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Chapter 96: As for Ambition and Ability, I Wont Lose to You

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The deafening explosion echoed throughout the mountains.

Yet Mu Feichi didnt seem to hear anything.

The petite girl in front of him seemed to be the only thing his brooding eyes could look at.

His clear, bright cat-like eyes reflected her image.

At the moment she appeared stunning and dazzling.

Her bravery and self-confidence, even her fearless pride, made him feel that it was as if the worlds most brilliant flower had bloomed.

She was dazzling enough to make everything else pale in comparison.

His little Yun Xi was truly extraordinary!

After shed snapped back to reality, Yun Xi looked at Li Zilan, who was walking toward her.

In regard to her, she dared not take any chances, nor did she naively think that she was a gentle, kind woman.

There was a reason people called her the devil.

Clapping her hands, Li Zilan stared at Yun Xi with a smile on her face.

“Not bad! You have courage, I like that!”

Mu Feichi hid Yun Xi behind him.

His face was somber and his brow was furrowed into a frown.

“Li Zilan, what were you doing I told you to teach her, not kill her!”

“Isnt she still alive and well” Li Zilan refuted nonchalantly, as if shed already expected him to fly into a rage.

“Do I look like Im joking to you”

There was a stiffness in the air after hed lowered his tone.

But Li Zilan didnt even take him seriously.

Her charming eyes raised slightly, and her eyes fell on Yun Xi.

“Boss, Im not joking with her either.

If she doesnt even have courage, she doesnt deserve me to teach her personally.”

“Shes still a novice.

What are you so impatient about”

She shrugged and started playing with a small grenade in her hand, then smiled seductively.

“This girl is not as simple as you think.

From her way of holding the handle and the speed of her reaction, she is obviously not a novice.

Which novice have you seen before who can remain calm while holding a small grenade with an unleashed safety bolt”

Li Zilans words hit a chord with Mu Feichi.

Hed been too anxious earlier and had neglected this fact.

“Not only did she respond quickly, but she also had the guts to throw the small grenade back at me, a tooth for a tooth.

She was absolutely merciless.

She has ruthlessness and guts.

As she said this, Li Zilan was watching Yun Xi with admiration in her eyes.

“Do you still think that this little girl is such a rookie”

This girl had great courage, and she admired it, especially the fierceness in her eyes.

Only when one is tough on oneself and others can one truly become powerful!

“Even if shes not a rookie, what you did was out of line!”

He knew her modus operandi, but this girl was still young.

Even though he had wanted to help her grow, he was still worried.

“I was just testing her reactions.

If she doesnt have guts, then why bother trying to learn any lifesaving skills from me If she steps on a mine in the future, how can she save herself if she loses her wits and freezes Young Marshal Mu, if youre going to be so blindly protective, you should take her back and baby-sit her, because I wont accept high-maintenance missies!”

Just as Mu Feichi was about to say that he would teach her instead, Yun Xi held him back.

“Boss Zilan, I have a question for you.”

“Ask it.”

“What were you learning at my age”

“At your age, I could hit a bulls-eye within a one-mile range.

Lifesaving skills always come in handy, otherwise how could I be alive and standing in front of you right now”

As she spoke of her past, Li Zilan didnt sound as if she was gloating.

She merely related this in an extremely calm tone.

“If you want to surpass your master, then you must have the ambition to overcome yourself, and the talent and abilities to match your ambitions.

Otherwise, no matter how lucky you are, if you encounter a grenade that you cannot get rid of, you will end up dead just the same.”

“I have no control over talent, but as for ambition and ability, I wont lose to you.”

“Youre tough! Then Ill be waiting for you to surpass me.”

Mu Feichi turned his head to look at Yun Xi.

Li Zilan had completely won over the little rascal, so it was too late for him to warn her.

Perhaps even he couldnt shake her resolution.

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