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Chapter 892: Most Unpleasant Experience

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Yun Xis training was similar to the trials shed gone through with Jin Lei in the mountains, except the training here was far tougher.

She didnt dare to be negligent or careless.

Heat exhaustion wasnt the only big deal here.

A bigger danger was fainting without anyone noticing, which could lead to a life-threatening situation.

Although everyone was given wireless radio-wave intercoms, they couldnt use them unless they absolutely needed to.

During the excruciatingly long hours, the extreme heat nearly extracted all of the water from her body.

She didnt even dare to move when sweat dripped into her eyes.

Once the concealment started, any minute movement could expose her to the enemy.

With Yan Shuos strict standards, he would definitely make her start all over again, in which case all of her previous efforts would go to waste.

After prowling all around the entire training ground, she still couldnt find even a trace of her target in the dunes.

She thought that Yan Shuo was deliberately making things difficult for her, by not moving or showing himself at all to give her the chance to snipe at him.

And she had never expected that just after an hour had passed, Yan Shuo would snipe at her from a position not more than a 32 feet away.

Yun Xi stood up, her face filled with shock and disbelief as she looked toward the figure.

She couldnt figure out when hed moved close to her.

How had he done it without her noticing at all

Yun Xi had summoned up the last bit of strength she had left when she forced herself to stand up.

She looked at Yan Shuo, who had gone to the location where hed first placed his belongings.

He packed up his things and walked over.

They had been so far apart, yet he had been able to get so close to her right under her nose.

That was nothing short of incredible!

“Mission failed; well continue tomorrow,” Yan Shuo glanced at her pale face before carrying his luggage and walking toward the car.

“Yes, sir!” Yun Xi nodded and trudged on the blazing hot sand carrying the sniper rifle, her steps heavy and staggering as she walked toward the car.

Inside the car, Yun Xi drank water in small sips.

Her lips had cracked due to dehydration.

She could even taste a hint of blood.

Beside her, Yan Shuo was explaining how to crawl in the sand and how to go around an enemys blind spot to gain a position where he was in your range of fire.

These techniques sounded easy, but they were far more difficult than she imagined when it came to actually putting them into practice.

When dusk fell, they slept in the desert.

This was a magical experience for Yun Xi, and, while the portable tent that theyd brought wasnt big, it gave her a small sense of security.

However, her trial had to continue.

Regardless of how tired she was, she still had to continue concealing herself and hunting for her target during the freezing night.

The real trial wasnt at night, it was in the wee hours when people get the most sleepy and careless.

The draining of her stamina and physical strength during that time was a true test of willpower for her.

Just as she had almost reached her limits and dozed off a little, a smoke grenade hit her right in the head, waking her up straight away with a smack.

Yan Shuo walked out of the dark and looked at her upset expression.

His face completely emotionless, he didnt reprimand her.

He said coldly, “Go rest now.

Wake up at 6:00.

Set your own alarm.

Ill only give you two days to adjust.

After two days, youll have to be your own alarm.

Ill confiscate the one that you brought.”

“Yes, sir!”

Yan Shuo probably gave her time to adjust because she was a girl.

If it had been someone else, she doubted that he would have treated them as well.

After two days of adjustment, they repeated the same tactical training during the remaining five days.

Yun Xi realized that her stamina was growing each day.

After the limits of her body had been stretched to the maximum, it turned out there was still room for improvement.

After leaving the desert, Yan Shuo took her to the only hotel in the desert to clean herself up.

Not showering for an entire week was an inhuman torture for Yun Xi.

She was so dirty and smelled so bad that she couldnt even stand herself.

This nightmarish seven days had finally passed.

It became the single most unpleasant experience in her life.

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