

Zu An was confused.He asked, “How do you know this much about the Duke Manor’s inner chambers” She even knew the secrets Uncle Ming and the concubines of the harem knew.

Yu Yanluo said with a smile, “I have been managing such a large clan, so I naturally have some methods of my own.

Previously, when my marriage agreement with Jian Yanyou was made, how could I have not prepared any countermeasures That is why I placed some of my people there.

“Furthermore, I could not fulfill all of my obligations as his wife, so he would naturally feel some regret.

That was why I helped him find some considerate women.”

“These women are your subordinates” Zu An thought to himself, No wonder she’s so familiar with them.

“I sent over Liu Ji and Chu Ji.

They are not spies the way you might be thinking; I never contacted them again after they were sent to the Duke Manor, nor did I tell them to send me any intelligence to avoid Yanyou’s displeasure.

I told them it was enough as long as they served our husband wholeheartedly,” Yu Yanluo explained.

Zu An thought to himself, where would one even find a wife who would help her husband find concubines, and furthermore ones who were so good-looking

As those girls accompanied him, however, he finally began gradually assuming the role of Jian Yanyou.

At the very least, he wouldn’t be at a loss for what to do if he encountered the women in the future.

When they left, Zu An took the chance to move closer to the drawings.

He was really curious as to just how Yu Yanluo had made them.

Yu Yanluo guessed his intentions too and didn’t try to hide anything.

Instead, she leaned aside so he could see more clearly.

The way Yu Yanluo put pen to paper was entirely different from the way a normal person would.

Before she drew, she closed her eyes and thought for a bit.

Then, a faint smile appeared on her face, and her pen started to move.

She didn’t immediately use the brush, but instead used her ink pen to draw some seemingly messy lines that somehow also vaguely hinted at a pattern.

Then, under the manipulation of her fingers, the single pen seemed to multiply into many, drawing simultaneously on the paper.

The disordered and messy outline was gradually connected together, and a figure started to take form.

In the end, only the two eye sockets were left blank.

She wasn’t in a rush to fill them in and instead turned to look at Zu An, saying, “Your drawing skills do not have many deficiencies; the only flaw is the eyes.

The eyes are windows into the soul, as well as the key in the infusion of the soul.

If you want to fully draw out the charm of your target, the eyes are the easiest place to start…”

Then, she explained various things about the comprehension of the target’s charms, as well as how to draw them.

With such an incredible teacher to teach him, Zu An immediately gained enlightenment into his previous questions.

The sky outside had already unknowingly brightened.

Yu Yanluo’s eyes shone with brilliance as she exclaimed, “You really are freakishly talented! You managed to comprehend so much in a single night.

The only thing that is missing is real practice and the accumulation of time.

After a few more years, your skill in the arts might just surpass mine.”

“The madam is too humble.

I am indebted to your teachings, which were the reason why I was able to understand how profound and deep this dao is.” Zu An bowed toward her.

“Furthermore, I know just how vast the difference between the madam and myself is.

I do not believe that I can ever reach your level in this life of mine.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression became gentler as she said, “Look at how sweet a talker you are.

Do not forget that you have transcendent aptitude, so you can learn anything quickly.

Surpassing me is not a complete impossibility.”

She yawned after she finished speaking, and she couldn't help but stretch out her body.

Her body’s wonderful curves were perfectly displayed.

She said, “No more; I cannot do this anymore.

I cannot hold on anymore after doing all of that with you tonight.

I normally sleep a lot in this kind of weather, so I need to make up for my sleep right now.”

“I’ve truly troubled the madam.

I’m going to return first then; please rest well.” Zu An got up to bid her farewell.

Yu Yanluo was stunned and asked, “Are you not going to sleep here”

She suddenly realized that the way she had worded that sentence was strange.

She quickly added, “What I meant was, sleep next door.”

Zu An thought to himself, What, don’t tell me I can sleep on your bed

However, he explained, “I still have some things to take care of outside.

I’ll come and seek out the madam again to continue this in the evening.”

Yu Yanluo thought for a bit, then took out a jade pendant.

She said, “Even though your cultivation is not bad, there is no way you can be that lucky every time.

Carry this with you.

If you have this with you, many of the manor’s defenses will not target you.

You can also move freely through the Yu clan then.”

Zu An figured that what she said made sense.

It wouldn’t be too good for him to sneak around every time like a thief.

He put away the jade pendant and replied, “Thank you, madam!”

The pendant was similar to the one Yu Yanluo had given him back in Brightmoon City.

However, the material was a bit better.

There was still a hint of Yu Yanluo’s body temperature on it, making it feel more intimate.

Yu Yanluo felt numb across her body when she saw Zu An caress the pendant with his fingers.

It was almost as if his fingers were moving across her own body.

Her expression became a bit unnatural and she said, “There is no need for thanks.

With your speed of learning, you should be able to go to the Duke Manor in just a few more days.

You should hurry and carry on with what you need to take care of.

I am going to sleep.”

Zu An cupped his hands toward her.

Then, he quickly exited through the window.

Yu Yanluo stood by the windowsill, watching his disappearing figure in a daze.

She stood there for a long time.

Only after a while did she caress her own face and wonder to herself absentmindedly, “Why do I feel a bit warm He is clearly a lot younger than me…”

Meanwhile, Zu An headed straight back to the temporary residence.

There were still troops from the Military Affairs Manor outside, and he used Daji to knock them out again.

Then, he went to Sang Hong to inform him about his seclusion.

“Your condition has worsened” Sang Hong exclaimed, alarmed.

He immediately wanted to examine Zu An.

“It’s not too big of a deal.

I just want to make sure there are no hidden illnesses that will affect my future cultivation,” Zu An explained.

“How is that not a big deal Focus on cultivating; you do not need to worry about Cloudcenter Commandery’s affairs anymore.

I will not let anyone disturb you.” Sang Hong immediately panicked.

In this world, cultivation was status and identity.

This was a rising star he had favored and entrusted practically all of his family’s hopes to, so how could he let something happen to Zu An

“Thank you, respected uncle!” Zu An felt a bit guilty for tricking the other party when he saw just how worried Sang Hong was.

However, Sang Hong was the Imperial Envoy who had to act against the Yu clan, while he didn’t want to antagonize the Yu clan.

The enemy of one’s enemy was one’s friend, so being friends with Yu Yanluo matched his interests more.

As such, Zu An decided not to involve Sang Hong to reduce the variables.

Then, to make sure he wasn’t disturbed, Sang Hong emptied out all of the rooms around Zu An’s.

He even sent the Armed Escort Army to stand guard nearby and strictly prevent anyone from disturbing him.

Zu An sighed in relief.

Now, it didn’t seem as if anyone would come to disturb him anymore.

After taking care of those matters, Zu An secretly left the temporary residence and arrived at Pei Manor.

“Young… Young master,” Hong Zao called out bashfully when she saw him. Do I have to pull another all nighter today…

But he always brings me good things to eat, and he is pretty handsome…

When the young miss isn’t feeling too well in the future, will I have to help out…

Her face immediately turned red when she thought of that.

Her heart began to pound fiercely.

“Hello, Hong Zao.

I brought you some peanut-flavored snow dango,” Zu An said, patting her head dotingly.

This girl was pretty cute.

“I’m going to get fat from all the things the young master brings me,” Hong Zao said, beaming with joy.

She was already starting to drool as she spoke.

“Being a bit chubby is also pretty cute.” Zu An pinched her cheeks.

Then, he went to look for Pei Mianman.

Hong Zao was a bit conflicted. So the young master likes girls a bit chubby Should I eat a bit more then…

“You’re teasing Hong Zao as soon as you get here” Pei Mianman remarked, rolling her eyes.

Zu An laughed and took her into his arms, saying, “I just find that little girl a bit cute; don’t think too much of it.

She’s still so little.”

“What do you mean ‘little’ You’ll soon know that she isn’t little at all! She’s my personal maid, so she’ll be yours sooner or later too.” Pei Mianman had a strange look on her face as she asked, “Right, why didn’t you come over last night”

Zu An then explained the matter of the Yu Clan to her.

He couldn’t hide it from her, or else it would be troublesome if she came to look for him.

“What You’re going to live with Yu Yanluo!” Pei Mianman immediately sat up straight.


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