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Chapter 848: My Babes Business

Yun Xi was going to start making her first moves in this game.

She knew all of the interconnections and secrets of the wealthy families like the back of her hand.

The situation in Jingdu was rolled out like a chess game for her, and she was controlling both black and white sides.

All that was left for her to do now was to decide how to make the moves.

Back in her room, Yun Xi went through her plans and arrangements carefully inside her head, making sure that she hadnt left out anything or made any errors.

She then turned on her computer to hack into Grey Wolfs computer and send him a message.

She couldnt reach the people from the Qiao family.

She wanted to elevate the branch factions status, but at the same time she couldnt let them compete with Yun Yuanfeng.

The only way for her to accomplish what she needed to do now was to put them in another suitable position.

A position where they could amass capital and gain power, yet stay low and undetected.

Mu Feichi would definitely be able to think of a position like this, because arranging for and supporting the branch faction to get that position would be his responsibility.

After all, they were joining his camp.

As the backbone of the camp, he couldnt just watch them expire.

At the other end of the computer, Mu Feichi was staring at the screen where the night assault was being streamed.

The amphibious special forces unit and the other two ground force units were having a joint exercise.

As the Young Commander, he had to monitor and control every part of the exercise.

He couldnt allow even a single error or mishap.

After Grey Wolf received the message from Yun Xi, he looked toward the figure who was sitting before the screen and thought for a while before saying, “Young Commander, theres a message.”

Mu Feichi turned and took off his sunglasses.

He quickly glanced at the message on the screen.

Although it had been sent to Grey Wolf, the tone of voice of the girl was directed at him.

When Mu Feichi saw that shed mentioned the branch faction of the Qiao family and what shed planned for them, he knew that her next step would be crucial.

His sweet precious darling was so intelligent! How shes making him proud of her…

“Young Commander, do we handle this matter” Grey Wolf asked in his deep voice as he looked at the screen.

Since the girl had passed the hot potato back to them, the Young Commander could definitely settle the problem of the Qiao family branch faction for her.

After all, this was the first move in her game.

Yet unexpectedly, Mu Feichi shook his head.

“No, you tell her that shes the player in this game, and she needs to make her own moves.

Pass down my orders, all departments will follow her and Jin Leis commands.”

“Young Commander, are you planning to just watch and leave everything to them” Grey Wolf asked as he typed out the Young Commanders orders.

“No, Im planning to back her up so she can be my sugar mommy.”


The moment he said that, all the assistants around him, Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, and Li Zilan, jerked up their heads to look at him, as if they had just heard some absurd joke.

Sugar mommy!!! How the h*ll could he be so shameless to say that

Li Zilan couldnt help but take a jab at him.

“Young Commander, do you know what the conditions are to get someone to be your sugar mommy”

“Im rich, why cant I just give her money so she can take care of me”

Li Zilan snickered.

“Then shes not your sugar mommy, thats just you being rich.

Well, your figure and face do meet the criteria for getting sugar money, but…”

“But what” Mu Feichi glanced at her.

She was saying things but stopping halfway.

Obviously, the other half wouldnt be anything good.

But still, he couldnt resist asking.

“Well, the other criteria are pretty face, good technique, and easy to push over.

You do have a pretty face, but the other two…”

HMPH! Mu Feichi only replied like that as his cool gaze swept across the people around him who were all watching the show.

He turned away and said, “Thats my babes business.

Yall dont need to worry about that.”

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