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Chapter 946: Yun Xi Makes a Good Impression

Feng Xixian broke out of the crowd and ran up to Mayor Yang, explaining proudly, “Uncle Yang, Ning Ning was saved all thanks to our Yun Xi.

Her medical skills are amazing.”

Yang Mingjiang looked at Feng Xixian, who had suddenly appeared in front of him.

He made a guess at Yun Xis identify, as he asked her, “Who is Director Yun Yuanfeng to you”

“He is my father,” Yun Xi replied.

She didnt show off at being the daughter of a director and gave no hint of flaunting her identify to the people standing around her.

She just gave a calm, collected one-line reply, as if she was stating a fact that was already well known to everyone.

Yang Mingjiang stopped scrutinizing her and nodded his head slightly, admiring her cool and collected disposition despite her young age.

The Yang family was obviously in debt to her, and yet this young lady didnt leverage this chance occurrence to try to build a relationship with the Yang family.

She didnt flatter or fawn over them.

In fact, he could tell that to her, he was no different than any other man.

With her relaxed attitude, it was evident that she was neither trying to help her father climb the social ladder nor trying to secure a good connection for herself.

It seemed as if the Yuns have taught the child well.

The poise and elegant demeanor of practically a noble woman that Yun Xi possessed was really not common in ordinary people.

Just as he was thinking about this, Qiao Ximin, who was standing at the back of the crowd, felt extremely unhappy that she was being ignored.

Forced to watch Yun Xi steal all her credit and glamour, she frowned, her expression becoming anxious and aggrieved.

“Uncle Yang, Im really sorry.

It was all my fault that something happened to Ning Ning.

I shouldnt have proposed visiting the amusement park.

I thought Ning Ning would enjoy going out to play since school is about to start, but I didnt think that this would happen.

It was all my fault… Im so sorry.”

Qiao Ximin bowed her head and her eyes teared up as she said this.

She looked as if she was about to break down because she felt so guilty.

In just a few sentences, she had taken the initiative to shoulder all the blame, which, of course made her look totally innocent.

Of course, it had only been an accident that something had happened to the child.

Naturally, they couldnt put all the blame on her.

Qiao Ximin shouldered the blame, but anybody who listened to what she had said would have known that it was not her fault.

However, she explained herself in front of everybody simply in the hope of getting the sympathy of the listening audience and ultimately becoming the center of attention in this whole story.

It definitely would not have been very appropriate for Mayor Yang to blame Qiao Ximin in front of so many people.

This incident had been completely unintentional after all, and nobody could have expected it to happen.

“You cant be blamed for this.

We have a responsibility as well, so there is no need to blame yourself.”

The Mayor glanced at Qiao Ximin indifferently.

Compared to Yun Xi, who had saved a life and not asked for any credit, Qiao Ximin was really immature to have forced him to pay attention to her and to act like nothing had happened in front of so many people.

Playing tricks on him like this, did she think hed spent all these years in the political world and learned nothing There was no way he could be tricked by a young woman like her.

After hearing what the Mayor had said, Qiao Ximin knew that she had easily absolved herself of any blame or responsibility for what had happened today.

She was pleased with herself for having succeeded in eliminating any crisis with the Mayor.

Qiao XImin thinks she can fool everyone with her acting skills, but she has forgotten that the person standing in front of her is not just any ordinary man, but a politician who has long ago gotten used to the tricks and treachery of the political world.

Yun Xi stood to the side, coldly watching Qiao Ximins calculating and hypocritical behavior.

Now she understood why she had been tricked by her in her past life.

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