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Chapter 93: Make Your Life Miserable!

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Mu Feichi handed a glass of water to Yun Xi to rinse her mouth out.

His face was sulky, and his cold eyes revealed his mood at that moment.

Yun Xi felt goosebumps rise from his intense gaze and had to spit out the medicine.

“Dont be nervous! The few ingredients I added were all prepared according to the methods in Chinese medical books.

I wouldnt risk my life.”

As someone who had once died, who knew the importance of life better than she did

Shed tried so hard to make herself stronger, and shed bet on an unknown future to let Mu Feichi train her so she wouldnt have any more accidents in the future.

Mu Feichi had probably been caught off guard by her using herself as a guinea pig.

He had remained silent with an impassive expression on his face.

There was a formidable aura to him.

Yun Xi had never seen Mu Feichi like this before, so she took a deep breath and explained, “You run around in the wilderness all year round, and the dampness can cause many health problems.

In Chinese medicine, it is called damp evil, which makes people prone to headaches and fatigue, as well as muscle and joint pain.

It can even dull mental reaction speed, and that would be very inconvenient when you guys venture out into the wild.

This medicine is finished.

Its just that its a bit bitter and has to be sugar-coated.”

Even after hearing that the medicine had been developed for them, Mu Feichi didnt appreciate it at all.

“We use Western medicine that works faster.

Chinese medicine works too slowly, so please dont do unnecessary things!”

“The Chinese medical bookTreatise on Febrile Diseases wrote that,When the body is hot, those who want to get dressed are those who have a cold bone marrow. It means that although people with fevers have high body temperatures, they feel cold and want to wear more clothes because they are chilled to their bone marrow.

At this time, using antibiotics and other cold medications to reduce inflammation and fevers will only bring the chillness outside into the body.

You only see that they are in good health now, but who knows what will happen in the future I dont deny that Western medicine works quickly, but traditional Chinese medicine focuses on long-term maintenance of health.”

She walked toward him and raised her head slightly to meet his piercing eyes.

“Young Marshal Mu, as the boss, you should understand that training is not only about skills, but also about physique.”

“I dont need you to tell me that.”

“Ive seen Tianyu Mountain.

The terrain makes it easy to defend oneself, but difficult to attack.

It is precisely such a terrain that makes it difficult for water to evaporate into the air.

Even though the guards who are working on the mountain might be in good health, perhaps many of them catch colds in the summer”

The one to answer her this time was Su Hang, and he seemed like he had seen a ghost.

“How did you know that”

“The guards on this side of Tianyu Mountain use the medicine more frequently than the guards in the forest area in Muyang Town, dont they”

“Thats right.

I was wondering about why that was the case since all of them were trained at the same time.

So why was it much worse for those here on Tianyu Mountain At first I thought it was because they werent accustomed to the climate.”

“Muyang Town has a high terrain and a dry climate.

It is different from Tianyu Mountains humid environment.

There is a lot of humidity at the foot of the mountain and between mountains.

It doesnt matter if you live on the top of the mountain.

I developed this medicine for myself.

The villa complex is at the foot of Tianyu Mountain, and Im not as healthy as your subordinates.”

“So thats it…” Su Hang sighed.

“I have to take this medicine back and let my dad look at it.

If there are no problems, I will make it again.

Dont ever use yourself as a guinea pig for your medicine again.”

“Relax, I value my life.”

She glanced at Mu Feichi, but, just as she was about to open her mouth, Mu Feichi glared at her.

“Dont let her come here again!” This was said to Su Hang.

Su Hang shuddered.

Since this girl was ballsy enough to test her medicine on herself, of course he wouldnt dare let her come here again.

If this happened again, his boss, who was so protective of her, would hold him responsible.

“Why” Yun Xi frowned and looked at Mu Feichi with displeasure on her face.

“Why do you think” Mu Feichis handsome face looked cold and gloomy.

“If I ever see you use yourself to test medicine again, Ill make you do gastric lavage so much that it will make your life miserable!”

“…” Yun Xi shivered when she saw the warning look in his eyes and bit her lip as she nodded obediently.

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