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At the entrance to the villa estates, Mu Feichi instructed the driver to stop the car and turned to look at Feng Xixian, who was seated on the back seat.

As I have a couple of questions for Miss Yun, I think it would be better if Miss Feng gets out first.

Mu Feichi\'s half-questioning, half-serious tone of voice caused Feng Xixian to nod affirmatively.

Then she turned her head to look at Yun Xi and saw her nodding at her also, so she said her thank yous to Mu Feichi, pushing the car door open and getting out.

After Feng Xixian\'s figure had disappeared toward home, Mu Feichi moved from the passenger seat to the back seat, sitting next to Yun Xi and instructing the driver to drive up the mountain.

With no more outsiders inside the car, Yun Xi changed her seating position and looked at the man who had insisted on squeezing in beside her.

The Yang family\'s young master\'s illness is nothing serious, but he needs to pay extra attention to his daily life and exercise in the future.

He should not engage in any strenuous exercise.


Mu Feichi responded gently, grasping her hand and lightly kneading it, Thank goodness you were around today...

His deep voice carried the sound of an indescribable appreciation for her.

It was the first time Yun Xi had ever seen such a sorrowful look from the ever-proud man, She had already figured out the relationship between the Mayor and him.

She tightened her hold on his hand and reassured him with a crooked smile, Perhaps this is a sign of Divine Grace from the afterworld


Mu Feichi agreed, sharing with her the story of his relationship with the Mayor\'s family and his fallen comrades.

Talking about this history, Mu Feichi looked as if his entire being was shrouded in the darkness of the past, a traumatic past buried within the depths of his heart.

He would never share this with others easily, nor would he want others to suffer with him.

It was as if he wanted to bear the burden of the past alone in silence.

For a moment, Yun Xi\'s heart suddenly ached for him, for the man who shouldered the burdens of his family and his country alone.

These burdens on his shoulders, the pressures in his heart, and the past that he could not share with others all made her feel that his commitment, his duty, his lack of regret are all what truly qualified him as a true man.

Changing the subject, Yun Xi shared with him about Qiao Ximin, the culprit behind the proposal to bring this child to the amusement park.

It was apparently not a good subject to change to, as a certain someone whose expression had just started to brighten up, turned dark once again instantly.

The Qiao family recently had bid on a project that the city was in charge of, and the Mayor was the last person to sign off on it.

There were many companies involved in the bidding this time, and the Qiao family, being one of the more influential of the five major companies, was hoping to win the contract by buttering up the Mayor.

Yun Xi frowned and tried to recall the information she had recently looked through.

She quickly remembered this project that he was talking about.

The project is not a small project, and a single enterprise can\'t win the bid.

Also, this is a transparent project.

The Mayor is not likely to favor the Qiao family exactly because they tried to use connections and false friendship to create a good impression.

Government projects ultimately depend on whoever has the best capabilities.

You\'re right. After hearing what she\'d said, Mu Feichi knew that she had seen through the real intentions of this construction bid.

He leaned back in the seat and looked at her with lazy eyes and raised eyebrows.

Only two companies will be selected at the end, and they will have to cooperate to manage this project.

This project is indeed not small.

If we are talking about investment, the Mu family is also involved.

If the Mu family wins the bid, then the strength of the Mu family will assume the leadership position.

The other company that wins the bid will also become more than 1,000 times more profitable because of their cooperation with the Mu family.

Because the Mu family has intervened, this piece of fat meat has become the target of everyone\'s madness and greed.

Suppose the Qiao family and the Mu family together win the bid, then, in the future, at the end of the project, the Qiao family will have the strength to join the four wealthiest families.

Thus, you should be able to understand why the Qiao family has risked so much to get on the good side of the Mayor, right

Who would not be moved by such a huge temptation

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