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Chapter 94: Something Was Up

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In her last life, when shed tested a drug shed made on herself and was taken to the hospital, Han Yaotian hadnt even called to see how she was.

Only after shed died did she find out that he and Qiao Ximin had gone to Thailand for a vacation.

They were having wild fun in the hotel while she died of unknown causes in the hospital.

In this life, all shed done was test a medicine, but Mu Feichi, a man who she hadnt known for long and who wasnt even her boyfriend, had become so nervous.

Although he was warning and threatening her, it made her feel warm inside.

Since she had always been considered a scourge in her family, she hadnt had many friends growing up.

In her previous life, she was repeatedly betrayed and exploited.

So what it felt like to be cared for, she could hardly remember.

In the Yun family, her importance relied solely on her ability to help them social climb and use the Jiang family as a support.

Everything else was superficial.

Being cared for, such a long-lost yet beautiful feeling, had now been given to her by Mu Feichi.

Back at the Yun familys house, Yun Xi was surprised to find that Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling were behaving well toward her without doing anything to antagonize her.

Even their usual ridicule was gone.

It was unlike them to be so charming.

Because of their odd behavior, she knew that something was up.

Seeing that they were so calm, she surmised that although she didnt know where, theyd probably set a trap for her and were waiting for her to fall into it.

However, she didnt care that much.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

If they dared scheme against her, theyd have to be willing to pay the price.

On Saturday, there were no classes, so Yun Xi said she was going to the Jiang familys house.

She changed into her sportswear and instead went up the mountain.

She was now familiar with the guards at the sentry post, and, like last time, Xiao Yan came and drove her up the mountain.

“Miss Yun, you mentioned a few acupuncture points that should be paid attention to during the last fight.

Could you tell me more details about that We are all very curious.”

Last time, shed knocked out a guard with one punch and incapacitated the arm of another guard.

These fatal weaknesses could be used against them in the future, so they had to pay attention to them.

“Thats very simple.

Ill go back and draw a picture and Ill mark them for you.

If you dont understand after that, I can explain to you guys.”


Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.”

“I heard that you were going to train with that devil Li Zilan today”

“Huh Have you all heard about it” Yun Xi turned her head in surprise.

There were no secrets on that mountain.

The people on the mountain controlled everything at the foot of the mountain.

The entire villa complex and all of Jingdu were under the control of Mu Feichis data network.

And all kinds of rumors concerning the mountain were probably the topic of everyones teatime gossip.

“You have to be careful of that devil Li Zilan.

She doesnt always play by the rules.

When she does abuse people, she is very cruel.

She is the embodiment of a femme fatale.”

“Is she that horrible I thought she seemed like a decent person except for being a little cold.”

“Just be careful!”

Xiao Yan glanced at her with worry.

Yun Xi had never seen Li Zilans modus operandi, and it was really impossible to describe.

All that was possible was to pray for Yun Xis luck.

On the mountain, Yun Xi saw a handsome figure sitting on top of the SUV as soon as she got out of the car.

She was wearing a dark green peaked cap and a pair of casual long boots.

With bold red lips and dark green eye shadow, she appeared very alluring in her contrasting red-and-green outfit.

Looking at Li Zilan, Yun Xi thought that this woman was far from ordinary.

She had a boyish suave quality to her, unlike other girls.

Yet she was also seductive, and her smiles had the ability to make men fall head over heels for her.

She felt that such a woman must have some compelling background story.

Mu Feichi was also dressed in casual attire as he lazily sat in the drivers seat of the SUV.

He had on enormous black sunglasses to obscure his piercing gaze.

Seeing her get out of the car, he beckoned to her.

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