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Chapter 1042: Completely Trapped

The other black robed individuals all looked at that white patterned black robed individual when they saw this scene.

After all, everyone else’s methods failed, yet he succeeded as soon as he attacked.

That white patterned black robed man had his hands behind his back.

There was immediately a feeling of proudness that surged within him.

He was just about to say something when his expression changed a bit.

He suddenly raised his head towards that frozen ice chunk.

A trace of redness suddenly appeared from that entirely white chunk of ice.

Then, that ice’s surface began to crack.

A blazing flame erupted from inside, instantly blasting that ice to pieces.

Then, it shot into the heavens, illuminating the dark night.

Everyone’s eyes were subconsciously drawn to those flames.

However, soon afterwards, they discovered that there was no one within the flames.

“We were duped!”

Those black clad individuals quickly lowered their heads.

They saw that person’s figure disappear around the bend of a distant corner.

“Chase after him! We cannot let this person escape!” The white patterned black robed man said coldly.

Their conversation earlier was way too important.

Once news of it got out, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

The others understood this and quickly chased after Zu An.

Zu An ran with everything he had.

Unfortunately, his pursuers never left his tail.

Those two master rank cultivators in particular flew into the air to survey the entire scene, forcing him to hide his whereabouts with the buildings and preventing him from running crazily at full speed.

The entire Zhenyuan Merchant Group was now starting to move.

Countless guards rushed out from all directions in search of the intruder.

In this type of situation, the jade badge’s radar didn’t really help much.

There were guards everywhere, so it was useless even if he knew they were coming ahead of time.

Zu An only managed to barely evade the first few waves of guard before he ran into a squad of guards head on.

There were still those black robed experts on his tail behind him.

He knew that continuing like this wasn’t a solution.

He kicked off and landed on the second floor with a flip, charging straight through a window.

“Little Chan, what is happening outside Why is it so loud” There was steam everywhere, as well as the smell of petals.

Turns out a young lady was currently bathing here.

She seemed to have heard the activity and stood up from inside the bath.

She wiped herself down with a towel while looking outside.

As a result, she just happened to stare straight into Zu An’s eyes.

Zu An was getting a huge headache too.

How could he have expected this type of coincidence to happen That a random room he ran into had a girl taking a bath inside

Huh Why does this girl look a bit familiar 

But without her clothes on, he couldn't really recognize her.

He didn’t have time to think more about it either.

If she screamed and drew the guards here, then he was done for.

His toes tapped against the ground, and then he was already at the young lady’s side.

He covered her mouth with his hand and said, “Don’t scream, I won’t harm you.”

Unfortunately, which girl would trust him in this type of situation

She began to struggle frantically.

You have successfully trolled Tang Tian’er for 555 555 555…

Zu An jumped in fright when he saw this name.

He gave her a good look.

Since she was taking a bath and her hair was draped over her shoulders, her appearance was a bit different from what he was used to, so he didn’t recognize her immediately.

Now that he examined her up close and saw her familiar brows and eyes, especially the charming dimple by her lips, he finally reacted.

“Miss Tang”

He quickly removed his mask.

“It’s me!”

“Mmm!” Tang Tian’er immediately widened her eyes when she saw who it was.

However, she still subconsciously stopped her struggle.

Seeing that she recognized him, Zu An felt a bit embarrassed.

“I accidentally barged in because I was trying to evade my pursuers.

I didn’t do it on purpose, I have to ask the miss for forgiveness.

Please do not scream when I let go.

If you agree, blink your eyes.”

In his opinion, the other party ate his ‘Pill of Alteration’, so she probably wouldn’t do anything rash.

But how could he have known that the other party already knew that his pill was a fake

Tang Tian’er gave him a wronged look, but she still blinked her eyes in the end.

Zu An thus let go.

Tang Tian’er harrumphed angrily.

“Why are you here”

“That’s a really long story…” Zu An was about to explain when his eyes subconsciously scanned her body.

Um… maybe it’s because she just took a bath, but her skin really is fair with a nice rosy tint.

When he met her in the Hub of Freedom, the other party was dressed in a chinese dress.

Her figure was absolutely enchanting.

Only now did he realize that it was her who was beautiful, and not the clothes.

Tang Tian’er finally snapped out of her daze too.

She lowered her head and saw that she was currently standing in her bathtub.

Half of her body was already exposed above the water.

She almost fainted on the spot.

She subconsciously opened her mouth to scream, but she remembered something and quickly covered her own mouth.

Zu An saw that she was about to scream and was about to stop her, but she ended up covering her own mouth.

He immediately stopped and said, “Thank you, young miss!”

Tang Tian’er immediately squatted down, immersing herself in the water again.

Only her head was exposed above the water.

“Are you still going to stare” Tang Tian’er thought that she was really going to faint. Did I owe this guy in my last life or something Why do I keep suffering because of him! And it’s always in the worst way possible!

Zu An subconsciously turned around.

“The lady doesn’t need to mind.

I actually didn’t see much just now.”

Tang Tian’er was speechless. 

Hello Is that something a human with a conscience would say

You already freaking saw everything! Are you blind!

But with things how they were, she could only show that she ‘trusts’ what he said was the truth.

She was taken advantage of, yet she still had to play along with his lies

What the hell is wrong with the world!

You have successfully trolled Tang Tian’er for 233 233 233…

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound that came from outside.

“Young miss, young miss, there was a formidable thief who came into our merchant group.

The guards are all searching for him right now.

You should hurry and finish, or else you might be in danger later.”

“I got it.” Tang Tian’er rolled her eyes.

She thought to herself, you’re telling me way too late! I wanted to get out and change into my clothes, but that only allowed him to take advantage of me!

Suddenly, there was a voice that sounded outside.

“Who is inside”

Zu An was alarmed.

This was Han Fengqiu’s voice!

Even though he didn’t fear Han Fengqiu, he wasn’t an opponent he could deal with quickly.

If they started fighting and he brought over the other experts, he would have nowhere left to run.

“It is our young miss.” That maid was clearly the ‘Little Chan’ Tang Tain’er mentioned before.

“We chased that thief all the way here.

He disappeared near this place, so we need to conduct a search.” Han Fengqiu said.

“You cannot, the first miss is currently bathing!” Little Chan immediately panicked.

She spread her arms and blocked the entrance.

The two people inside of the room were also shocked when they heard this.

Zu An quickly said to Tang Tian’er, “I’m going to leave first.”

But suddenly, Tang Tian’er grabbed his arm.

“Are there many people chasing you”

Zu An nodded.

He began to quickly think about what he was going to do from now on.

“There are guards everywhere outside, where would you even go” Tang Tian’er bit her lips.

“Just hide over here, this is where it is the safest.”

Zu An looked around him.

“What if he comes in I have nowhere to hide here.”

There were some wardrobes and screens here, but if the other party really searched this place thoroughly, these places wouldn’t be able to hide him at all.

Tang Tian’er shook her head.

“Don’t worry.

With me here, they wouldn’t be able to come in.”

Zu An was stunned.

He couldn't help but give the other party a look.

Judging from her tone, it sounded as if she was some incredible figure or something.

Isn’t she just the hostess of the Hub of Freedom

Why did she come all the way to Zhenyuan Merchant Group

What kind of a relationship does she have with Zhenyuan Merchant Group

While he was thinking thee things inside, there were already sounds of dispute outside.

Han Fengqiu clearly didn’t want to back off here.

“Today’s matter is too important.

If we let that thief go, no one will be able to handle the consequences.

I do not care who it is inside, I have to search this room!”

“No! Our young miss’ status is special.

She is bathing.

How can we let stinky men like you all go in” Little Chan stared angrily at the other party.

The others came when they saw the disturbance here.

“What is going on” The other black robed individuals rushed over when they heard the commotion.

“The thief disappeared around here.

I want to search this room, but this maid won’t let me.” Han Fengqiu looked at the yellow patterned black robed man.

“This is your domain, so say something.”

That person said with an awkward manner, “It is one of my distinguished guests who is staying here.

It wouldn’t be too good to disturb her.”

Zu An looked at Tang Tian’er in shock.

What the heck is this Even that yellow patterned black robed man was calling her a distinguished guest

But Tang Tian’er was sitting in the bathtub with her arms wrapped around herself right now, looking really wronged.

It was really hard to associate her with someone formidable.

Another person spoke up.

“That person heard too many secrets, we must capture him.

Furthermore, since the person inside is a distinguished guest of your merchant group, wouldn’t it be bad if that thief sneaked in and harmed your guest”

That yellow patterned black robed man hesitated a bit when he heard him say this.


Another member already pushed open the door.

“We’ll take a look inside first.”

Little Chan wanted to stop them, but unfortunately, just a bit of aura from these big shots was enough to prevent her from speaking.

How could she possibly stop them


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