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Chapter 854: Chain Reaction

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“With him guiding you, I am not worried.”

Yun Xi smiled and took a piece of paper out of her bag.

She then wrote the surnames of four families on it.

“Jiang Chenghuan was being cautious at the last Weiya Banquet, and he didnt bring you along.

So you probably dont know anyone from the Qiao family.”

“The Qiao family I know them! When my second uncles son was still a baby, they arranged a marriage for him with the Qiao family.

But then, my second uncle decided that he despised the Qiao family and realized that it was not big enough to help the Zhao family.

So, he shamelessly rejected the arranged marriage and said that he had meant it as a joke all along.”

“An arranged marriage with which of their daughters”

“Qiao Ximin, the second daughter of the main family line.

The situation in their family is similar to ours.

The main family and the branch family are vying to be leaders.”

When talking about family affairs, Zhao Yumo got serious and spoke with a firm attitude.

Yun Xi looked at her without speaking.

Compared to the frank straight-A student who was always in the second position just behind her in the rankings when they first met, Yumo had gradually learned the responsibilities and composure of a family heiress.

And this was all thanks to Jiang Chenghuan.

Although Zhao Yumo looked carefree and cheerful, Yun Xi realized that she had gradually learned to hide her emotions.

Everyone would grow up one day, and the change would mean that they would lose some happiness.

But from the moment they were born, their identities and responsibilities did not allow them to have unrestrained fun.

People like Zhao Yumo were destined to work harder than anyone else on the road to becoming stronger.

They would not regret their efforts once they had finally gotten to their desired positions.

Zhao Yumo looked at Yun Xi after looking closely at the family names she had written on the paper.

The expression on her delicate face turned a little more serious.

“I can understand that the Zhao family will take over from the Han family, but whats with the Qiao family coming into the picture”

“I want to push the branch family of the Qiaos up the ranks.

But before that can happen, the Qiao family needs to climb to a higher position first.

They are starting to show some presence recently, and they are under the Prime Ministers wing.

The four richest families are under the control of the three noble families, so they wouldnt dare to make any moves without the Young Commanders permission.

Hasnt Jiang Chenghuan told you about this”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“He explained the differences between the three noble families and the four richest families.

The latter are in a checks-and-balances situation, while the three noble families limit the four families and support each other.

So, among the three families, no matter which family is in the dominant position, they would not do anything against the others.

And if one family is in trouble, the other two would do their best to help them.

This is also why the three noble families have such a solid foundation and have been able to stand firm for hundreds of years.”

Yun Xi knew that problems would appear at some point if families were just counterweights to each other.

If one side were to crumble, the balance would be gone, and it would definitely set off a chain reaction.

But everything is different for the three noble families..

They are well aware of the pros and cons of just maintaining a balance between the families.

So, for their families to remain strong for such a long time, they will not make enemies of each other.

They will not allow outsiders to blend in with them, and they would unite and face the public as one if they were ever challenged.


These people are on the Young Commanders side, while these are in the Prime Ministers camp.

As for the Qiao family, they are only a hidden chess piece in the hands of the Prime Minister.

No matter where the Prime Minister sends them, they would create chaos among those on the Young Commanders side.

And, finally, it will be easiest to start the trouble with the four richest families first.”

“I got it! Now, the relationship of those in Jingdu is well-balanced.

The Young Commander and the Prime Minister are equal, and their strength counterbalances one another.

But, if something went wrong on one side, then the other party could take advantage of the situation.”

Yun Xi laughed as she looked at Zhao Yumo with admiration.

“But what if this chess piece just remains in the dark and doesnt move” She took two peanuts from the table and placed them on the paper where Yun Xi had written the Qiao family name.

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