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Chapter 998: What the Hell

Tang Tian’er tilted her head to one side and asked, “The only matter someone might have needed to be silenced in was Sun Ji’s death, but we’ve already found Sun Ji’s killer, with even the Sun clan’s own people bearing witness.

It has nothing to do with you! So why would there be any need to be scared”

Zu An said indifferently, “Being too smart as a girl isn’t necessarily a good thing.

You could die without anyone ever knowing how.” Even though he wasn’t the one who had killed Sun Ji, being misunderstood by Sun Xun would be really annoying.

Tang Tian’er panicked a bit when she sensed his killing intent, asking, “Are you really planning to kill me For better or worse, we had a close physical relationship before.”

Zu An declined to comment.

But the less he said, the more panicked Tang Tian’er became.

The man before her was completely different from the men she had met before! In the past, whether they were young or old, whether their cultivations were low or high, other men had always been toyed with in the palm of her hand.

However, she just couldn't see through this person, and she was instead the one who had been played with the entire time.

When she sensed the ice-cold atmosphere in the room, Tang Tian’er bit her red lips and quickly said, “How about this I can ransom my life with information.

You should know how well-informed the Hub of Freedom is.

We know many secrets.” She thought, I refuse to believe he won’t feel anything from my persuasion! Hmph, I’ll let him have his moment right now, but I’ll melt him down in the future, even if he is a lump of iron.

“Oh” Zu An gave her a look, then asked, “Then who is the Hub of Freedom’s boss”

Tang Tian’er’s smile immediately froze.

Zu An remarked, “What’s wrong Didn’t you say you knew many secrets”

“Young master, you’re really making things hard for me here! Our boss is so mysterious that few in this world know who he is, and those who do don’t dare to speak his name.

Furthermore, how could a nobody like me have any dealings with someone on the boss’ level” Tang Tian’er kneeled down on the bed.

She tugged on his clothes in a coquettish manner, asking, “Young master, can you change your question I promise I can answer it.”

“Then do you know what happened earlier with the Devil Sect Why was the highest level signal used to summon all of their people” Zu An asked.

Tang Tian’er’s face fell.

She replied, “Young master, you already said it was the Devil Sect’s highest level signal, so how could an outsider like me know If you give me a few months of time, I might be able to find some clues.”

Zu An harrumphed.

“You don’t know this, you don’t know that.

What’s the point in keeping you alive then”

Tang Tian’er felt as if an arc of lightning had passed through her entire body when she sensed the chill in his voice.

Her body couldn't help but tremble.

However, she couldn't be bothered with her body’s reactions and quickly said, “I have some information here that the young master will definitely be interested in.”

“Speak.” Zu An leaned against the bedside casually, declining to express an opinion.

Tang Tian’er spoke quickly.

But even so, her voice was still extremely pleasant.

“I heard that the young master is going to Cloudcenter Commandery to investigate the disappearance of their duke…”

She looked for the other party’s reaction while speaking.

When she saw that he hadn’t shown even the slightest reaction, she could only continue, “The young master needs to be careful.

The state of affairs there is extremely complex.

Furthermore, as far as I know, there are traces of fiend race activities there.”

“Fiend race” Zu An frowned.

After the fiend races’ defeat in their war against the humans, all those who had remained in the Zhou Dynasty were either slaves or living in hiding.

This was the first time he had heard of any of them stirring up trouble.


There are people in Cloudcenter Commandery who have colluded with the fiend races.

As for who it is, we don’t know.” Tang Tian’er gave him a worried look.

“I don’t know who the young master is going to investigate by going there, but you must prepare beforehand.

There might be fiend race powers behind those you investigate.

If they’re driven to desperation, the situation might become unfavorable for the young master.”

Zu An suddenly realized what was happening. No wonder Kong Nanwu gave me one of her feathers before I left the capital… Ahem, no, she gave me a peacock feather.

She probably already knew what was happening in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Was she worried about the fiend races harming me, or was this a secret signal for the fiend races to eliminate me

But after recalling everything that had happened between the two of them, he would rather believe that it was the former.

“Young master, can you spare my life” Tang Tian’er batted her eyelids.

Not many men could resist such an expression.

“Don’t try to use charm arts on me.

I’ve met many who are more skilled than you in this field,” Zu An said indifferently.

Tang Tian’er immediately shrugged and exclaimed, “I’m not, I’m not! This is a sincere plea! I wouldn’t dare to use any charm arts.”

She was quite troubled too.

Even though she had been hard pressed before, it had never been as bad as just now.

When she realized the other party might really kill her, she felt strange inside.

She hadn’t had time to think more about it back then, but now that she had some time to think about it, she felt incredibly embarrassed.

She had actually let those words of his…

She carefully looked at the man’s facial features, which seemed as sharp as if he were sculpted out of marble.

She couldn't help but blush.

Zu An gave her a look. This woman’s expression is a bit strange…

“Young master~” Tang Tian’er crawled over.

When she was a bit closer to him, she began to act spoiled again.

Suddenly, a noisy clamor filled the corridor outside.

“Ah Zu, let me tell you just how stupid today was! We’re never going back to the Hub of…”

Pei You and Gao Ying cursed as they walked in, pushing the door open from outside.

When they saw the scene inside, they were stunned.

“...Freedom again…”

From their perspective, Zu An was sitting calmly on the bed while a gorgeous woman was lying at his waist.

Even though they couldn't see what was happening too clearly, they were all men, so how could they not know what was happening The two of them couldn't see who the girl was, but just from her slim and graceful back, as well as her small waist, they knew she was an incredible beauty.

“Sorry for disturbing you…” The two of them tacitly backed up and even closed the door behind them.

Zu An glowered and exclaimed, “Hold on!”

Pei You and Gao Ying’s expressions turned strange. Don’t tell me brother Zu has some weird fetish, that he wants others to watch him when he does this kind of thing

Tang Tian’er also raised her head.

She naturally moved her messy hair behind her head, then wiped the corners of her mouth bashfully.

Zu An was speechless. What the hell are you rubbing the corners of your mouth for!

“Tang…” Pei You and Gao Ying widened their eyes.

They had already recognized that this was Tang Tian’er.

After all, she was the number one beauty of the Hub of Freedom, a girl no one would forget after seeing her even once.

But why is she servicing Zu An in his room… Even Gao Ying was feeling a bit jealous.

Their expressions were a bit sour when they looked at Zu An.

“Ahem.” Zu An didn’t really want to explain the situation to them either He asked, “What happened to you two Didn’t you go to the Hub of Freedom for some fun Why did you come back so early”

“It makes me angry just thinking about it!” Pei You said angrily.

“When we arrived at the Hub of Freedom, we thought we could have some fun with your jade token and enjoy the treatment of a VIP, but some bastard stole our jade token, and the Hub of Freedom thought we were impersonating you!”

Zu An couldn't help but give Tang Tian’er a look.

But the other party looked as if nothing was wrong at all and responded with a big smile.

Gao Ying couldn't help but voice his resentment toward Pei You.

“It’s all your fault for not being careful enough.

You had no idea when that jade token was stolen from you! I ended up being embarrassed together with you.”

“How could I know that the Hub of Freedom had thieves That thief better not let me catch him, or else I’ll definitely make sure they get it,” Pei You said through gritted teeth.

He was definitely pissed off.

They had gone to show off a bit, and yet not only had they not looked good, they had ended up being treated as a joke by the other guests.

What dignity did they have left

Zu An was shocked.

Pei You was a sixth ranked cultivator for better or for worse, and he was definitely careful.

The fact that Tang Tian’er could steal the jade token from him without him noticing a thing meant she was quite the talent in that field.

“Brother Zu knows how to have it easy, as expected.” Pei You and Gao Ying both sighed, their tone full of envy.

The two of them couldn't even have any enjoyment with the jade token and had instead lost it.

Instead, they had experienced a huge amount of embarrassment.

And yet, Zu An didn’t have to go anywhere. The freaking number one beauty of the Hub of Freedom came here on her own to serve him, what the hell is this!

Zu An almost wanted to laugh out loud.

He wondered how they would react if they knew that the main culprit was right there.

Tang Tian’er sorted out her clothes and got off the bed.

She said sweetly, “I am truly sorry; the Hub of Freedom has made the two young masters feel wronged.

Please take this.

Even though I do not have the qualifications to give out a jade token, with this token, you can still enjoy yourselves without having to pay in our different locations…” Her previous flirtatiousness was nowhere to be seen.

She seemed to have become the dignified and composed auction hostess again.

Gao Ying and Pei You received the token.

They saw that it was a small token made from glass.

They cheered up instantly, exclaiming, “Thank you, Lady Tang!”

Tang Tian’er smiled.

Then, she gave Zu An a warm look and said, “The two of you are Big Brother Zu’s friends, so you are naturally Tian’er’s friends too.”

The pair became jealous.

They knew they were receiving this because of Zu An.

The fact that he had a girl who was so beautiful and so good at understanding others made them so jealous they almost cried.

“Brother Zu, we won’t disturb you anymore.

We’ll head back first.” Gao Ying and Pei You looked at each other, then left.

They even closed the door behind them.

When the two of them left, Tang Tian’er knelt down in front of Zu An.

She blinked her large eyes and asked with a pleading look, “Big Brother Zu, I didn’t let you down just now, right”


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