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Chapter 961: To Love Is to Let Go

The news that Qiao Ximin had been investigating Yun Xi reached Mu Feichis ears fast.

Even the details of the man who had been employed by Qiao Ximin to investigate Yun Xi were presented to Mu Feichi.

She was another fool who had no real significance, therefore Mu Feichi could not care less about her.

All it would take was an order from him, and he could erase all the history of conflicts and kidnapping that involved the two of them, as well as any information about Crocodile.

If Qiao Ximin wanted to get a better knowledge of Yun Xi, he could allow that, but only to the extent he would decide was sufficient, and that was absolutely all.

Qi Yuan studied the men practicing on the training ground and turned around to Mu Feichi with worry on his face.

“Do you really plan to not intervene in the collaboration between Miss Yun and Feng Yang to draw the enemy out, Young Commander

From their perspective, Yun Xi had unknowingly placed herself in the most dangerous position possible when she had decided to lure the Crocodile out with the ledger.

If anything were to happen to her, they would be dragged into the water too.

If she had been any other person, they would not have felt such immense pressure.

But she was the apple of the Young Commanders eye!

Her importance to the Young Commander could lead to war if any harm came to her.

Mu Feichi pushed up his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and turned to look at Qi Yuan.

His lips curled up into a small smile and his handsome features shone with pride.

“Shes someone who has crawled out from the underworld.

What makes you think she would be less skillful than I am”

“I dont mean that.” It took a moment of silence from Qi Yuan before he could find the words to explain what he meant.

“She is very capable in terms of battle tactics, but I worry that shes not experienced enough in handling the experience-rich special forces soldier.

Moreover, she could face the real Crocodile this time, and he is one who is much more cruel and merciless than his body doubles.

She could be facing a real bloody battle.

We know from our experience with Crocodile how he hides behind the scenes as a mastermind, so he must be an expert in terms of strategies.

Im not saying Miss Yun is not intelligent enough but…”

Mu Feichi pulled over a folding chair and sat in the shade under a tree.

As he leaned back against the chair, he coolly gazed at the people in the shooting range not too far away through his sunglasses.

“No buts, as long as Im here, nothing can go wrong.

This battle with Crocodile will be her first actual battle.

I believe she will be thorough in the physical battle, so all we have to do is play our part as the defense well and let her take the lead confidently.

Experience is accumulated over time.

There are bigger battles for her to win in the future.

This is just an appetizer.”

Before Yan Shuo had taken her away, he would have never allowed her on the battlefield like this or even thought about letting her confront a situation like this.

But now, things have changed from the past.

She was someone with the capability and the confidence to take on this responsibility.

All she lacked was experience.

She was destined to fight alongside him and to be by his side, therefore he must do all that was in his capacity to support, protect, and bring her to her full potential and ensure she did not have to worry excessively about what she had to do.

To love was to let her go and give her the space to learn and grow.

Just as Commander Mu described what she was going through, she was working hard to reach where he stood.

The thought of this filled him with joy.

Even when she was in danger, she did not choose to give up.

He was willing to do anything for someone like her.

“Yes! Understood.”

“Inform the Intelligence Unit to fully cooperate with her investigation!”

“About the Qiao family…”

“The Qiao family is only a pawn that she chose.

If she didnt have the capacity to deal with them, she would not have picked this fight.

I doubt she cares about Qiao Ximin in any way.”

He stood up and smiled.

Mu Feichi walked toward the individuals who were inspecting the sniper rifles.

It was time he passed her the sniper rifle that he had made just for her.

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