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Chapter 980: Sibling Rivalry

After talking about the Han family, Yun Xi brought up the subject of the Qiao family, who desperately wanted an opportunity to meet Mu Feichi.

“Young Commander, the Qiao family has been doing everything in their power to try and meet you.

They have tried many methods, from reaching out to the mayor to making an appointment with Gu Baifan.

You have been dodging them for so long.

Arent you afraid that a cornered dog will leap over a wall in desperation”

Mu Feichi curled his lips in amusement as his dark gaze fell on her curious pink face.

“Do you think that the old fox Qiao Dehao cant keep his composure”

“We dont know for sure.

The Qiao family urgently needs this project to lift up their status.

If they miss out on this project, such a good opportunity might not come their way again.

Although they are slow to rise, I dont believe they will watch an opportunity like this slip away.”

“Indeed.” Mu Feichi knew better than anyone that the Qiao family was also a pawn in her game, even a key pawn.

Naturally, he would not ignore them.

“Thats why I have let the word slip to Qiao Lixin that they can meet me through you.

Babe, you have to be prepared to meet this rich playboy first.

This knife is not sharp, but it is a handy tool.

Do you understand what I mean”

“Yes, I know what to do.”

Yun Xi did not even think before answering because she knew the struggle between Qiao Lixin and Qiao Ximin very well.

In her past life, Qiao Lixin had fought with Qiao Ximin about everything.

Yun Xi had even stupidly given Qiao Ximin many ideas on how to deal with him and had set many traps for Qiao Lixin.

At that time, she had studied Qiao Lixin, who was no different from any other rich playboys.

He did not have much brains, and his scheming was no match for Qiao Ximins at all.

However, she did not mind dealing with him now, particularly if it could hinder Qiao Ximin.

Qiao Ximin wanted to leverage her relationship with the mayor to contact the decision-maker of the Mu family, who was mainly responsible for this project.

It was a pity that a series of unexpected incidents had rendered her efforts in vain.

Qiao Dehao had scolded Qiao Ximin severely because of this.

The things that should have been in their grasp had changed their course.

It would now be a big problem for them.

Only by winning this project and cooperating with the Mu family could the Qiao family stand out and grasp the opportunity to make a comeback.

Qiao Dehao understood this, and Qiao Ximin knew it even better than he did.

However, they couldnt think of a way ahead at this juncture.

And all of a sudden, Qiao Lixin had jumped out of the blue.

Qiao Ximin knew that this guy was going to create havoc again, so she just sat on the sofa and watched his performance from the sidelines.

After listening to Qiao Lixins suggestions, Qiao Dehao frowned and considered for a moment.

“Your plan is not bad, but its not easy to meet the Young Commander.

Are you sure that the key person you mentioned would be able to take you to see the Young Commander”

If anyone could meet the Young Commander of Jun Country, the four wealthiest families would definitely be the first in line.

Would the Qiao family ever get their turn

Qiao Lixin was confident and could not wait to get Qiao Dehaos approval.

“Dad, Ive already checked thoroughly.

I wont say anything that Im not sure of.

Trust me to get this done.”

He had sent people to find out all the information that was available, and he had unexpectedly discovered a reliable clue.

He simply needed a little time, and he would be able to see the Young Commander.

The people Qiao Ximin had sent could not even find this clue, so it was his gain.

As long as he could meet the Young Commander this time and negotiate the project, then his fathers impression of him would change.

After this, his fathers opinion of that wench Qiao Ximin would plummet.

And then, it was his chance to take the limelight.

That wench had stepped on his head for so long that it was time for him to humiliate her!

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