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Before she answered Gu Baifan\'s question, Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, seemingly asking for his opinion.

Mu Feichi nodded at her.

In the future, he will be responsible for all matters involving the Mu Corporation.

If you need help or wish to create obstacles for others, he can help you in the business world.

If he can\'t do it, you still have me.

Usually, he rarely came forward in affairs related to the Mu Corporation and only made behind-the-scenes decisions.

Hearing his calm and confident words, you still have me, Yun Xi suddenly felt an electric current passing through her heart.

She felt inexplicably reassured.

It seemed that no matter what happened, he would be standing behind her.

He had always been her pillar of support, and she could fall back on him if she were ever in a desperate situation..

No matter what, as long as she had him, the sky would not collapse.

Yun Xi nodded and presented her game plan to Gu Baifan.

Gu Baifan listened quietly to her plan, and his surprise at the beginning turned to disbelief, and finally he was so shocked that he could not speak a single word.

This short conversation had made him look at the young girl in front of him in a whole new light.

If he had suspected that the Young Commander was joking at first, it was because he had questioned her abilities.

However, he now trusted the vision of the Young Commander.

The scale of her game plan was massive, and it seemed unbelievable.

At first, Gu Baifan had thought she was joking and assumed that she was probably too idealistic at her tender age.

However, after hearing her plan to the end, he realized that all her arrangements were extremely complicated.

Whether it was to support the rise of the branch faction of the Qiao family or to leverage each branch against the other, her decisiveness and ruthlessness were second to none.

Although she was young, she understood the methods used in the business world very well and had even considered the best way to deal with them.

He considered himself a cautious person and had never placed bets on an opponent\'s decisions.

However, no matter what choice his opponent made, he was confident that he could manage the situation.

He saw in her a nature that was similar to his.

She had exhibited a foresight that was far beyond her age, and she also had an age-defying wisdom.

Even the Young Commander would not dare to think about disrupting the delicate balance of Jingdu\'s various distinguished families and changing the current situation.

Not only had she thought about it, but she had also masterminded such a big scheme and was planning to pull it off!

This little girl could throw him surprises all the time.

Standing up, Yun Xi politely extended her hand to Gu Baifan.

Director Gu, if you see any shortcomings in the plans that I\'ve laid out, please advise me in the future.

Gu Baifan was stunned as he returned from his trance and shock.

He politely shook her hand and released it, turning his head to look at his Young Master on the couch, whose face did not look surprised at all.

Young Master, we only need to cooperate with Miss Yun\'s plans in the future.

Is that correct

Mu Feichi nodded.

Don\'t worry.

If anything goes wrong, I will deal with the consequences.

Since he was her man, it was his pleasure to clean up the mess after his beloved sweetheart.

Yes, I understand.

Gu Baifan turned and looked at her with new eyes.

Unlike his initial ignorance and disinterest, he now cast his eyes on her in appreciation, and they glinted with expectation.

If Young Master Huo agrees to let the Yi family participate in the old town redevelopment project, I will need to count on Director Gu to look out for the Yi family.

Gu Baifan nodded and smiled faintly.

You are welcome to my help, Miss Yun.

It is my duty.

He now had the pleasure of participating in her plan with the support of the Mu Corporation.

Even though he was unsure what kind of situation he would face in the future and whether her plan was possible to succeed, he was looking forward to it and highly eager to try to carry it through.

It was such a challenging and thought-provoking plan, and he had to face countless possibilities as well as the scheming of all kinds of deceptive people.

If he had missed out on this action, he would really have regretted it in the future.

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