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Chapter 974: No Respect

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Of course, her status would change soon.

The moment her mother married into the Su family, she would be a daughter of the family.

Even if they were not related by blood, her status would still be improved.

As long as she had the backing of the Su family, she would have the proper channels to attend the Socialite Ball and she would not need to depend on the monster Han Zhongteng any longer.

The socialite lessons she had spent the past months working hard to learn were finally going to pay off.

The fourth son of the Su family had been a miracle that came just in time to resolve all of her difficult circumstances.

However, what she did not know was that Yun Xi was the one who had planned this whole thing.

Yun Xi had never refrained from setting up her enemies, and she is merciless.

Liang Xinyi looked as if she thought the battle had already been won, and the ticket to victory was in her hands.

Her eyes were shining with not only smugness but an unconcealable assurance.

Yun Xi straightened her back and smiled as she replied with a cold gaze, “Beat me Im looking forward to that.

Better work hard and climb high, or you might lose your chance to even look up to me.”

“Look up to you” Liang Xinyi scoffed, her tone no longer containing its derision.

“Do you really think your status as the eldest daughter of the Yun family will ever make you any more special than I am Although we did not succeed in our plan for the divorce of your parents, my mom has already climbed higher than your dad.

With the influence of the Su family politically, we can easily take down your father.”

Yun Xi had utterly ruined her reputation and forced her to trade her body for benefits.

Now she had sworn she would return all the pain and humiliation back to her in spades.

“Things are not set in the stone yet.

You can say youve won, but if I go out and call your mother Aunt and introduce your father as my uncle, wouldnt your plans fall through Even if the fourth son of the Su family is completely in love with your cougar mother, he would still be jealous in the face of a rival, no”

Liang Xinyi scoffed again.

“Im willing to bet that you wouldnt dare to do that, Yun Xi.”

“Oh Please elaborate.” Yun Xi was surprised that Liang Xinyi could regain her composure so fast.

“As long as my dads here, you will accomplish nothing but bringing shame on my dad.

All three of us stand with the fourth son of the Su family.

All we have to do is deny any relation with him, and Su Zongping will believe us.

Besides, he knows that everyone wants to claim some relations with the Su family.

My parents are divorced, and they have nothing to do with each other anyway.

So all you would accomplish would be to bring suffering to my dad.

Can you bear to humiliate your dear uncle in front of everyone No, you wont.”

Yun Xi could not help but squint at her attitude of composure and self-assurance, and a string of words suddenly appeared in her mind: “A scholar who has been away for three days must be regarded with new eyes”.

In the span of only three months, Liang Xinyi seemed to have made improvements on engaging in intelligence and psychological warfare with her enemies.

It seemed as if the socialite classes had not been wasted on her.

Liang Xinyi had taken Yun Xis silence as confirmation that she had trapped her.

She celebrated to herself that the lessons she had taken with Han Zhongteng had been of use after all.

“So dont bother threatening me! Im not afraid!”

“Not bad, you have made some improvements,” Yun Xi nodded and gave her shoulder a pat of encouragement.

“Keep it up.

I hope I wont be disappointed next time.”

She turned without another word and left the washroom, a smile playing on her red lips.

However, it disappeared in an instant.

She was different from Liang Xinyi, she had a baseline that she wouldnt cross.

She would only bring harm to her enemies, and not to her loved ones that she treasured.

But for Liang Xinyi, she had no problem treating her biological father who had doted on her since birth with such vicious tactics..

Even as her competitor, there was nothing in Yun Xi that would allow her to give Liang Xinyi an ounce of respect.

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