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Chapter 842: Take the Initiative

Looking at how fearless Yun Xi was, Jin Lei couldnt help but try to dampen her spirits, “Arent they coming for you now And you still dont have the power to fight back.”

“Dont underestimate me!” Yun Xi glared at him when he put her down like this.

Then she returned to where Instructor Lu Zhiwei was.

She wanted to settle her bill regarding the hotel fire and to switch rooms.

After watching Yun Xi go back to her room, Jin Lei went back to his room and called Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi had been waiting for the call, and he picked it up at once when he saw who the caller was.

“Your woman is much brighter than you think.

And she beat those two men up all by herself.

Although she didnt manage to get anything very solid from them because they really didnt know anything, she has determined that Crocodile is from Jun Country and not a foreigner, just based on what they did say.

“How did she come to that conclusion” Mu Feichi had remained silent for a moment, then had asked in a deep voice.

“You can ask her that yourself.

She is probably waiting for your explanation now.

However, shes planning to use the ledger to lure out Crocodile, so you must be prepared.”

“Why do I need to be prepared”

“You should know how many people were involved in the ledger.

Once she exposes the ledger, it wont be just Crocodile who will go after her.”

“Do you think she would do something stupid like that You certainly have underestimated her.” Mu Feichi grunted softly.

He felt certain that Yun Xi would never do anything so stupid.

He hung up immediately.

Jin Lei looked down at his phone after Mu Feichi had hung up.

He sneered as a baffling new expression appeared on his face.

He was just giving Mu Feichi a heads-up.

Why does he feel the need to cover up Yun Xis flaws like that

He recalled the time when he had carried her on his back to get down the mountain.

Mu Feichi had glared at him as if he was going to kill him.

If they were really going to work alongside each other in the future, he would probably have to take a detour when he saw them.

Both of them were by no means ordinary, and he cant afford to offend them.

Yun Xi was about to go to sleep when Mu Feichi called.

She took a look at the time and ended up answering the call.


For you to call me in the middle of the night, there must be something you want to advise me about”

Yun Xi leaned back against the headboard.

She rubbed her tired eyes, waking herself up and preparing herself for his explanations.

“No, its not that.

I called to explain myself.” Mu Feichi sighed.

Just by listening to her tone, he immediately knew that she was unhappy.

“What would you like to explain”

“Regarding Crocodile, the reason why I kept so much from you was that I didnt want you to take any more risks.

I said before that I didnt want my woman to be doing so many dangerous things.

As long as I am around, nothing will go wrong.

As for what happened previously on the sea, I thought you wouldnt want to get involved in these matters again, but I didnt know that…”

“You didnt expect that Crocodile would still come for me.

He is watching me closely now, and he will definitely deal with me first.

It is apparent to me, as Im sure its now apparent to you, that I am not going to be able to avoid the fate of being used to threaten you.”

“Babe, our destinies are now bound together.

We just have to accept our fate.

I am still going to say the same thing: as long as I am around, nothing is going to go wrong.”

“Why do you think that I cant handle this, together with you Do you really look down on me that much”

She knew what he was worried about.

She also understood the responsibilities on his shoulders and how daring he was.

She just wanted to share some of his duties to the best of her ability.

Because she couldnt always be by his side, she needed to grow faster.

“I am not looking down on you.

I just dont want you to be in danger.”

His precious darling, he couldnt bear to see her hurt even a little bit.

But now so many people were watching her and planning their moves.

What could he do He realized that he could only make her stronger.

“Regarding this matter about Crocodile, you can no longer exclude me from it.

I am already involved in it, and I will be implicated no matter what.

So I dont want to be a passive party any longer.

I want to be able to take the initiative this time.”

Mu Feichi laughed and he played dumb as he joked, “Babe, you just need to take the initiative when youre with me.

You dont need to do that with anyone else.”

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