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Chapter 944: A Difficult Situation

Thinking of something, she looked up to talk to the mother and saw Qiao Ximin standing behind Mrs.


With just one glance she knew exactly why Qiao Ximin was here.

“Heart disease” Mrs.

Yang thought carefully and shook her head.

“No! This child has always been healthy.

How could he have heart disease”

Yun Xis face wrinkled in concentration as she looked at the childs pale face.

She raised her hand and patted the childs chest, squeezing his cold hand with hers and rubbing it gently.

After several moments, she leaned down and asked him, “How do you feel Any better”

The child nodded and slowly opened his eyes, looking much better than earlier.

As soon as Yun Xis hand stopped patting his chest, he once again closed his eyes in agony and started whimpering.

“Madame, please gently pat the childs chest while I help him regain sensation in his hands, which are still stiff.”


Yang squeezed the childs hand, feeling how cold it was, particularly on such a hot day.

She was so worried that the child might be close to death.

“Okay…” Mrs.

Yang had watched Yun Xi patting his chest and followed her example by patting the child lightly on the chest.

“Madame, please think harder.

Has the child had any major illnesses before What exactly was it Was it related to the heart”


Yang thought carefully and then remembered.

“I forgot.

The child had viral myocarditis a few years ago.

Is it related to this”

Yun Xi figured it out immediately and nodded.

“That must be it! There must have been damage to the heart muscle when he was sick, and, combined with the thin air experienced at the high altitude that the Ferris Wheel was at, he had a reaction.

Maybe he was afraid of heights, which could have caused sudden cardiac arrhythmia.

The heart, affected by psychological stress, could have triggered a lesion.”

“We shouldnt have come to the amusement park.

We shouldnt have gone on the Ferris wheel.

Its no wonder that Ning Ning complained that he was uncomfortable as soon as we reached a high altitude.”

When Mrs.

Yang remembered that it was Qiao Ximin who had suggested coming to the amusement park, she glared at her with anger.

This look of reproach made Qiao Ximin feel that all the things she had suffered this day were the equivalent of a waste of effort.

Shed even risked offending the mayors wife.

Her original goal had been to please them by catering to the childs desire to come to the amusement park, but she didnt expect the kid to suddenly fall ill, causing her to be put in a difficult and conflict-ridden situation.

Once Yun Xi had identified the symptoms of the disease, she hurriedly rummaged through her backpack to find the heart attack pills that she always carried around with her and pressed one under the childs tongue.

“This pill will save him from having a heart attack.

Its only a temporary fix and you should rush him to the hospital for emergency treatment.

He seems to be starting to have difficulty breathing.”

Yun Xi raised her head and looked at the staff rushing over.

“Hurry up and take this child to the hospital!”

Feng Xixian also rushed over at that moment, and she couldnt help but freeze when she saw Mrs.

Yang holding the child on the ground.

“Auntie Yang, why are you here Ning Ning Whats the matter with him” Once she saw that it was someone she knew, Feng Xixian hastily knelt down to check his condition.

Hearing her voice, Mrs.

Yang raised her head.

She was also a little surprised to see that it was Feng Xixian.

“Ning Ning suddenly fell ill.

We must hurry to the hospital…”

“Come with me, my driver is still outside.

Yun Xi, how is Ning Ning Arent you skilled in the art of medicine”

“A sudden heart attack, we have to rush him to the hospital.


Yun Xi called for assistance from the staff and a group quickly rushed the child to the hospital.

Qiao Ximin followed behind, worried that something might happen.

She hurriedly called her driver over and followed them to the hospital.

Before getting into Feng Xixians car, Yun Xi glanced at Qiao Ximin, who was following behind them, and entered the car with an enigmatic smile.

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