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Chapter 98: Snatching Her Gown

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Yun Xi glanced down at the dress she was wearing.

She realized that her dress really wasnt suited for this kind of occasion.

However, they didnt know that Mrs.

Chen was a nostalgic person.

Even if she appeared in front of her this evening dressed this way, the old woman wouldnt feel that she was being disrespectful to her.

Second Aunt came out of the dining room.

She glanced at the two showy peacocks, then looked at Yun Xi on the stairs, clapped her hands together and asked, “Yun Xi, do you have a dress”

“That box of clothes hasnt been worn yet, you should be able to pick out a presentable set of clothes.”

Just as Yao Ying was about to tell her to pick out one from the department store, Yun Zilings patronizing voice sounded.

“Sister, I have a lot of dresses, do you want me to lend you one If you go to the auction dressed like this, not only will Second Aunt lose face, but I will also lose face in front of my friends if they find out that youre my sister or that you came from the countryside.”

Yun Xi chuckled softly, and, resting her hands on the railing, she looked down upon her sister, who was being both contemptuous and charitable.

It wasnt like Yun Ziling to be so generous.

“Second sister, if you really think that I will embarrass you, then I wont go.

If I dont go, there wont be any problem, will there”

“No! You have to go.”

Almost reflexively, Yun Ziling became anxious as soon as she heard Yun Xi saying she wasnt going to go.

As soon as the words were spoken, she realized that she had said something she shouldnt have said and hurriedly changed her words.

“I…I mean, if you dont go, wouldnt you embarrass Second Aunt even more The invitation you got came from her.”


It would be unfair to Second Aunt if I dont go.”

Standing above them on the stairs leading down, Yun Xi was able to take in all the subtleties of everyones expressions.

Yun Ziling had almost divulged something she shouldnt have.

At that moment, the look on her mothers face was that of panic and guilt.

Knowing her mother and Yun Ziling, she knew that on this kind of occasion, where high-class elites gathered, they wouldnt allow her to have the chance to show herself, nor would they allow her to embarrass them.

But this time she had been encouraged to go, so sure enough, something must be up.

It would seem that at the charity banquet tonight, theyd set a trap for her and were waiting for her to fall in it.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and discreetly concealed her expression.

“In order not to embarrass you guys, I will go out and buy a dress.”

Just as she said this, their housekeeper came in from the yard carrying a large package, and, upon seeing Yun Xi, she walked up the stairs with a smile on her face.

“Miss, someone just sent this gift box for you.”

“Who was it” Yun Xi came downstairs and stared at the gift box in her hand in puzzlement.

“He didnt say who it was from either.

He drove a very high-end car and looked like a butler.”

Yun Xi was just about to receive the gift box when Yun Ziling rushed over and grabbed the gift box from her hands.

A golden circle was printed on the gift box, and two English letters, j & l, were printed on the circle.

As soon as she saw the letters on the box, Yun Zilings entire face suddenly brightened, as if she had found a rare treasure, and her eyes widened as she took a few deep breaths.

“Its the famous international designer Ling Jings design.

Mom, its Ling Jing.

Ling Jing has made a haute couture dress for Madame! His dresses cost a few hundred thousand at the least and can cost even tens of millions.

Theres no way ordinary people can afford them.”

Yun Zilings face was full of excitement, and, without caring whether the gown was for her or not, she opened the gift box and took out the gown inside.

Yun Xi frowned in displeasure.

Yun Zilings shameless brazenness really made her view her in a different light.

In the gift box, there was a white chiffon fairy-like gown, with flowers of several colors embroidered around the waist and spreading to the chest like vines.

With the overall pure white color, the bright flowers became the colorful finishing touch of the entire gown, and the handmade embroideries were exquisite and luxurious.

“Its so beautiful!” Looking at the famous designers work in front of her, Yun Ziling suddenly felt that the gown on her body was extremely tacky.

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