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Chapter 95: Tooth for a Tooth

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The car passed mountain after mountain as it drove along the road.

The five mountains near Tianyu Mountain were all in Mu Feichis territory.

Yun Xi didnt know how many forces there were in the mountains.

Even the Great Elder probably didnt know.

Being too big for ones britches had always been a taboo since ancient times.

Therefore, in her last life, the Mu family had purposely sought marriage ties with the Qi familys heiress.

Marriage ties between these two distinguished families made their status and power unrivaled by any.

Even the Great Elder had to pay his respects.

In Yun Xis last life, the successful and esteemed Young Marshal Mu had been such a lofty figure that he was second to none.

When the heiress had died, Mu Feichi had not yet remarried.

No one could or would have the audacity to force him to do something that displeased him.

In this life since her rebirth, many peoples karma had changed, so she hoped that her future wouldnt be too forlorn.

After nearly a half-hours drive, the car finally stopped on a flat ground with an open view.

There were several rows of men around who usually kept a low profile on the mountain.

They were all dressed in casual clothes and equipped with guns.

They stood there respectfully as they waited for the arrival of Mu Feichi.

Two team captains stepped forward to salute their leader, and Mu Feichi nodded slightly.

“Let someone take our things.”

“Yes, sir!”

The leader of the team received the order, and soon four people carrying two large boxes arrived.

A long folding table was placed on the ground.

The team leader quickly moved all the equipment in the boxes to the table.

The long table was completely filled.

Yun Xi stood near the table watching them arranging things.

She was looking closely at the various models of equipment, many of which she had never seen before.

“Catch!” Li Zilan, who was standing on the opposite side of the table, suddenly threw a dark object at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi reflexively reached out to catch it, but when she got it, she realized it was a small grenade!

And it was a grenade with the ring pulled open!

After pulling the ring, a grenade will explode in five to six seconds!

Yun Xi froze for a moment, then she quickly held down the handle of the small grenade.

Because the handle was being pressed, the time stopped on the small grenade with the safety bolt pulled off.

The firing pin did not fire the flashlight and detonate the small grenade.

The countdown of the explosion was suspended.

The small grenade that was in her hands was temporarily safe.

Looking at the little grenade in her hand, Yun Xis eyes got wide.

If she hadnt reacted in time and dazedly watched the little grenade in her hand, she probably would have been blown into pieces by now.

Li Zilan really was a crazy devil!

She was truly reckless.

She really wasnt one to beat around the bush, and she had thrown a grenade with its safety lock off at her.

If she hadnt trained in her previous life with a perverse training method, she probably wouldnt have been able to survive fighting with someone who didnt play by the rules.

Mu Feichi also realized what had happened and walked over quickly.

After seeing Yun Xi catch the small grenade with the safety bolt in her hands, his eyes had swept toward Li Zilan menacingly.

“Youre crazy! She hasnt seen this thing before, yet you dare throw it at her!”

The thought that the girl in front of him had almost been blown into pieces made Mu Feichi feel as if his blood was boiling with rage.

An intimidating vibe surrounded him.

Yun Xi trembled as she stood on the side.

“Dont move!” Mu Feichi glanced at the small grenade she was holding tightly in her hand, and his nerves tensed up.

“Dont let go!”

Mu Feichi stretched out his hand and tried to press down the handle as he attempted to move the small grenade from Yun Xis hand to his.

But, just as he touched Yun Xis hand, Yun Xi suddenly raised her hand and, with an upward motion of her arm, she threw the small grenade toward Li Zilan.

A merciless reciprocal gesture.

Li Zilan froze for a moment, and she seemed caught off guard that this little girl actually had the audacity to give her a tooth for a tooth.

In the last two seconds before the small grenade exploded, she quickly threw it toward the flat ground in the distance.

Mu Feichis heart had leaped into his throat for a moment.

He looked down at the impassive Yun Xi, who was composed and bold, and he couldnt help but feel shocked yet thrilled at the same time.

Her dazzling smile made his boiling blood even more passionately fired up.

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