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Chapter 899: Beautiful and Seductive

The village they had been looking for had already been occupied by the mercenaries, so they didnt get to replenish their supplies.

On top of which, seeing a scene like that, Yun Xi had had to force herself to hold back from her temptation to kill every last one of them.

Instead, they slowly retreated and continued following the compass on their way out of the rain forest.

Yun Xis clothes had become wet from all the rainwater, and inside this cold and gloomy forest, Yun Xi could feel chills deep in her bones.

“Are you blaming me for stopping you” Yan Shuo paused and turned toward the little girl behind him who had lowered her head and remained silent.

Such a massacre… She had probably never experienced anything like this in peacetime, and it had probably scared her a little.

“No, Im not.” Yun Xi raised her head, her eyes gleaming with a chilling shimmer as her sharp gaze shot through the forest.

“Under such circumstances when there is such a large gap in firepower, Im not going to go running to my own demise.

The first condition of attempting to rescue someone is to be able to retreat safely, otherwise all were doing is giving them our lives as well for no good reason.”

She wasnt a sanctimonious fool, nor was she cold-blooded and emotionless.

Even someone as good as Yan Shuo was at stopping her… Of course, she could understand the rationale.

“Its great that you understand this.” Yan Shuo nodded.

Recalling the pile of decomposing bodies at the outer circumferences of the village, he couldnt help but take a deep breath as he asked, “That didnt frighten you, did it

Although such scenes were a hurdle that she would have to step over one day, he was concerned that seeing it so early without any mental preparation could frighten her.

Yun Xi looked down and shook her head without saying anything.

She hadnt seen such blood, cruelty, and gore in all of her two lives combined.

If she said she wasnt scared, it would be a lie.

“Lets keep walking until we get out of here.

We must still ensure that we stay alive.”

Yun Xi nodded, and the two of them continued walking in the direction south.

Meanwhile, the special forces soldiers who were pitted against each other at the training camp dispersed toward the north and continued the competition.

The training grounds were located at the edge of the rain forest, but the competition this time required them to enter deep into the rain forest for combat.

Mu Feichis team and the Italian team were up against the German and Swedish teams.

It was a ten-on-ten contest between combat experts.

The entire team would be eliminated when three people on either side died.

They had to cooperate with an unfamiliar team that was closely related to their own interests, yet they couldnt intervene in each others operations.

Such unique conditions made it difficult to determine how the cooperation should be carried out.

Before they set off, Mu Feichi had a long discussion with the leader of the Italian team, Evan.

In the end, they decided to split up and take two routes.

There was no exact timing stipulated for the competition.

It would only end when one of the groups was eliminated.

As they stepped into the rain forest, footprints that were initially obvious giveaways of their position became unclear due to the moisture and the large number of people entering.

Right after they split up at the entrance, Li Zilan followed the directions set out by Mu Feichi and headed all the way north according to the compass on her watch.

The flora in the rain forest was thick and dense, but Li Zilan had years of experience operating in the forests around Tianyu Mountain, so she didnt think much of a challenge like this.

However there were more people this time, and they were all top-notch experts, so she didnt dare to let down her guard even one bit.

After walking for more than half an hour, she gradually realized that there was someone following behind her.

She raised her pretty eyebrows and her gaze swept the area around her as well as the nearby vantage points.

The competition had been going on for several days, yet there were still people who dared to take her on.

Great, in that case, shell let them see for themselves her true power!

Soon, she found a vantage point and lay prone on the wet, muddy ground to begin her surveillance of her prey.

The people who ended up coming werent members of any of the groups in this round of the competition.

It was the Norwegian team who hadnt had their turn in the competition yet.

“Strange, we followed her all the way here, how did she disappear”

“She must still be ahead, hurry up and follow her.

This is a great chance, after waiting for so many days, we finally catch an opportunity of her being alone.”

“Ive been getting a hard-on for the past two days every time I think of that chicks booty and boobs.

Its the first time Ive ever seen an Eastern beauty this gorgeous! Shes both beautiful and seductive.”

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