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Chapter 839: The B*stard Tricked Me

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“Thats enough.

If you continue beating them they wont be able to speak at all.

I think its best if you ask for answers now.”

Yun Xi rubbed her sore, bruised hand.

With her blood still boiling, she kicked the man who was lying nearest to her, crouching and howling in pain.

Speaking in fluent English, she demanded, “Spill it! Who ordered you two to place the drugs in my room”

“I…I have no idea what youre talking about.

I want to call the police.

Im going to sue you…for…for physical abuse.”

“What did you say I dont understand.” Yun Xi feigned ignorance.

After deliberately pretending that she didnt understand a word he said, she gave the man another ruthless kick.

“If youre not going to tell me, Im going to have to continue to beat you up.

Ill beat you till you spill.”

“I…” The two men started to continue to deny any knowledge, but then stayed silent upon hearing her threat.

One of the guys who had taken the harder beating had a fierce look on his badly beaten face.

“Dont try to act tough with me.

Its no use.

Ill just beat it out of you if I have to.

But, you know, I might let you guys go if you two can tell me who sent you guys.

I just want to know who is the mastermind behind this plot.”

The two guys exchanged glances, seemingly acknowledging that they had a better chance of survival if they followed Yun Xis directions.

“Im a woman of my word, so youd better speak the truth if you dont want to spend the rest of your life in prison.

As for reporting back to your master, you two can just say that you failed in your mission.

Your master will never know if you leave out some details.

You have nothing to lose, so I dont see why you two shouldnt take up my offer.”

“Really Youd really let us off the hook so easily” They questioned her in English, feeling uncertain.

“I dont kill, so I have no intention of taking your life.

But you two better tell me the truth or I cant assure that my blow doesnt strike you too hard.

I cant promise you anything if that happens.”

“…” The two men didnt say a word.

They exchanged glances, seemingly assessing their situation and considering Yun Xis offer for the last time.

In the end, the guy who was not as badly hurt spoke up, “We only did it for the money.

It was an Asian with brown hair who paid us.

His English was not very good and he had a Vietnamese accent.”

“This person who liaised with you, was he the only one you came in contact with”

“No, there were two people.

The one who paid us was one of them.

He appeared to be the underling.

The other one never spoke a word from the beginning till the end of our meeting, but he was the one providing the money and the goods.”

“Hmm…how were they certain you two would deliver your promise and not take the goods for yourselves That batch of goods should be worth, at the very least, 1 million.

Were you not at all tempted”

“We dont deal in the field of drugs, so even if we did steal some, wed have no way to move it.

As for the money they still owe us, Im positive they wouldnt pay us if that were to happen.

We arent going to risk sabotaging this mission for an uncertain profit.

Besides, this mission only required us to hide some stuff and set a fire, and for that, we are going to be paid 1 or 2 million.

This is an easy task for us since weve been breaking and entering for a long time…”

“I presume the policemen and firefighters were also arranged by you”

“No, no…that was arranged by the other party.

We were only responsible for hiding the goods and setting the fire.”

Yun Xi nodded, having understood the situation.

This would explain the discrepancy between the confusion with the third and fourth floors and their ability to uncover the drugs from the two guys room, instead of barging into hers.

“You mentioned there was a guy who never spoke, can you describe his appearance Be specific and include his height and any unusual features.”


Listening to their description of this man of few words, and judging from the way they were talking about him, Yun Xi came to the conclusion that this man had to be the real mastermind.

An Asian man with a Vietnamese accent.

Collating all the information she had gathered, Yun Xi had only one person in mind: Crocodile!

But the funny thing was, Crocodile had already been captured, hadnt he

Could it be that the Crocodile who had been arrested at the beach was an imposter

Realizing that this was a possibility, Yun Xi could not help but recall the assassination attempt in the mountains, along with what had just happened now.

They had both been directed at her, and this could only mean one thing.

Mu Feichi, that b*stard! He had tricked her.

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