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Chapter 976: Two Kisses

Mu Feichi moved a little closer.

His handsome face had an ambiguous smile.

It was both charming and seductive.

A delicious mint scent emanated from him.

He fixed his dark eyes on her sparkling ones and curled his thin lips into an alluring smile.

“Kiss me, and these two documents are yours.”

Leaning back slightly, Yun Xi frowned.

She looked at the rascal in front of her, who seemed to be looking at her in anticipation.

She didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Young Commander, your punching bag is really cheap.”

In the face of this man who had come to see her to take advantage of her, Yun Xi really did not know what to do.

He was incorrigible.

She knew in her heart that his late-night arrival was not because he wanted to take advantage of her, but to give her what she wanted.

Deep down in her heart, she was moved by the lengths he went to for her.

However, the conditions that he attached were…

“Compared to these two pieces of information, its nothing, but I would like it! Piles of gold wouldnt win my ladys affections.

Besides, if you take the initiative, I will treasure it even more.”

“…” She was being forced to take the initiative.

Seeing her sitting there without moving, Mu Feichi leaned in closer and stared at her seductively.

“Babe, Im so ravishing.

What do you even need to consider”

“Stop fooling around.” He had her cornered.

What was the point of playing hard to get

Lowering her head, she kissed him fiercely on the cheek as if she wanted to take a bite of him.

Someone had finally gotten what he wanted.

He turned his head and pointed at his right cheek, indicating that the price of two documents were two kisses.

“…” Yun Xi took a deep breath.

When she leaned her face over to kiss his other cheek, Mu Feichi suddenly turned his head.

Her lips met his, and their lips pressed together.

Yun Xi immediately reacted, realizing that she had fallen into his trap.

Just as she was about to push him away, he was a step ahead of her.

He clasped her neck, and she was unable to move.

A burning fire spread in her mouth.

Yun Xi did not have time to think or even react at all.

The sensual and lingering warmth on her lips made her pupils dilate.

He forced open her tightly closed lips and made his entry domineeringly, clutching her slender waist with one hand and directly tugging her from the chair onto his lap.

As soon as she was on his lap, Yun Xi wanted to run away.

However, once she moved, she realized that she was sitting on something hard.

Realizing that she had encountered his dangerous item, her legs went weak.

It was just a kiss.

How could this man lose control of himself like this

However, as she was inexperienced, she did not understand that he was a man who was really practicing restraint.

He had not had a woman since he had fallen for Yun Xi.

And now, he was facing a woman who he was strongly attracted to, but had had to wait for a long time for her to grow up.

It was evident that it was extemely difficult for him to bear it.

Even though he could hold himself back, it was exceedingly challenging.

Yun Xi was underaged, and the situation was about to go out of control now.

She felt confused and frustrated all of a sudden.

Mu Feichi stopped before he was on the verge of losing control.

His dark eyes burned with desire, and his scorching gaze made Yun Xi feel hot and flushed.

“Well, Im extremely satisfied with this thank-you gift.”

He stroked her head as if he was comforting a frightened animal.

His large palm was gentle as he caressed her.

She did not struggle or refuse him, and she did not even slap him when he stopped kissing her.

She either had immense trust that he would control himself, or she was not opposed to his advances.

The trust she had in him made him feel that all this time he had had to wait for her to grow up was not that long or torturous.

It did not matter if he could not be intimate with her.

He loved her, and what he wanted from her was not simply to sleep with her.

They were going to have a lifetime together, and they could slowly get used to each other.

There would be many opportunities to be close.

Blushing deep red, Yun Xi took advantage of the reprieve and pushed him back onto the bed.

She took the opportunity to get up from his lap and return to her seat to study the punching bag that he had given her.

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