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Chapter 891: Taklamakan Desert

Heading west throughout the journey, Yan Shuo and Yun Xi arrived at Korla.

As their off-road vehicle entered and traveled along the desert highway, the landscape of Korla opened up with the plains noticeably more dry and barren than the last area theyd been in.

Regardless of where one looked, they were only greeted by an endless sea of yellow sand and dunes.

The average temperature in the city generally falls above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the temperature climbs and reaches a higher degree nearer to the desert, especially now, during the midsummer season.

Staring out at the sea of golden sand that seemed to go on for miles, Yun Xi estimated that the temperature in the desert would rise and, at a minimum, fall within the range of 104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

At last, the vehicle stopped on the outskirts of the Taklamakan Desert, a desert that was also known as the Sea of Death.

Yan Shuo had no plans to travel too deeply into the desert as they would then require assistance in the event either of them lost their way, and if that happened, they would be unable to achieve the intended outcome expected of this training.

As Yun Xi watched Yan Shuo unload two trunks from the vehicle, she could not deny that the desert was indeed a place of intense heat.

Despite the numerous layers of sunscreen she had applied and the fact that she had diligently worn clothing to provide maximum coverage for her body, she was still able to feel the scorching sun.

“Well be staying here for nearly a week.

Your marksmanship is very poor, so we will be targeting that and trying to improve on it, along with strengthening your muscle endurance.”

Yan Shuo then went on to hand her a trunk.

“During the day, the desert temperature can rise up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, but when night falls, the temperature can fall below freezing.

With such a great temperature difference, you have to be mentally prepared.

Only by training under these drastic conditions, in an environment where temperatures at both ends of the spectrum exist, will you be able to cultivate willpower so strong that it is able to pull you through difficult times.”

“Got it!” Yun Xi nodded in understanding and then turned to look in the rearview mirror.

Using it, she applied sand yellow foundation to her face.

Although Yun Xi had some experience in disguising herself in the field, camouflaging in the desert was a different matter.

Similar to mountains covered by snow, the desert did not possess any form of shelter for her to go for cover.

As a result, it was not surprising that the scalding hot sand Yun Xi was surrounded by might be the only item available to help her hide.

“Ive heard about the ambush attack you and Mu Feichi experienced in the mountains.

Nevertheless, the topography and terrain of the mountains differ from those of the desert.

The Taklamakan is a shifting-sand desert, and some areas consist of mobile sand dunes that can change direction and location in just two hours.

Furthermore, the daytime temperatures in the desert are very high.

That being said, youll need to build up your endurance and try to achieve the finest form of fortitude under all these extreme conditions.

Not only will you have to prevent yourself from getting heatstroke, but you should also try to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated.

You studied medicine, so Im expecting you to come up with a solution.

Ill be assessing your adaptability and endurance during the whole exercise.

We shall begin in an hour.”

Prior to their arrival, arrangements had been made and fulfilled to deliver the goods requested by Yan Shuo while he and Yun Xi were training.

Having connections to people of different statuses and duties situated in various departments of the military, there were always people who could offer Yan Shuo assistance in times of need.

Take the sniper rifle Yun Xi was carrying for instance… Putting aside the fact that Yun Xi and Yan Shuo had not brought along too many items on their trip, weapons such as a rifle would not have made it past security at the train station.

Yet, because of his connections, Yan Shuo was able to have someone deliver it to him.

“Yes, sir!” Yun Xi nodded.

Yun Xi knew that the temperatures in the desert were high, but now experiencing it firsthand was no joke.

Just standing still in it, Yun Xi felt as if her perspiration were desperately trying to evaporate, gradually draining out every bit of moisture left in her body.

Carrying his canteen and weapon, Yan Shuo led Yun Xi to a sand dune not far away.

“Itll still be a game of hunter versus prey.

Im the prey, and you shall be the hunter,” Yan Shuo instructed her without giving her the option to choose.

Leaving Yun Xi with no choice but to comply, he carried his box and headed for the sand dune on the opposite side.

Not wanting to venture too deeply into the desert, the boundary and area used for the training were strictly defined.

As such, the searching and shooting perimeter were inevitably restricted, but despite these circumstances, there remained a sufficient shooting range.

Being a rookie at marksmanship, searching for the prey was not what was difficult for Yun Xi.

Hitting the target was the challenge.

Yan Shuos training style was unlike Jin Leis.

He was stricter and way more unpredictable.

Coupling these circumstances with the environment she was in, Yun Xi could not afford to be careless and definitely could not, in any stretch of the imagination, think of herself as a little girl.

Roasting under the scorching sun, Yun Xi got down on her stomach and began setting up her rifle on the heat-resistant mat.

Thereafter, she took an earth-colored bandage and wrapped it around her wrist.

Despite the boonie hat she was wearing, the heat was still unbearable.

As soon as the hunting began, Yun Xi dared not move a muscle.

She had to find her prey within an hour because the tables would turn once an hour had passed.

At that time, Yan Shuo would counterattack, and she would become Yan Shuos target.

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