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Chapter 1000: Our Boss Is Missing

The military training at Jingdu University lasted for 20 days.

Mu Feichi was not there every day, and Si Wenxuan did not appear again in the military training after she had acted like a spoiled brat on that first day.

The military training allowed Yun Xi to regain her previous form.

The arduous coaching strengthened her physique, and her endurance got better and better.

These ordinary, simple drills were not very stressful for her.

After training in the desert with Yan Shuo to boost her resistance to sweltering weather, Jingdus heat was not a problem.

Combining all the training that she had undergone in her two lives, she realized that she had developed a soldier-like demeanor.

The 20 days of military training soon ended, and Mu Feichi had only shown his face on the first day.

The remaining time, the girls had all been looking forward to Mu Feichis appearance every day, but they had been disappointed that they did not get to see him.

Even Yun Xi had not seen Mu Feichi for many days.

One fine day, she was on her way home, when a figure slunk up behind her.

Seeing an approaching shadow, Yun Xi suddenly ducked and turned around while pulling the approaching figure over her shoulder and tossing him to the ground.

“It hurts…” The man who she had thrown to the ground was groaning in pain.

Yun Xi had dislocated his arm, and his face turned pale as he kneeled in front of her.

“Who are you” Yun Xi stared at him warily.

“My…my name is Qin Yu.

Feng…Feng Yang is my boss.

Our boss had, he…”

Upon hearing Feng Yangs name, Yun Xi immediately pulled the man to his feet.

“Dont move.

I will fix your arm.”

Holding the mans dislocated arm, Yun Xi distracted him by asking, “What happened to your boss Why hasnt he come to find me”

“Ah…” A loud crack sounded just when the man was about to speak.

Yun Xi had swiftly set his dislocated arm back in its rightful position.

“Our…our boss is missing!”

“What the h*ll” She and Feng Yang were working together to investigate the names in the ledger.

He was going to look into the secret relationships, while she was going to rely on Mu Feichis intelligence network to conduct investigations of the other middlemen.

They had agreed early on that if anything happened to him, someone would come to her.

“We followed the boss to find the whereabouts of a few people, but in the end, he suddenly disappeared.”

“How many of you went” Yun Xi clenched her hands, and a stormy expression crossed her face.

“There were four of us who went there together, but I went out to eat and left them for a little while.

When I returned, all three of them were gone, leaving behind only the bosss signature chalk marks on the ground as a clue.”

“Where did it happen”

“It was in Xinqi Town.”

“I see.

Go back and wait for news from me.

Dont go anywhere in the meantime, and dont act rashly.

Do you understand”

“Then, what about our boss”

“I will find a way.

Leave it to me, I wont leave him behind!”


Then…then you must call me if you have news.

Heres my phone number…”

Yun Xi pocketed the phone number he wrote on a cigarette box.

Then she took a deep breath before she turned around to press the elevator button, trying to calm herself down bit by bit.

Feng Yang was missing, and she could not ignore it.

Now the only thing to do was to find him.

Conducting a search for a missing person was not one of her strengths.

Her contacts were not as advantageous as Mu Feichis.

Now she was going to have to go back to Tianyu Mountain to seek Mu Feichis help.

Changing into a light outfit, she hailed a taxi straight to Tianyu Mountain.

In the taxi, she searched for the geographic location of Xinqi Town on her laptop and checked the satellite map around the inn where they had gone missing.

With Feng Yangs abilities, he could not possibly disappear so easily.

Now that he had vanished, there was only one possibility: his perpetrators were hiding in this town.

They did not want him to discover their whereabouts, so they had kidnapped him instead.

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