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Qiao Ximin stood awkwardly on the sidelines.

The performance that she had just put on to attract attention to herself was like a one-man show that she had directed herself and acted in herself.

The worst thing was that Mu Feichi had entirely ignored her.

Yun Xi cast a glance at Qiao Ximin.

Seeing her put on this act where she was self-righteously pretending to be feeling guilty about hurting the child was so blatantly false that she was only embarrassing herself.

Mu Feichi was really a typical example of a Young Master.

If he did not like a person for any reason whatsoever, he would not even bother to spare them a single glance.

The most hurtful thing one could do to another was not to humiliate the other party by insulting them, but to ignore them completely.

In Mu Feichi\'s case, the other party had tried hard to please him, but he had ignored her from beginning to end, treating her as if she was invisible.

Mu Feichi turned and asked the attending doctor about the situation.

Qiao Ximin had been so thoroughly ignored that the expression on her face suddenly turned particularly repugnant..

Yun Xi touched her nose to cover up a smile and didn\'t say a word.

Mu Feichi finished inquiring to the doctor about the situation.

Qiao Ximin was still too embarrassed to say anything.

Yang Enning was wheeled out of the emergency room.

By now, the child was awake, and the little boy instantly spotted Mu Feichi standing in the group.

His green outfit was particularly eye-catching.

Brother Feichi... Yang Enning reached out to him as soon as he saw him.

Mu Feichi hurried over and held his hand, half-leaning over to look at him, his face displaying a rare look of affection.

He rubbed the boy\'s head gently.

He spoke earnestly and solemnly, You can\'t be naughty anymore.

If your physical condition doesn\'t allow you to do things, you must understand that in your heart.

If you can\'t do this, then do some other meaningful thing.

Can you remember this

This little boy had already lost his father..

Since the little boy had called Mu Feichi brother from the first time they met, Mu Feichi had always been happy to see him and yet heartbroken for him also.

And, at the same time, he did not want him to be on the battlefield like his father in the future.

Mu Feichi would shoulder the safety of their country and home, while he should only be safe and happy for the rest of his life.

I will remember this! Although the little boy was only ten years old, he was very bright and exceptionally receptive to anything Mu Feichi said to him.

Yang Mingjiang stood and watched the noble, proud Young Commander of Jun Country teaching the child like a father and brother.

He turned away, trying to suppress his surging emotions.

Only people from military and political families could understand the suffering of white-haired people sending away black-haired people.

They never regretted sending their sons to the army, but they felt distressed when they saw a child having to grow up without the love of a father.

You need to stay in the hospital under observation for a few days.

I will come to see you later.

Listen carefully to what Grandma says in the meantime.

I will bring you the fighter aircraft model you want tonight.

Okay! Thank you, Brother Feichi!

Mu Feichi touched his head, got up, and glanced at the Hospital Assistant Director and the ER doctor with a grateful look.

Thank you.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The noble Young Commander of Jun Country reported only to the President of the country.

This important man had entrusted to them a task without arrogance or contempt.

His humble attitude made the Hospital Director and doctors feel a sense of pride and respect.

How would they ever dare to be neglectful

Mu Feichi turned to look at Madame Yang and said thoughtfully, Aunt Lian, I will ask a nurse to come and help you.

Thank you for your kindness, Young Commander.

The child\'s mother is already on her way back here.

We can take care of it.

Mu Feichi nodded and did not insist.

After a few words, he turned to look at Feng Xixian and asked her, Are you two going back to the villa residences

Feng Xixian was stunned, but quickly understood what the Young Commander meant.

She nodded, Yes.

I\'m heading back to Tianyu Mountain.

Let\'s go.

I will give you a lift back.

Upon hearing this, Feng Xixian was so excited it was as though she had found a great treasure.

She was going to be riding in the car of Jun Country\'s respected Young Commander.

She couldn\'t believe that she was going home with him in the same car.

Even her father, who had been a general for many years, had never had that honor.

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