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Meanwhile, Zu An looked at Shang Liuyu quietly for a moment before he remarked, “You sure have it tough as a teacher.

Your students even stomped right up to your doorstep to torment you.”

Shang Liuyu rolled her eyes.

“Isnt it all because you didnt shut the door properly How else do you think they managed to get in here”

“Ah, I forgot to close it in a moment of excitement,” replied Zu An sheepishly.

“Forget it.

Lets go through the melody once more to see if there are any problems with it.” Shang Liuyu placed her fingers on the harp once more and stroked it lightly, producing a passionate melody that sent ones heart thumping.

The melody soon came to an end, and Zu An nodded his head in excitement.

“Thats exactly what I had in mind! Big sister Shang, you are a true prodigy!”

“How can I be considered a prodigy Its the creator of this melody who is the true prodigy here.” At this point, Shang Liuyu looked at Zu An in interest and asked, “You really arent the creator of this melody”

“It really isnt me.

I only happened to hear it in my dreams.” As thick-skinned as Zu An was, he wasnt so shameless as to actually claim these songs as his own creation.

“I see.

I didnt expect you to be so humble.” Shang Liuyu picked up something that resembled a seashell from the side and passed it over to him.

“Here, take this.”

Zu An was just about to correct Shang Liuyus misunderstanding when he found himself presented with a seashell.

Perplexed, he asked, “What is it”

“This item is able to record sounds it has just heard.

You can use it to play that… background music when you enter the classroom later on,” answered Shang Liuyu.

“You arent coming with me” Zu An asked in disappointment.

“Im not about to embarrass myself publicly.” Shang Liuyus face reddened.

She felt like Zu An was really a bag of surprises; he could come up with all sorts of bizarre things even when it came to just teaching a class.

“Eesh, I see.” Seeing that there was no other choice, Zu An accepted the seashell.

Under Shang Liuyus guidance, he soon understood how to use it.

Isnt this practically a recorder

Once again, Zu An was amazed by how wondrous this world of cultivation was.

Despite being technologically underdeveloped, what it was lacking was compensated by the wonders brought about by ki.

Many of the conveniences of the modern could be emulated through the use of artifacts and formations.

“Big sister Shang, do you have any hair wax that I can borrow” asked Zu An.

“Hair wax” Shang Liuyu didnt understand what Zu An was asking for.

“Err, Im referring to gel that helps to keep your hairdo in place,” Zu An roughly explained what hair wax did.

“Ah, I think I have something similar to that here,” replied Shang Liuyu.

She headed into her residence for a while before returning with a bottle filled with some sort of gel.

“What kind of hairdo are you going for”

“Im thinking of doing it like this…” Zu An described how a slick back hairstyle roughly looked like as he applied the gel on his hair and tried to shape it.

However, his fingers turned out to be clumsier than he thought.

Shang Liuyu smiled at this sight and said, “Ill help you.”

She ushered him to sit on a stool before helping him tidy up his hairdo.

Being in proximity with one another, Zu An could smell a light fragrance coming from her, and it made his heart thump.

If he wasnt mistaken, she should have just gotten out of the pool when he arrived, so there was no time for her to apply any fragrances or powder.

So how could she still smell so nice Could it be the cosmetics she usually applied have seeped into her skin

Shang Liuyu started off by tidying his back before moving over to the front to comb his fringe.

She was so focused on the task that she subconsciously bent down a little, revealing a sight that made Zu Ans nose nearly spurt blood.

She had just finished bathing, so the robe she donned was a little loose.

Previously, they were still standing a distance away, so all he could see was just bits of her shoulder, collarbone, and such.

However, now that she was bending down a little right in front of him, her loose collar ended up drooping down a little, revealing her fair skin and attractive ridges.


Zu An mentally reminded himself to remain calm, but he couldnt help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

The sound caught Shang Liuyus notice, which brought her attention to his peculiar response.

She lowered her head to take a look, and her face swiftly flushed red.

She immediately shot to her feet and took several steps backward.

There was a moment of silence before she spoke awkwardly, “It should be roughly done.

You can head to class now.”

Zu An was impressed by the composure she was showing as a mature woman, choosing to avert the matter and dampen it down.

Had it been a younger girl, she would have likely started shrieking and caused a huge fuss.

But again, Shang Liuyu was in the midst of helping him when he accidentally took advantage of her.

No matter how thick-skinned he might be, it was still quite an awkward situation for him too.

“Thank you for your help today.

Ill treat you to a meal next time.”

Since Shang Liuyu was intentionally avoiding the topic, he wouldnt be so dumb as to intentionally bring it up.

This was the kind of telepathic connection mature people shared with one another.

Hmmm, Im more of a youth right now though.

Shang Liuyus expression gradually returned to normal.

With a slight smile, she said, “There are plenty of people who want to treat me to a meal.

It might take a long time before it reaches your turn.”

“Id expect no less from you.” Knowing her explosive popularity in the academy, Zu An knew that her words were true.

“If the opportunity arises then.”

It was about time for the arithmetic class, so Zu An quickly waved her goodbye before heading for the Sky class.

Unlike the rowdy Yellow class, the Sky class was much quieter.

It was filled with proud prodigies, after all.

Even if they had time to spare, they would rather keep it to themselves so as to appear high and lofty.

They felt that it was beneath them to fool around like how the students of the other classes did.

However, everyones eyes still naturally drifted toward a certain person.

Chu Chuyan was sitting quietly all on her own, but somehow, it felt like she was shrouded in a mysterious mist, reminiscent of a fairy descended from heaven.

As expected of the number one beauty!

This was the thought that surfaced in everyones mind.

It was rare to see Chu Chuyan around, even in the academy, and this made everyone treasure even more so treasure every glimpse they could get of her.

Shi Kun intentionally chose a position nearer to the back of the class so that he could fully appreciate her perfect figure.

Yuan Wendong and the others sat around him, trying their best to butter him up in hopes to get into his good graces.

Shi Kun would respond to their remarks from time to time, but his attention was clearly on the fairy sitting in front of him.

He noticed that the other students kept sneaking glances toward Chu Chuyan, and it made anger well up in his heart.

How dare these men covet my woman

But again, in a change of perspectives, it proved just how charming the woman he had chosen was.

This thought alleviated his anger a little.

Isnt there another woman in the class who is rumored to equal Chu Chuyan in beauty called Pei Mianman or something Why dont I see her around

Most of the prodigies in the Sky class had their own businesses to deal with outside the academy, so there was no requirement on their attendance.

As a result, it was rare for the whole class to be present on any given day.

It wasnt too odd that Pei Mianman wasnt around today.

Ah right, theres also another beauty going by the name of Zheng Dan too, right

Shi Kuns eyes drifted around, and he swiftly caught sight of a beautiful woman who emanated a traditional grace.

Her gestures were gentle and demure, overflowing with feminine charm.

Even for someone with standards as high as Shi Kun couldnt deny that she was a ravishing woman.

“Sang Qian sure is lucky.”

It was not a secret that Zheng Dan was Shang Qians fiancé, so there was no way he wouldnt know about it.

What a pity!

Had it been anyone else, Shi Kun would have probably tried to snatch Zheng Dan over to his side.

It wasnt as if he hadnt done it before over the years anyway.

However, the Sang clan was currently favored by the emperor, so it wouldnt be wise to get on their bad side for the time being.

Fortunately, the Sang clan didnt have a stable foundation.

If any mishap were to happen in the future… Hehehe, I reckon that hed have no choice but to turn to me for help.

By then, all I have to do is to point to Zheng Dan, and shed be mine…

His imagination began to run wild as he thought about how he would slowly break her virtuousness and drag her toward the abyss.

Eventually, she would lose herself and fall head over heels for him.

He had done such tricks plenty of times to be deeply familiar with how it went.

Toward these women, all he wanted was just the sense of exhilaration from successfully dominating them.

He didnt bear any feelings for them, so he didnt particularly mind that they were married or not.

On the contrary, conquering married women brought a greater thrill to him.

However, it wasnt the same for Chu Chuyan.

He had devoted his feelings to her, and he wouldnt allow anyone to sully her.

Not too far away, Zheng Dan could sense Shi Kuns heated gaze, so she directed a faint smile toward him in response.

She had long heard of the reputation of the Sixth Young Master of the Shi clan, and he was as dashing as the rumors put him out to be.

It was just that his gaze felt a little uncomfortable.

In comparison, she felt that Zu An was more of a gentleman.

Haaa, it sure is a weird world we live in.

A true gentleman has his reputation in shambles, but a wolf in sheeps clothing like Shi Kun enjoys such a good reputation.

As such thoughts surfaced in her mind, her eyes subconsciously moved toward Chu Chuyan, only to see her sitting there quietly like a noble princess.

Hmph! I wonder how youd feel if you found out how helpless your husband is before my charm!

Zheng Dan couldnt really understand herself anymore.

She never allowed any men to come close to her, disallowing even her fiancé to hold her hand.

Yet, how in the world did she get so bold as to allow Zu An to…

Am I really going this far in order to prove my charm by snatching away Chu Chuyans man

For some reason, this thought left Zheng Dan feeling deeply uncomfortable.

She noticed how the other male students were sneaking glances at Chu Chuyan, and that made her feel even more irritated.

All of these lustful men!

It was then that the door to the classroom suddenly burst open.

Everyone quickly turned their gazes over, thinking that the teacher had finally arrived.

However, it was Wu Qing walking in with a frosty look on her face instead.

Wu Qing was actually quite a looker as well, and there were many students who were interested in getting close to her.

However, the chilling aura she was emanating at this very moment kept everyone else at bay.

No one wanted to get involved with her when she was in an irritated mood.

Without saying a word, Wu Qing walked over to her seat and sat down.

It was then that she noticed Chu Chuyan sitting beside her, and her rage immediately flurried.

So, she stood back up, stomped over to Chu Chuyans side, and gazed down on her coldly.

“Zu An is your husband”

Chu Chuyan frowned upon hearing the question, but she still nodded in response.

“Yes, thats right.”

Her purpose of marrying Zu An was to sever the thoughts of those who were coming after her and the Chu clan, so there was no reason for her not to admit to it.

Shi Kun understood the rationale behind Chu Chuyans actions too, but hearing his beloved woman acknowledging another man as her husband still left him feeling deeply uncomfortable.

His face turned awfully livid as he became cognizant of a problem he had neglected till now.

He was aware that Chu Chuyan was still a maiden due to Snow, but no one else knew about that.

Most people would have assumed that her chastity would have already been taken by now.

So, if he were to marry her in the future, wouldnt everyone think that he had been cuckolded

“Since hes your husband, shouldnt you keep a close eye on him Why is he flirting around with other women!” Wu Qing harrumphed coldly before stomping back to her seat.

Chu Chuyan was stunned.

She had no idea what in the world Wu Qing was talking about here.

That being said, Wu Qings words left plenty of room for speculations as the other students in the Sky class began whispering to one another.

The desire to gossip was innate in all humans, even for lofty prodigies.

“Zu An actually tried to flirt with Wu Qing”

“Holy! That man sure is a beast! He actually wants to monopolize the young misses of two ducal clans!”

“Despite having a wife as beautiful as Chu Chuyan, he still wants to find other women outside.

Hmph, he really should learn his own place!”

“Havent you heard of the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side Chu Chuyan might be a goddess to us, but Zu An has already had a taste of her, so naturally he doesnt cherish her as much anymore.

Its always the things that are out of reach that look more attractive.”

“Oof! Why do your words feel like a knife stabbing into my heart”

The gossips all around made Shi Kuns eyelids twitch in horror.

Does that fellow really wield such amazing capabilities

It was then that a wild melody began playing in the air, causing goosebumps to rise amongst the students.

It left their blood racing, as if they were about to march into a battle to save the world.

“Whats going on”

The bewildered crowd turned their sights toward the entrance of the classroom, only to see a towering figure slowly making his way in.

His hair was combed in a slick hairdo that no one had seen before, but for some reason, it looked pretty good.

He wore a black uniform that made him look increasingly imposing with every step that he took.

“Whos that guy”

“Thats the uniform worn by the academys teachers right”

“Rubbish! When has the teachers uniform looked so suave before”

Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan was feeling a little perplexed.

Why does that person look oddly familiar to me

Shi Kun was in the midst of taking a sip of water while formulating a plan to deal with Zu An when he finally caught a proper look at the person walking toward the podium.

He immediately choked on his water, causing a mess.


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