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Chapter 971: Wont Fall for Just Anybody

The two shots from Li Zilan had accomplished the outcome that Mu Feichi had wanted.

There was no need for any further training.

Before they departed, Mu Feichi pointed toward the abandoned building meaningfully.

“Well return here soon so prepare yourself mentally, babe.

Lord Yan has taught you the battle tactics in extreme conditions, and now you will have to learn all the sniper positions in the event of a counterterrorism exercise here as well.


Yu Xi gazed at the barren land, and the fear in the aftermath of the two shots still lingered in her mind.

On their way back, Mu Feichi brought up Qiao Ximins investigation of her to prepare Yun Xi mentally for what was coming next.

She had expected Qiao Ximin to start investigating her.

After the scale of embarrassment she had caused her in front of the mayor, it would be strange for Qiao Ximin to not be investigating her.

She had been highly calculating when theyd known each other in her past life.

There was no doubt that she had a high IQ.

“Dont worry, all she could find was what you let her find.

Without my permission, she wouldnt have access to anything else.”

Yun Xi nodded, she had always felt assured that Mu Feichi was in charge.

The net had already been cast and when it was reeled in, she expected to have caught quite a few bad characters.

“Besides, when school starts, you will find a lot of familiar faces as your military training instructors.”

Yun Xi reacted immediately to his words and she turned her head in surprise, “Will all of you be our instructors”

Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow and stared into her questioning eyes.

His hand could not resist the urge and gently lifted up her chin and asked in a questioning voice, “Why, do you think Im not qualified”

He answered her question with another question and his tone of voice carried a hint of teasing.

He could not give her a moment to breathe.

But Yun Xi was not a loser.

In the face of his teasing she became more calm and solemn.

She was in a place where she could completely hide every emotion in her heart.

She raised her hand and pinched the unbelievably handsome face of this man and replied to him with a straight face, “No, I would actually be more stressed if you were there.

Young Commander, youre too charming, Im afraid the women will be all over you.”

Especially those at the school who were plotting their futures: Si Wenxuan, Liang Xinyi, and Qiao Ximin.

All three of them were ready to stage the best drama Yun Xi would ever witness.

“Dont worry about it, babe, Im picky.

I dont just fall for anybody.”


“Additionally, with someone as beautiful as you, who cares about how beautiful the other wildflowers are.

I am blind to all of them.

There were millions of women in the world, but no matter how beautiful or stunning they were, Yun Xi was the only one he had eyes for.

When it came to anyone else, he might as well be a blind man.

Yun Ziling had finally returned home after her weeklong stay in the hospital.

The entire incident had given Liang Xiuqin quite a scare and also deepened the hatred she had for Chen Lixues family.

Over the whole time, Yun Yuanfeng had only paid a single visit to the hospital, and he never visited again after paying for the hospital bills.

Instead, he had been frequently visiting the house of the pregnant lady, showering her with food, presents, and all kind of care.

Although it had only been three months, and they didnt know if the child was male or female, Yun Yuanfengs care had given Yun Xi quite an insight.

She looked at the date of the photograph.

If Liang Xiuqin were to have a glimpse of it and learned that Yun Yuanfeng had been paying attention to another woman while she was taking care of Yun Ziling in the hospital, and even worse that the woman was pregnant with his son, she guessed that Liang Xiuqin might crumble on the spot.

The only good news to Yun Xi was that the fourth uncle of the Su family had taken measures against Chen Lixue, which was a piece of incredibly good news indeed.

She had to share this good news with her uncle.

As long as he had completely gotten over her and cut Chen Lixue from his life, he could remarry and begin anew.

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