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Chapter 919: In Danger

Suddenly, the light Yun Xi was shining on the ground jerked.

She felt her weight lighten as Mu Feichi lifted her off the ground and into his arms.

As if he had gotten the best present imaginable, Mu Feichi hugged her and twirled her around on the spot, unwilling to let go of her.

This girl in his arms was everything to him!

“What are you doing Put me down!” Yun Xi wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her chin on his strong shoulders.

After being twirled around for a while, Yun Xi sensed something weird in the atmosphere around them.

Frowning, she tapped on Mu Feichis shoulder as she quickly scanned the area around them.

As she was holding a torch, the light was moving along with their movements.

It was bouncing around randomly, and it had hit on gun scopes hidden in the darkness.

Yun Xi immediately noticed the reflections of the light as it shined on the scopes.

She leaned toward Mu Feichis ear and opened her mouth slightly as she whispered softly, “Stop turning.

A few guns are pointing at us right now!”

Mu Feichi stopped.

His sharp eyes focused as he breathed down her neck.

He bit on Yun Xis earlobe lovingly and whispered, “Ive noticed.

Do you want to guess how many snipers there are”

“Do you think Im in the mood to make a guess now” Seeing how calm and flirtatious Mu Feichi was being, Yun Xi felt like screaming with anger.

Mu Feichi smirked and a cold wave washed across his eyes.

“They have been following us ever since we got separated from the rest of our group.

So babe, tell me, how should I punish you later for only noticing it now”

“…” Yun Xi felt frustrated, so she bit him on the neck.

What a jerk! Cant he be more serious in a situation like this

But, since he was being so calm and collected, did he already have a plan

Yun Xi could feel his blood pumping and his unique manly scent filled her nose.

Mu Feichi was excited and turned on at the same time.

Yun Xi had just been trying to vent her frustrations, but shed actually gotten the man aroused.

Though on high alert, Mu Feichi had enjoyed the feeling of Yun Xis soft, moist lips on his neck.

No matter what, Mu Feichi would never disregard the safety of Yun Xi.

“Didnt you want to fight together with me I will give you the chance right now!”

Mu Feichi tilted his head and kissed her beside her ear and quietly drew the gun with a silencer that she had strapped to her leg.

Yun Xi realized what he was going to do when she felt his hand on the gun that was on her leg.

Her three months of training had not been for nothing.

She let go of his neck and swiftly bent down to grab the gun at his waist before rolling onto the ground.

She moved the bullet into the chamber and pulled the trigger.

A shot was fired off into the darkness instantly.

Mu Feichi fired his gun at the same time.

Holding on to each others guns and moving together back to back, they eliminated two hidden snipers in just the blink of an eye.

When the enemies following them realized what had just happened, they started firing at them.

Mu Feichi quickly grabbed Yun Xi and put her behind a tree.

A few bullets whizzed past them.

Mu Feichi hid behind another tree.

Yun Xi was panting slightly, and she quickly began scoping out the locations of the other snipers.

Li Zilan and Jin Lei, who were walking ahead of them, looked shocked when they heard the gunshots.

“Young Commander!”

“Whats going on” Li Zilan pressed the button on her earpiece and asked hurriedly.

“Our opponents obviously had a backup plan.

First, Feng Rui, Qi Yuan, and the Italian team, immediately escort the three experts out.

Then, Jin Lei and Li Zilan, attack from both sides and help us clear up the field.

Dont let anyone escape!”

“Yes, sir!”

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