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Chapter 963: Suitable Topic

This agile man seemed to have predicted how she was going to attack and, with a turn of his wrist, he reached out toward her kick and caught her incoming calf.

His speed was so fast! Yun Xi attempted to pull back her leg instinctively, but he had her calf in a tight grip.

With no other option, she turned around aggressively and used her other leg as support on the ground.

Then she launched another kick toward his chest.

Mu Feichi had spotted her attack position.

Before she could land her kick, he pushed his body forward and used his body weight to press down on her.

Yun Xi tried to get up, but the oncoming figure had squarely struck her back to the ground.

His uncontrollable strength had overcome all of her own strength and ability to retaliate.

With one hand, Mu Feichi supported his body and lessened the weight that was on Yun Xi.

He looked down at Yun Xi on the ground with half of his body hovering above her.

Yun Xi was trapped in this position.

The man was amused by her awkward and suggestive posture and shot her a knowing look.

His devilish looks displayed a knowing smile.

She was in a provocative and dangerous position!

Yun Xi frowned.

All her calculations had been thrown out the window.

Her legs had been caught by his arms in an open position, and she could feel where they were in direct contact with each other.

She stiffened, and her body started burning up.

The heat of the moment and his sharp gaze made her feel as if she had been caught by a giant who had trapped her in his web.

Yun Xi didnt know what to do, so she lifted her free leg and aimed it directly at his important part.

Mu Feichis eyes darkened and a light smiled played on his lips.

As soon as her leg flew toward him he caught her foot with a hunter-like precision and used the opportunity to move closer to her.

“Babe, if you kick this, you might not have any gratification for the rest of your life.”

Mu Feichi half-tilted his body and continued to tease his lover from above her.

“However, in an actual fight you need to strike good and hard, but in this case you can be a little kinder to me.”

He stopped holding on to her hands and immediately moved to trap her in between his arms, with one hand above her and another below, which closed up the space between them.

As for the areas where the two were in direct contact, he did not open up any space between them.

With the lack of space between them, Yun Xis blush had spread to her ears, and her flushed cheeks were less than an inch away from his handsome features.

She felt awkward and frustrated.

Gritting her teeth, she inhaled deeply and steeled her nerves to return his deeply sultry gaze.

“Could we talk about something else, Young Commander”

“No, I think this is a suitable topic with this distance between us.”

Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow.

If he had already made such a shameless comment, he had to stick it out to the end.

Moreover, this pose had given him an opportunity to build more understanding between the two of them.

He was quite in favor of it.

His delight grew at the sight of her blushing cheeks that changed slowly from frustration to mild anger.

He was the only one who would ever be able to witness such an adorable expression from her.

He was overjoyed!

After all, there was nothing unusual about flirting with his lover.

“Is it really” Yun Xi asked with a smile, her crystal-clear eyes glittering with every blink.

However, at the same time, her mind was turning fast as she considered her next move in this situation.

With this little distance between them, Mu Feichi was able to read every single thought that was hiding behind her eyes.

He closed the distance between them with a half-smile as he tilted his head with an expression of smugness and landed a kiss on her cheek.

There was warmth carried in the depths of his eyes.

It was almost like looking over an endless cliff.

One would find it difficult to gaze and ever be able to look away.

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