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Chapter 921: Fighting Side by Side

The sound of gunshots rang out, followed by the sounds of footsteps moving swiftly through the forest.

In the dark woodland, Yun Xi made a gesture to Mu Feichi, indicating to him that she would use herself as bait to lure out all the snipers who were waiting in ambush.

Without thinking, Mu Feichi instantly shook his head in disagreement.

His dark eyes flickered with some coldness, and he said, “Do you know my record”

“Yes, I know.” A professional sniper would take 3.5 seconds to aim at the target, but Mu Feichis record time was 3.2 seconds.

That meant she had to find a place to hide within 3.5 seconds to avoid the bullet fired by the snipers.

“Until you are able to break my record, its my job to lure the snake out of the hole!”

“But…my marksmanship is not as good as yours! However, I am capable of finding a hiding place within three seconds.”

“Dont you have confidence in yourself”

To a certain extent, a womans physical strength and reflexes were not as strong as a mans.

He could not risk her life by using her as bait.

Especially in this situation when he was not sure whether the enemy had planted a talented sniper to ambush them.

He could not risk her life.

In order to spur her fighting spirit and to protect her, Mu Feichi had no choice but to provoke her.

He spoke on the earpiece to Yan Shuo, the chief commander behind the scenes, who had not said a word.

“Listen, Instructor Yan, this is the so-called good student who you have taught!”

Through the morning light that had gradually turned a darker blue, waiting annoyingly for the dark shadow not far away… This guy really knew how to hit the right spot.

Yan Shuo, who was working behind the scenes, heard the provocation of Mu Feichi.

Naturally, he understood his feelings of protection over her.

He answered, “The student surpasses the master.”

Since he, being her instructor, had given her such affirmation.

Yun Xi could not say anything more.

You could do your best only if you had full confidence in yourself.

“Young Commander, Ill cooperate with you.

But you have to be careful!”

Whether it was to lure the enemy or to stay put to fire at the enemy, both choices were just as challenging.

Since Mu Feichi chose to be the bait himself and gave her the full responsibility of sniping at the enemy, she had to live up to his trust.

Turning around, she took a few steps back to hide herself within the low bushes behind her and positioned her sniper rifle and night-vision goggles.

Mu Feichi gave her a slight nod, made a gesture, and swiftly spurted into the forest; his agile movement like a nimble cheetahs.

He moved very fast as he quickly sought a hiding place in the shortest time possible, relying on counting the time in his mind.

As expected, the enemy fired a shot at him.

Just one shot and Yun Xi was able to determine the enemys position.

She moved her gun into position and quickly fired a shot just as the sniper started to change his position.

Not far away came the sound of a heavy object tumbling down from a high position.

Yun Xi squinted, and from her deep calm eyes shone forth a bold and firm determination.

The next moment, she held her rifle and crawled along the muddy ground.

Then she speedily positioned her rifle and fired another shot at the same moment the enemys second shot was fired.

The two shots were fired at the same time.

Although she did not hear any sound of the enemy being hit, she was very confident in her marksmanship.

Having successfully dealt with the six snipers, the remaining four were taken care of by Jin Lei and Li Zilan.

By the time the four of them met up, the sky had gradually brightened.

The forest was dense, but the sunlight filtering through the trees made the scene visible.

Yun Xi stood up from the ground and put away her rifle.

She lifted her eyes and saw Mu Feichi stretching his hand toward her, half-leaning over with his dark eyes filled with an affectionate smile.

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