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Chapter 97: We Cant Afford to Have You Embarrassing Us

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Thus, the small fox and the big fox butted heads.

Watching from the sidelines, Young Marshal Mu actually seemed to be a superfluous outsider.

Li Zilan had taken a liking to the little girl, and since Li Zilan valued talent, he wasnt particularly worried that she would so something malicious to her.

“Im leaving her in your hands, but if something happens to her, I will kill you.”

Before Mu Feichi left, he threw these words at her, then headed directly toward a tree near the sidelines to answer his phone.

Yun Xi turned her head to glance at the haughty figure.

At that moment, she understood why Mu Feichi didnt teach her himself.

Sure enough, being too protective wasnt always useful.

If he were to teach her, from how nervously hed reacted moments before, whether or not she could make any progress, she would be lucky if she could even learn anything at all.

There was a reason why strict teachers produced highly skilled disciples.

At the very least, Li Zilan wouldnt give her any chance to make mistakes.

The only thing Li Zilian would teach her was to block all her retreats and make her confront her mortality.

Li Zilan took a small grenade and began to dismantle it.

She asked nonchalantly, “I heard that youve just returned from the countryside.

Since you seemed so familiar with the small grenade, perhaps youve encountered them before”

“Ive seen them on TV, so my understanding of them is only on the surface level.”

“Then Ill help you understand its inner workings.

However, youre still in school, so just come up the mountain to learn on Saturday and Sunday.

Theres no need to rush.”

Young Marshal Mu had planned on nurturing her till she was fully mature anyway, so there were still a few more years until he kidnapped her to become his bride.

A few years time was enough time to shape her into a strong woman who would be competent enough to safeguard her position as the wife of the Mu familys heir.

After her training, Mu Feichi sent Yun Xi down the mountain.

Yun Xi had talked about going to Mrs.

Chens charity auction the next day, so she would have no time to come up the mountain.

Mu Feichi remembered hearing about such an event, but he had no interest in these types of things and couldnt remember where hed thrown the invitation hed received.

But in terms of the Chen family, he didnt want to see her getting too close with Chen Yichen.

Despite having given her many warnings, he didnt know how much shed taken them to heart, so he still felt uneasy about it.

After he got back to the Mu Mansion, he instructed the butler to find the invitation.

The butler was surprised, since Young Marshal Mu never asked about these sorts of things.

In Jingdu, unless the elders of the Qi family hosted a banquet, which he would take the time to attend, Young Marshal Mu wouldnt personally attend any banquets, parties, or auctions held by anyone else.

Mu Feichi called his childhood friend Xiao Lingjing and asked him to prepare a womans gown.


Chens charity auction in reality was simply a venue for upper-class people to show off their wealth.

This would be the first time that his little rascal appeared as a lady from the Yun family on such an occasion, so she couldnt break etiquette in front of so many people.

As soon as Lingjing was asked to prepare a gown for a girl aged 17 to 18, he thought that he must be preparing it for some heiress from the Mu family, so he asked a few more questions.

But Mu Feichi remained completely tight-lipped, and Xiao Lingjing couldnt get a word out of him.

The auction was at night, so Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling dragged Liang Xiuqin to the mall early in the morning.

Yun Xi stayed in her room reading and only went downstairs when it was time to eat.

When she went downstairs, she saw Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling in the living room showing off the dresses they had just bought.

Liang Xiuqin had always been fixated upon having Yun Ziling hook up with children from wealthy families.

After all, it wouldnt be easy for Yun Ziling, a young lady with heart disease, to marry into a distinguished family.

“Mom, you have great taste.

I will wear this dress to the auction, and the old lady will definitely love it!”

After benefiting from Liang Xiuqins advice, Liang Xinyi also said, “For sure! Aunties sense of style isnt something ordinary people can compete with! Sister Ziling will definitely be able to impress everyone tonight.”

Everyone loved to listen to flattery.

Yun Ziling giggled merrily, then turned around and saw Yun Xi standing on the stairs.

“Sister, all those attending the auction tonight are famous people from the upper classes.

Dont tell me you plan on going there looking like that I think you should refrain from embarrassing the Yun family.

We arent that highly regarded right now, so we cant afford to have you embarrassing us.”

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