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Chapter 964: Yun Xi Gets the Upper Hand

“Do you know how to strike back in this position, babe”

There was barely any space between them, and she was facing a man who was used to having a winning ticket in every fight and a man who had years of experience in fighting.

There were very few options for her to explore.

However, there was a way…

As he inched forward, she relaxed the legs that were tightly guarding his entry and clipped his waist with both of her legs.

Mu Feichi did not have a second to react as she violently flipped herself over, her hands supporting her heavy impact on the ground, and slammed the man above her down to the ground.

As the two were in close contact, she sandwiched his waist with her legs and pushed on his shoulders with both hands, the movement shifting her to directly sit at his waist.

In an instant, the two had changed their positions, and Yun Xi was now above Mu Feichi.

She maintained her position and half-kneeled on the man.

The man below her had been rendered speechless by her act, but there were glimmers of pride and admiration in his eyes.

At the moment of being in the elevated position, she instantly restored her feelings of triumph as her position gave her an absolute advantage in the fight.

“Sometimes losing is a form of advancing, Young Commander! It isnt such a bad idea after all.”

She lowered her hands above his chest to serve as a block in the event of a counterstrike, and her soft palms purposefully scratched against the surface of his black T-shirt.

She puckered up her red lips and her eyes relayed her satisfaction and a hint of playfulness.

HMMM! “You have real potential, my darling, you are a genius indeed!”

He raised his eyes and his pupils reflected a hint of happiness along with his unconcealable might.

“However, you can only use this on me and no other man.”

Yun Xi glared at Mu Feichi and scoffed lightly, “So what topics are suitable to be discussed in this position Is there anything you want to talk about, Young Commander”

This fight had been more complicated than her previous sparring with Yan Shuo when he was teaching her the basics of martial arts.

Mu Feichi had been practically playing with her in this fight.

She had had her share of defeat when she trained with Yan Shuo in the desert.

It was all in the name of training her reaction speed and her blocking skills after all.

However, for Mu Feichi, even in a fight he would hold back and calculate his moves in order to avoid bringing harm to her.

Even the close-quarter combat had been turned into an opportunity for him to flirt and tease her in multiple ways.

Yun Xi was truly speechless.

But it was undeniable that she had learned much from him.

And she would learn much more if he was willing to face her with his full power.

In this position, Mu Feichi seriously discussed with her many techniques of close combat and reactive movements for self-defense.

Their discussion had gone on for more than ten minutes.

Yun Xi was also so absorbed in the discussion that the strange position didnt even bother her any longer.

She made mental notes on all the techniques that Mu Feichi explained in his low raspy voice, and every thought about her pose of straddling the man left her mind.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Mu Feichi straightened the part of her that was in his arms and shifted her to a more comfortable position directly situated on his important part.

Facing Mu Feichis handsome features, his attractive figure, his deep gaze, and his unconcealed tenderness toward her, Yun Xis face flushed bright red instantly.

“So, do you want to attend the Socialite Ball this year, babe” Yun Xi was thrown off by this sudden question from him.

She stared straight at him for a few seconds and then asked him in return, “Do you want me to attend, Young Commander”

“Of course not!” Mu Feichi did not bother to hide his true feelings.

“Every man in Jun Country will be able to glimpse your beauty if you do attend, and I will definitely not be happy to share you with anyone else.”

He couldnt care less about anyone else, but when it came to Yun Xi, he was as selfish as possible, almost to the extent of being unreasonable.

“Oh, okay, if you dont want me to, then I wont.

Besides, its too late for me to learn social manners and etiquette.”

In her past life, she had learned some social manners and etiquette under the instructions of Grandfather Jiang.

But as she did not need to attend these kind of events, they had become insignificant for her.

Moreover, her goal to climb up the social ladder through networking did not necessitate that she must hold the title of being the number one socialite.

As long as she had Mu Feichi, she would never have to worry about any social networking.

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