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As Yun Xi got home, she saw Liang Xiuqin answering a phone call and then getting Yun Ziling to head out with her hurriedly.

She knew that Liang Xiuqin had spent a lot of effort trying to find out the whereabouts of Chen Lixue, so perhaps she had just found out.

Since she was in such a hurry, she must be going there to pick a fight.

Yun Xi watched them from the doorway as they got into a taxi a ways down the street.

She had no plans to follow them, but suddenly she heard the screech of tires from an off-road vehicle pull up.

What are you doing here Feng Yang lowered his car window and glanced at her, half-leaning out to look at the figure standing in the doorway..

It\'s nothing.

My mother just snuck out, and I want to follow her.

Feng Yang did not ask any questions, but beckoned to her, Get in, I\'ll take you.

Saying that, he revved the engine and turned the steering wheel.

He quickly turned the car to face in the opposite direction.

His agile and swift movements caused the heavy tires to leave marks on the concrete roadway.

Feng Yang leaned over to open the door of the passenger seat for her.

Yun Xi got in, and the car flew away again before she could even settle into the seat.

There were only a few lanes in the villa residences, and the taxi had not gone far.

Feng Yang slowed down and followed behind.

Yun Xi turned to look at Feng Yang.

She hadn\'t seen him in several months.

She had rescued him from Crocodile the last time she\'d seen him, and she had guessed that he was working for the Special Operations Unit.

However, she didn\'t know any of the specifics.

She\'d run into him twice in a row when she was at places that were related to Crocodile.

His goal obviously was to catch Crocodile.

To a certain extent, she shared the same goal as he did.

To catch the real Crocodile, one could not rely on Mu Feichi\'s Intelligence Unit alone.

After all, there were limitations to his information.

Feng Yang must have a team working for him, since he could send his people into a drug gang as undercover agents.

At the critical moment, she would have to cooperate with him too.

She had the ledger, while he had the ability and the intelligence.

If they worked together to eradicate this cancerous tumor, it would only benefit Jun Country.

She had not had time to go through the individual lines in the ledger.

Many people were involved, and she could not ask Mu Feichi\'s Intelligence Unit to collect all their details.

It was too cumbersome and time-wasting.

However, this job still had to be done.

Crocodile cared about this ledger so much that it must mean there were secrets in it that she had not discovered yet.

Perhaps the ledger identified people related to Crocodile.

It hadn\'t been difficult for her to use the ledger to bait Crocodile, but the question remained, who was the real Crocodile They were very likely to let him escape if they couldn\'t find out who he was.

Yun Xi asked Feng Yang tentatively, What have you been up to lately

I\'ve been busy working.

I heard that you went abroad as an exchange student.

He had been busy reorganizing the people he managed and following a newly discovered clue.

He had heard his sister say that Yun Xi had gone abroad on one of his visits home.

Going abroad was a cover-up.

I was training under Instructor Yan.

After all, I\'m a girl, so I need to learn to defend myself.

Yan Shuo Hasn\'t he long since stopped training people

After Yan Shuo had trained Mu Feichi, he never did any training again.

Feng Yang thought that he would never have the chance to cross swords with the legendary Lord Yan.

Um...maybe I\'m just lucky

Lord Yan has always been extremely strict in selecting people to work with.

It had nothing to do with luck to be selected by him.

He would not accept anyone unless it was a talented person.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and half-jokingly said, That said, I may be talented in this area.

When I first filled out my forms, I should have written National Defense University inside.

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