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Chapter 933: Kill Two Birds with One Stone

On the Tianyu Mountain training field, Mu Feichi was supervising the training of a new batch of Special Forces recruits.

While Feng Rui was on the field molding the recruits, the Young Marshal was under the tree repeatedly assembling and disassembling a rifle.

Qi Yuan arrived and hastily got out of an off-road vehicle.

He had brought news he had just received from Jingdu High School, which he reported to Mu Feichi in detail.

In addition to dealing with their daily affairs, they had to be responsible for the safety of that girl.

This girl was the future wife of the young commander.

Although her abilities werent bad, there were always unforeseen happenings around her, such as the sulfuric acid incident today.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to her.

If something really had happened, they would have been in deep trouble.

As expected, when the Young Commander heard the news, his countenance changed immediately.

Qi Yuan quickly stepped back a few steps, because he didnt want to face his anger.

“Is he of age”

Qi Yuan, stunned for a minute, quickly looked up.

“Yes, he is already an adult.

So he must bear legal responsibility if he commits a crime.”

Mu Feichi paused, his dark eyes were cold and profound.

“I have informed the colleges that he had applied to.

There shouldnt have been any college that admitted him, right”


Its because no colleges have admitted him that he went to school today especially to confront her and Zhao Yumo.”

“Yun Xi just returned yesterday.

Yet he received the news so quickly and went to the school to confront her.

Dont you think this is too much of a coincidence”

“Young Commander, are you saying that…someone tipped him off”

Mu Feichi coldly raised his eyebrows, his voice filled with a sharp chill.

“What do you think”

Qi Yuan lowered his head and reckoned he already had guessed who it was.

Other than Liang Xinyi, who else could he get help from However, Liang Xinyi had already been driven out of the villa residences.

To be able to receive the news so fast, she must be keeping a close eye on Yun Xi.

“According to the information I discovered, he has been working as a part-time waiter during the summer vacation at Club Pinnacle, owned by Han Yaotian.”

“Pinnacle” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, hummed softly, his eyes darkening.

“Han Zhongtengs territory is not so clean, right”

As soon as Qi Yuan heard the word clean, he understood what Mu Feichi wanted to do, and he nodded his head.

“There are always some dirty transactions going on privately in all the clubs, especially the ones owned by the Han family.”

The Han family was involved in drugs and lots of other underworld businesses, mainly in places of entertainment like clubs and nightclubs.

They had opened a lot of these places, and naturally there must be shady transactions going on in them.

However, being one of the four wealthiest families in Jingdu and having the help of some high authorities, as well as diligent and careful personnel, meant that it was not easy for outsiders to expose their crimes.

Hence, for years, the Han family had been able to monopolize the entertainment sector in Jingdu.

No one was able to shake their position.

“Then find someone to plant something on him and, at the same time, have the people in the police department check on the clubs.

Han Zhongteng has been given way too much leeway and so has that Liang Xinyi who he is supporting.

Find something to occupy him.

I dont have to tell you how to do the rest, right”

Qi Yuan, stunned for a minute, quickly understood what the young commander meant.

“Yes, sir! Understood!”

He turned, got into the car, and took off to deal with the situation.

The young commanders move to kill two birds with one stone was fairly straightforward.

On one hand, Han Zhongtengs premises could be searched, teaching him a lesson not to always let his woman out to create trouble.

And, on the other hand, they could frame Zhou Chengzhe with drug trafficking.

He would never be able to have a good life after that.

Mu Feichi would use the simplest and most direct way of punishing anyone who offended his girl.

It seemed that Zhou Chengzhe, who really knew nothing, yet esteemed himself too highly, would have to be sent to prison.

Once he had a criminal record, not only would there be no future, but also it would be difficult for him to find a job when he got out of prison.

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