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Chapter 985: Retaliation

The onlookers turned around.

They all wondered just what kind of crazy idiot would say such words to Sun Xun in Yi Commandery.

Sun Xun’s expression was completely cold.

His skin bristled.

Killing intent instantly appeared in his eyes.

He gave Chubby Senior a look and said with a sneer, “Your Hub of Freedom’s guests really are something.”

Chubby Senior felt even fatter today than usual.

Why was everything going wrong today He gave the one who had spoken a look.

This person wore an ordinary mask, and he came from the second floor.

He wasn’t one of their most respected jade token guests.

Chubby Senior thus said with a sigh, “The two of you, please do not act rashly.

The matters here do not have anything to do with you two.”

He had already scanned the two of them with his cultivation.

These two only had six ranks of cultivation.

Regardless of whether it was Sun Xun or himself, they could crush these two with a single hand.

He had no idea where the pair got their confidence from.

Then he remembered that number 333.

Why was he so confident with just six ranks of cultivation

Chubby Senior thought that the two newcomers would tacitly back off if he intimidated them with his cultivation and gave them the chance to back down.

But who could have thought that the two wouldn’t even give him a look and instead walked right up to Sun Xun

“Was it you who said you were the law just now” the pair asked.

Sun Xun frowned.

He immediately ordered his subordinates, “What are you all standing around for Do I have to be the one to speak”

He was a glorious master rank cultivator, and furthermore the Xiang Minister of this place.

Speaking so much to that number 333 had already ruined his prestige, so he didn’t feel like talking to these two at all.

When they sensed their master’s dissatisfaction, the guards immediately pounced at those two like wolves..

Just then, however, the other party took out a golden token and exclaimed, “Who dares!”

The guards were all stunned.

The entire third floor fell silent.They all saw the words on the golden token: ‘Imperial Armed Escort’.

“You came from the Imperial Palace” a guard asked.

After all, not everyone had the qualifications to use the word ‘imperial’.

Those present quickly realized something.

Sp,e who were more familiar with the bureaucratic system immediately reacted.

This was the token of the Imperial Palace’s Armed Escort Division.

They were in charge of ensuring the palace’s safety.

Why were they here

The guards looked at Sun Xun for further instructions.

Sun Xun’s expression also changed, because he suddenly remembered the intelligence he had received a few days before, that the imperial envoy’s troops seemed to have arrived in Yi Commandery.

Yi Commandery’s governor and other Yan State officials had even gone to show them a welcoming reception, and yet even though the imperial envoy had met with them, his attitude had been quite cold and he hadn’t left the ship.

Those who had witnessed it immediately knew that the imperial envoy had an important figure who didn’t want to associate with Yi Commandery’s official system.

That also made those from Yi Commandery sigh in relief.

After all, every place had some shameful things about it.

Even though the imperial envoy was rushing toward Cloudcenter Commandery, what if he ended up finding out something about Yi Commandery Who knew how many people would have to be executed to pay the price

Sun Xun had never expected to run into people from the imperial envoy’s group in such a place.

He immediately changed his attitude, an amiable smile appearing on his sinister face as he said, “These two generals have come from afar.

Excuse me for not going out to meet you.”

If they had been ordinary guards from the imperial envoy, he naturally wouldn’t have had to act so politely.

The main reason was that the Armed Escort Division consisted of the capital’s elites who had accumulated a lot of merit, and they had the great clans backing them.

He didn’t wish to offend the capital’s elders.

“Sir is too polite! We don’t dare to receive such treatment.” The two were naturally Pei You and Gao Ying.

The two of them had lost so miserably in the casino on the first floor, so they had come to the second floor to vent out their frustrations.

Then, news about the disturbance on the third floor kept bothering them, so they couldn't focus on their own matters.

They could only rush upstairs in annoyance to see what was going on.

When they saw that Zu An was being troubled by someone, they had immediately become enraged.

As such, they had quickly stepped forward to help him out.

Sun Xun was angered when he heard the mockery in their voices, but he didn’t show anything on the surface.

He said, “My son was plotted against and killed by someone today.

I am currently investigating this case.

I ended up speaking irresponsibly out of an impulse due to the grief, so I hope that the two honored sirs do not treat it too seriously.”

It would be fine if he said such words in Yi Commandery, but if those words reached the capital, it would cause quite a few problems.

Even though there was no chance of the court doing something to him over such a small matter, leaving his majesty or the court’s other big shots with a bad impression might have bad effects on future matters.

“Oh” The two of them didn’t even know what was happening, since they had just gone up in a hurry.

As such, they walked up to Zu An and asked him what happened.

Zu An gave them a rough summary of what had happened.

They actually knew each other! Sun Xun’s brows furrowed tightly when he saw that.

That made things much trickier…

Chubby Senior’s eyes widened.

Then, he gave Tang Tian’er a look.

He asked through ki, “Didn’t you say  he was from the ocean races”

Tang Tian’er was also baffled and replied, “I don’t know what’s going on either! Don’t tell me the ocean races have something to do with the court”

“That’s not entirely impossible,” Chubby Senior said.

Even so, he couldn't be bothered with that right now.

With the imperial envoy involved, even the imperial guards were going to be implicated.

He had been really worried that the situation might have a bad effect on the Hub of Freedom.

The higher ups were definitely going to blame him for doing a poor job.

When Pei You and Gao Ying heard Zu An’s explanation, they gave Sun Xun impatient looks.

“Sir Sun, since there is already evidence stating that he is innocent, why do you still insist on arresting him”

Even though Sun Xun’s cultivation was high, he was still a Zhou Dynasty statesman.

They were acting on imperial orders at the moment, and the two of them had met their fair share of big shots in the capital.

Their clans didn’t even lack experts on the level of Sun Xun, so why would they treat him as a big deal

“That’s…” Sun Xun hesitated, then changed his tone.

“...because I made an inconsiderate judgment.” The other party was connected to the imperial envoy.

With his current authority, that wasn’t something he could mess with.

Zu An spoke up just then.

“Being able to recognize your own mistakes and reforming yourself is incredibly important.

Sir Sun needs to genuinely and sincerely work for the people in the future.

Be sure not to abuse the authority the court has entrusted you with.”

Sun Xun was speechless. I yielded you some respect, and yet you’re now running with it But he couldn't really take it anymore while being berated in front of so many people, asking, “May I ask what your respected self’s official post is”

You have successfully trolled Sun Xun for 444 444 444…

Zu An said indifferently, “I have no official post.

What I said are just things every commoner knows.

Could it be that Sir Sun doesn’t agree with what I said”

Sun Xun’s breath caught in his throat.

Only after a while did he exhale.

“You’re absolutely right.”

You have successfully trolled Sun Xun for 745 745 745…

He stormed off with a huff with an ashen expression afterward.

Those from the Hub of Freedom sighed in relief when they saw that.

However, they still looked at Zu An and the others vigilantly.

After all, this was a gray zone, so these people being from the capital left them feeling really uncomfortable.

Chubby Senior quickly came over and said with an apologetic smile, “Please come with me, honored guests.

We had eyes but could not see before; I hope that sirs do not feel bothered by our poor treatment.”

He wanted to use this chance to build up a good relationship with the other party.

After all, even the imperial envoy was made up of people, so they had the same weaknesses.

It wasn’t as if the Hub of Freedom had never entertained imperial envoys before.

Zu An chuckled and said, “There’s no need.

We have some other matters to tend to, so we won’t disturb you.”

“Young master An is going to leave” Tang Tian’er looked at him reluctantly.

If not for the fact that Zu An had already experienced her charming skills before, he might have really thought she felt something for him.

“I’ll come and visit the lady another day.” Zu An gave her bottom a light pat, then left while laughing.

Tang Tian’er blushed as she watched them depart. That fella dares to take advantage of me!

She suddenly realized that even after all of that, she didn’t even know the other party's real surname or identity.

She had danced and sung at the Hub of Freedom for so many years, toying with so many men in the palm of her hand, and yet today, she suddenly felt she had been the one played by someone else.

Was he even charmed by me earlier Tang Tian’er’s pretty brow furrowed.

However, a smile appeared on her face soon afterward. What an interesting man.

I like him.

Meanwhile, Chubby Senior personally saw Zu An’s group out.

He had been worried about how he was going to make them coordinate with the Hub of Freedom’s entry and exit rules, but Zu An agreed to enter a sealed carriage of his own accord.

He immediately felt grateful.

Because of the matter with Sun Ji, however, he only left after seeing them all the way to the pier.

“Why did we have to leave so early I haven't had enough fun yet.” Now that there was no one around them, Pei You finally voiced his misgivings.

Zu An replied with a smile, “They didn’t even make you pay up; are you not happy enough with that”

Pei You remarked with a chuckle, “How can I compare to big bro Zu You managed to snag the Hub of Freedom’s prettiest girl for yourself in such a short time.

I asked around on the second floor, eventually finding out that Tang Tian’er was the Hub of Freedom’s publicly acknowledged number one beauty!”

Gao Ying nodded.

“I heard quite a few people mention her on the first floor.

She’s famous for being the Hub of Freedom’s stunning socialite.

She’s able to associate with all kinds of men with incredible ease.

Big bro Zu, you should be careful.

It’s okay to satisfy your body, but don’t let your heart get caught up too.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Zu An knew he had said that with good intentions, but he had already seen Tang Tian’er’s methods for himself.

Those other men had probably all been duped by her, leaving no one able to really get anything from her.

Gao Ying sighed when he saw that Zu An hadn’t seemed to take his words to heart. Zu An is still young and vigorous; that kind of exceptional beauty really is hard to resist. He didn’t bother trying to advise Zu An further and instead changed the topic.

“Brother Zu, was there any deeper meaning behind why you asked us to come back earlier”

Zu An nodded and said, “Of course.

There’s no way that Sun Xun will leave the matter at that.”

Pei You raised a brow.

“What, don’t tell me he’ll dare to act against us”

“Why wouldn’t he dare Isn’t he here already” Zu An sighed as he looked into the distance.


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