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Chapter 970: Stay with Me Forever

Once Yun Xi confirmed the snipers location, Mu Feichi smirked.

He tilted his head slightly as he looked into the scope and adjusted it.

Then he fired a shot toward the window on his right.

Yun Xi saw through her binoculars that some yellow-colored smoke started billowing from that window.

The smoke was a signal indicating that they had hit the target.

The main reason they had been using real guns and bullets was not to kill anyone but to put the pressure of being in a real battle on Yun Xi.

Only in this way could Yun Xi genuinely experience the pressure she would face in a real battle.

Mu Feichi knew that Yun Xi was a brave woman.

During the incident on the mountain, he could already tell that she did not fear death when she tried to block the bullet headed for him without any hesitation.

But not being afraid of death was an entirely a different thing from being tortured by the visions of dying.

The bloody scenes on a battlefield could significantly amplify ones fears and thoughts of death.

Since she had chosen to work with him, then she would have to overcome this psychological hurdle.

Mu Feichi took down the sniper rifle he had placed on Yun Xis shoulder.

He then turned her around to face him.

Amid the glaring light, his deep eyes were sharp and stern.

“So now, do you still want to be my spotter”

Mu Feichi raised his hand, and he tipped Yun Xis chin up so that he could meet her gaze.

There was a light in his eyes, and his question hit her right in her heart.

Yun Xi tilted her head up a bit more to have a better look at him.

She finally understood that it was not an easy feat to stand in front of Mu Feichi and be his eyes.

She would have to remain calm and still like a mountain as his spotter, even if real bullets were flying around her.

As she thought about that, Yun Xi realized that Instructor Zilan was truly capable.

Its no wonder she dared to throw bombs at her when they first met.

Life and death were probably something Li Zilan was no longer bothered with.

Today, Yun Xi truly understood the meaning of the saying, the brave ones are fearless, and the strong ones know no enemies.

“I am not someone who will back down.”

“I know.

But you are still far from being a professional sniper and spotter, so…”

Yun Xi raised her head to look at Mu Feichi.

She thought he would ask her to continue working hard, but he said, “You should be a doctor.

Be a military doctor, and you will still be able to work with me.

If I injured myself on the battlefield, I would need you to treat me too.

It fits nicely, as didnt you want to be a doctor”

Yun Xis eyes closed a bit and she chuckled and said, “Dreams can change.”

Since she wanted to fight alongside him, it was no longer her dream to be a doctor, nor was it to take back control of the Yun family.

It was not worth her while going to any lengths and stopping at nothing for the Yun family.

Liang Xiuqin was selfish, while Yun Yuanfeng was greedy.

Her second aunt, second uncle, and grandfather were the only ones who treated her kindly.

Other than them, she had never felt any warmth from the family.

She should make herself stronger and not the Yun family.

Even if she were to stand with Mu Feichi in the future, she would want to show everyone her true abilities and not the weak Yun family she belonged to.

“If your dreams have changed, then I shall follow your wishes.”

Mu Feichi caressed her, doting and indulgent as always.

It was as if he was determined to create the world she wanted for her.

“But for your wishes to happen, you have to stay alive and be with me forever.

Otherwise, all this talk means nothing.”

“…” Yun Xi felt her heart fluttering, hearing this sudden confession from Mu Feichi.

Yun Xis eyes were shimmering with tears.

His sudden confessions would always tug at her heartstrings.

She would always believe that these were his promises to her.

And Mu Feichi had never let her down and he had always kept his promises.

Mu Feichi hoped that Yun Xi would be different from Instructor Zilan.

Li Zilan could be fearless because she had nothing to lose or to worry about.

But for Yun Xi, Mu Feichi hoped that she could live well, as one can only do when theywant to stay alive.

Theres no turning back in time, and you must stay with me forever.

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